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Hello all,

I am often asked what life will be like if we allow the crazies behind the global conspiracy to impose their world fascism. The answer can both be long and detailed or encapsulated in a few words ... control of all that you do, say and think.

But then, we hardly need to be told what will happen any longer because it is already happening. Take this Reuters report from China this week headed 'Beijing police ask about shoe size, politics, cash':

'Living in Beijing? The government wants to know your shoe size, blood group, political affiliation and where you get your money from, according to police in at least one corner of the security-obsessed Olympic host city. Questionnaires handed to a businessman in Beijing's east also demanded full technical details of the company computer network and a hand-drawn map of Internet connections ...

... Residents of the capital have got used to over-zealous police intruding into their lives. Visitors, even those who stay only one night, are expected to register at the local police station. Police sometimes call to ask why if they do not.'

China is a blueprint for how the bloodline network called the Illuminati wants the world to be, and so study China today if you want to see how everywhere is designed to be in the next decade or so.

What is happening in China is being introduced by ever-faster step-by-steps throughout the world. This is possible because, as I said last week, the bloodline cabal is structured like a transnational corporation with the headquarters dictating to its subsidiary networks in each country. This allows the same agenda to be introduced in 'different' countries at the same time.

The 'process of transformation', as they call it, can take longer in the so-called 'free' democracies because they have to pay at least passing reference to the illusion that their population is indeed 'free', although even that is being eroded as the pace of change increases.

(By the way, this is the reason why 'change' is now being endlessly parroted by Illuminati front-men like Obama - the transformation of society into a global dictatorship requires, by definition, constant 'change'.)

In the official dictatorships, like China, there is no reason for propaganda about 'freedom of the people' because there isn't any and the government doesn't care that everyone knows that. So these public expressions of the global dictatorship, most notably China, lead the field in the race to Orwell's nightmare. Therefore, China today is what the world is planned to be like very soon when the 'West' catches up.

I heard a radio interview this week with the Chinese Ambassador to London, a lady named 'Fu Ying', which, after hearing her speak, must surely be pronounced Fool Ling. When she was asked why there was no Internet freedom in China she simply said that there was.

'Why can't Chinese people access my website?' asked a political blogger.

'Well, why would they want to?', Fool Ling replied, 'when it is not in Chinese'.

(This part of the exchange was deleted from the 'transcript' of the interview on the Chinese Embassy Website.)
Fool Ling

Here you had a Chinese government parrot questioned about the blatant fact that the Internet is massively censored in China and all she does is deny it. What's more, the BBC guy handling the discussion allowed her to do so when he could have factually pinned her to the studio wall had he persisted.

What happens in fully-fledged dictatorships is that what the government says automatically becomes the truth, end of story. So when they say that censorship is not censorship, it's not censorship and if you have the nerve to still claim that it is, you will be censored.

This is what is happening in China and increasingly all over the world. Note how the governments of the 'free democracies' are less and less bothering to even try to justify control and censorship. It's a case of 'this is what we're doing and that's it'. If you don't like it, too bad; if you have got a cast iron case to demolish our arguments, it doesn't matter - we're doing it anyway.

This only happens when those in authority are confident that control of the people has reached a point where there is no need to be concerned about little things like public opinion. The very fact that we have reached that point should focus the minds of everyone who cares about their own freedom and that of their children and grandchildren.

What I am saying here is that we are closing in on a point of no return. I don't say that in the literal sense because everything is reversible, but it's a point where the 'return' is going to be very much harder to secure. Doing nothing, therefore, is not an option, unless we want to live in a global prison state and have our children and grandchildren spend virtually their entire lives in a global Nazi Germany or Communist China.

Which brings me to Ezra Levant. For those who don't know of him, he's quite a well-known figure in Canada, a lawyer who has been involved in what is termed 'conservative' politics and also in journalism. This included the co-founding of the now-defunct Western Standard magazine.

Levant is Jewish, a passionate supporter of Israel and has worked with neocons, or neoconservatives, like Bush speech-writer David Frum from the American Enterprise Institute and its Canadian equivalent, the Fraser Institute.

Frum, a Jewish-Canadian by birth, wrote the 'Axis of Evil' speech that was straight off the pages of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) document in September 2000 called Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategies, Forces, and Resources For a New Century.

The PNAC interlocked with the American Enterprise Institute ('Resident Scholar', David Frum) and other neocon organisations to form the network that controlled the Bush administration from the start and has used it to impose the very agenda of invasion and conquest outlined in that PNAC document published a year to the month before 9/11 and a few months before 'Bush', or rather his controllers, came to power.

To say the least I have next to nothing in common with Ezra Levant. I am not Jewish; I say that Israel is a Rothschild fiefdom being used to advance a global Orwellian agenda at the expense of the vast majority of Jewish people; I think neocons like David Frum are despicable; and the network Frum and his like represent is an affront to everything I stand for - freedom, fairness and justice for all.

For his part, Levant rejects any suggestion that there is a global conspiracy to impose a fascist dictatorship, especially not one involving the Rothschilds and Israel or the Rothschild-controlled, Israel-controlled neocon cabal.

But there is something we do agree on despite all of this and it is fundamental to what we need to understand if we are to wake up from Orwell's gathering nightmare. We agree on freedom of expression for all views, even if we don't agree with them.

Of course, Ezra Levant may not really believe what he claims to believe, but I have seen nothing in his actions and his passionately delivered words to think that he is not genuine in what he says. Quite the opposite, in fact, and if he's not genuine about freedom of speech then he ought to be in Hollywood because he must be a fantastic actor.

In many ways, Ezra Levant is much more an 'old' conservative, who sees freedom of expression as a fundamental right, rather than a new or neo-conservative who wants all freedoms and rights conceded to a central control system. To this deeply sick neocon mentality, 'freedom' is the freedom for the few to control the many in every aspect of their lives while, ironically, claiming to stand for the opposite.

Levant's main focus is what he calls Muslim extremists who are destroying freedom of expression by seeking to deny any criticism of Islam. But he exposes the 'Jewish' organisations like the Canadian Jewish Congress and the Simon Wiesenthal Center for their support for government agencies, especially the Canadian Human Rights Commission, which are destroying freedom of speech under a mountain of fascist legislation, dictatorial bureaucracy and kangaroo courts, or 'tribunals'.

He is also as outraged when a Christian pastor is vilified by these tribunals as he would be if it were a Jewish rabbi. And it is here that common ground can be found between us - and by 'us' I mean all of us, not just Levant and myself.

Any dictatorship has to secure its power by divide and rule and to do this it creates and exploits the fault-lines of religion, politics, income bracket, culture and all the rest. It creates 'sides', or exploits the 'sides' that already exist, and plays them off against each other.

This has so many benefits for any would-be tyranny. Firstly, it engages different groups in society in wars against each other, so destroying any unified response to the force that threatens them all. People are so busy abusing and fighting between themselves that they don't see that the strings attached to all of them are held by the same hand.

It's a puppet show, but people can't see it because Punch and Judy are so engrossed in their mutual abuse and their own sense of superiority.

Such a symbol of divide and rule: Two puppets fighting with each other while the same man has his hand up both of their bums.

Levant was reported to the Canadian Human Rights Commission for re-publishing the cartoon depictions of Mohammed that caused such (manipulated) Muslim outrage when they were published in a Danish newspaper in 2005. He said, quite rightly, that people could not make a judgement on what they thought about the protests unless they could see what the protests were about.

This, however, was far too intelligent for some self-appointed Islamic 'leaders' and their gofers, or 'sock-puppets', to compute, especially a guy called Syed Soharwardy, president of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada.

He reported Levant to the Canadian 'Human Rights' Politburo for insulting Islam and the politically-correct Mafia decided to prosecute the case. This cost the Muslim complainers absolutely nothing, but the bill to the Canadian taxpayer is estimated by Levant at some $500,000 and his own legal costs are around $100,000.

Even though the case was dropped this week after Levant's vociferous public exposure of the extraordinary activities, methods and behaviour of the Commission he will not be able to reclaim his costs.

Most of their targets cannot afford legal defence to such prosecutions and they are lambs to the slaughter who are rubber-stamped 'guilty'. But Levant would not roll over, would not cut-and-run, and he used every moment, every potential contact and media opportunity to expose the then silent tyranny to increasingly devastating public scrutiny.

Here is one of the now famous statements made by Levant in the case brought by the 'Human Rights' Commission and it will give you a feel for the man and what he believes in ...
The cartoons that caused the controversy, but the tyrannical 'Human Rights' extremists will forever regret taking on Ezra Levant.

As a result of his public exposure of these vicious agencies of tyranny, he has been landed with other lawsuits, including one by Richard Warman, a former 'investigator' for the Human Rights Commission, who has also been its most active complainer. He has reported a stream of people to the Commission that he once worked for and his former colleagues have then 'investigated' them.

Needless to say, his targets have been found guilty every time and he has been awarded tens of thousands of dollars for his efforts - even when the case did not involved words spoken about him, but other people. He has also been exposed for posting 'hate' material on websites which he then reported to the Human Rights Commission.

No, you didn't misread any of that. Staggering it may be, but it's true all the same.

Richard Warman, who is still involved in a now six-year case against me, has had a real bad nine months or so with regard to public awareness of his methods and activities and those of his vehicle, the Canadian 'Human Rights' Commission. This is largely due to Ezra Levant's refusal to allow himself to be a victim of the people and forces that have destroyed so many others.

Warman has now to face Levant in a court of law amid widespread media coverage and I am sure he must be well aware of the potential consequences of that in still more public exposure. After all these years of targeting freedom of speech, Warman is now being spotted on the public radar thanks to Levant.

So where am I going with all this?

Okay, so China is a blueprint for the world and the Orwellian State is being introduced by the hour; so Ezra Levant has taken on some of the powers of suppression in Canada and had them running for cover.

But so what?

So this ...

I was stopped in a shop the other day by a lady who said how great it was that more and more people are waking up to what is going on. Yes, I agreed, it was very encouraging.

I said, however, that there was another stage that needed to unfold before I would be in the least bit satisfied. I said that years ago, only a few years at that, peoples' eyes would glaze over when I talked about the hidden conspiracy for a global Fourth Reich. Now that didn't happen nearly so much as events open minds to the nature of our plight.

But today, I said, I see eyes glaze over when I talk about what needs to be done to stop the global Fourth Reich. And while that continues to be the case, the knowledge of what is happening, by itself, is next to useless.

Knowledge is not power - the use of knowledge is power.

If you know that a hurricane is coming you have the power to protect people and change the course of events. But if you keep it to yourself, those events happen just as they would have done had you had no knowledge that the hurricane was coming.


Those who know what is going on have a much bigger responsibility than those who don't, not least because they are denied the excuse of ignorance. It is worth everyone asking themselves: 'Right, I know at least the themes of what is happening, but what am I doing about it?'

Some will be able to say I am doing A, B, or C, but, from what I have observed, the vast majority of those in the 'know' won't even get to 'A'. Some who are doing nothing or next to nothing even think that their contribution should be aiming abuse at those who are doing something.

We are faced with a massive imbalance between the number who know what we face (at least to an extent) and those who are doing anything effective about it. Learning more and more about the nature of our own prison is no good unless we do what is necessary to crumble its walls.

'Oh, I chat on conspiracy forums', some might say. Fine, exchanging information is good and so is connecting with like minds, but, again, where is this leading? What is being done?

I have used the example of Ezra Levant to show what can be done when you come into awareness of something and decide that you are not standing for it. You can move mountains when you won't take no for an answer or let fear and intimidation break you.

Ezra Levant is not a rich man and he is meeting his legal bills, as I am, through donations from those who wish to support someone who is prepared to take on the system. He may even reject the wider conspiracy, but it doesn't matter because he is making a significant contribution to its demise by challenging one its foundations - the destruction of freedom of thought and expression.

Another moral of the Levant example is that people don't need to agree with each other on everything to come together in unity on matters that affect them all - like the basic freedoms that are being eroded at a shocking rate. It is not only right, but vital, that we are as passionate about the freedoms of those we disagree with as those that we support.

If anyone does not have freedom of expression then no-one does, because what is left is only the 'freedom' to stay within the limits of what is acceptable to the State. As Levant said after the case was dismissed against him this week:

'I've read the dismissal letter three times now, and each time it makes me more angry. Because I haven't been given my freedom of the press. I've simply had the government censor approve what I said. That's a completely different thing.

Pardeep Gundara - a second-rate bureaucrat, a nobody - had to give me his approval for me to be allowed to go back to my business. For 900 days I was in the dock, waiting for this literary giant to pronounce his judgment on me. And I found favour in his eyes - but barely.

Sorry. I don't give a damn what Gundara or the HRC says. Getting his approval is not a success. I won't legitimize his arrogant "authority" by saying "thank you, master". I'll say: "who the hell are you? Besides a busy-body bureaucrat?"

Look at his rationale for acquitting me: because the Western Standard met Gundara's home-made tests of reasonableness. We published the cartoons in "context"; we published letters that "criticized" them; and my favourite, the cartoons weren't "simply stuck in the middle" of the magazine. Gundara must have thought for ten whole minutes to come up with that list of journalistic do's and don't's. And - phew! - he likes me. He really likes me!

Sorry again, I don't give a damn if he likes me. In fact, it rather creeps me out that a whole squad of teat-sucking bureaucrats spent 900 days inspecting me and the Western Standard. I positively want to offend them. In fact, that's pretty much the only test of my freedom: can I do exactly what Gundara says I shouldn't? I'm not interested in publishing recipes or sports scores. I'm interested in bothering the hell out of government.'

We can do amazing things if we will not accept anything less than amazing things. If we say we are not standing for it any longer and will do whatever we have to do to speed its demise.

For goodness sake, there are one and a half billion people in China controlled by a relative handful because of divide and rule and fear of the consequences of speaking out. We have the power, not those in authority, but we have to use that power, not sit around, keep our heads down and moan about it.

Posts on my website often get a great deal of reaction, but when I posted details recently of a campaign called the Whole Truth Coalition to get people active in their opposition to human control there was little initial response. A relative handful of people contacted the organisers to see what it was about and how they could get involved.

I am not saying that everyone should support that organisation if they think they could make more effective contributions elsewhere, but it was indicative of what I find so often. There is massive interest in what is going on, but comparatively little interest in doing anything about it - unless someone else is doing it.

There are many exceptions to that rule, I know that, and there's some great work going on unseen, but there needs to be far more. We need a mass campaign of peaceful non-cooperation underpinned by constantly hassling the agents of the system with questions and public exposure.

It can be done, it's just the will to do it that we need. And we need it now - tomorrow will not do.

Ezra Levant seems like a top bloke

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