Episode #8x02: "Plastique"

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This episode will explore Clark's first day on his new job and his teaming with Lois. The character of paramedic Davis Bloom makes his first appearance in this episode, and he interacts primarily with Chloe. "Plastique" does indeed involve Bette Sans Souci, the character from the DC Comics universe. In this version she is a "15-year-old street kid" who is injured in an explosion, and Chloe asks her to move in. Contrary to some reports that Chloe will be serving time for a while... in actuality, Chloe will no longer be incarcerated by the time this episode happens. Justin Hartley (Oliver) and Aaron Ashmore (Jimmy) do not appear in this episode. Bette has a connection to Level 33.1 or something very much like it. Roles now being cast, in addition to the role of Bette, include the following: Security Agent, Young Cop, Medic, Tommy, Clerk, and two CSI's.

http://img98.imageshack.us/img98/3875/normalplastique6vn2.jpg http://img242.imageshack.us/img242/1395/normalplastique5yg4.jpg

lois looks hot in darker hair

squee!! faints...



more pics there






Looks like a good episode

FistOfThe North
It was good, too.

I wonder who the new supervillain team will be up of. I've come to like luther corp's new acing ceo. she's hot, smart, and evil. She seems fearless too. I wonder if shehas powers.

Can't wait til ep.3


It was good, but could have been better. Not liking the actress portraying Maxima in an upcoming ep, but hopefully she'll grow on me.

Thursday finals:

- 4.181 million viewers
- 2.6/4 HH
- 1.7/5 A18-49
- 1.7/5 A18-34

vgood episode!!i love clois.. got a nice ratings so far
made a vid

8/10 is a fair score.

The Plastique parts were kind of typical meteor freak stuff, but everything at the Daily Planet was awesome and this human Doomsday was surprisingly compelling.

I reckon the paramedic Doomsday guy's pretty cool.

The new CEO? Not too sure about her yet.

The Pict
Give it 6/10. Nothing particularly exciting. However I was a bit intrigued by the team Tess Mercer mentioned at the end. Anyone else hoping they face off against the Justice League?

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