One of those stories where someone's a surprise vampire...

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So here's a story about a few teachers, a couple students, the School they go to... and the nests of vampires that live in their city.

Chp: 1

Angela sat at the table with her high heeled, black boots resting on top. She leaned back in her chair as she study this week's Country House magazine. Her auburn hair rested against her shoulders reflecting the fireplace's warming glow.

She was looking for some kind of inspiration for her next decorating adventure. She seemed to take a great deal of joy out of decorating the extra rooms from time to time. The latest blue phase she had gone through was growing a bit old, even though she had just done it last month. With a flick of the page she looked over this months purple based designer room.

The sound of thrumming came from outside in the hall and she made a point of looking extremely interested in the magazine as a girl with lengthy blond hair and bubbly blue eyes crossed the room. Her knee length black, red floral patterned skirt floated around her pale legs as she crossed to the window. She smiled looking up and down the street outside the house and stepped back.

Looking in the mirror She study her matching blouse adjusting it around her ample breast. Checking back and forth between the mirror and the window she redid her black hairband and pushed it back into place pushing her golden hair away from her face.

"You realize it doesn't matter what your wearing to him, right Stacy?" Angela asked from her seat, her eyes still scanning over the same page.

"What is that suppose to mean?" Stacy asked licking her lips and leaning against the window frame expectantly.

"I mean all that matters is that he can see your neckline." Angela said flipping the page with a bit of a smirk.

"Coming from the girl who's just as dressed up as I am. You've been waiting here longer then I have if I may so kindly point out."

"I...", Angela snickered and tossed the magazine back on the table.

Stacy was right. Angela had been waiting for a while in the Fire Room, so named after the fireplace and the many flammable objects they kept in the room nonetheless. She was wearing a red and black outfit as well. Tight fabric, black pants covered her bottom curves and she had managed to buy her heels last minute just that day. Her long sleeved, red shirt was covered over with a black vest.

She'd been waiting for Phoenix and obviously had the same idea as Stacy. They both knew his favorite color was red, and had gone for the best outfit to welcome him home in. He had gone away on some kind of business endeavor and he was finally coming home. On top of that he was apparently bringing someone with him.

Another one for the house and he had yet to name or even give a sex to who the person was. Angela hoped for a male, as it would mean less competition for woman of the house.

As headlights came up the drive she stood from her seat with a smile she couldn't fight. Both her and Stacy began to fidget over their hair and clothing. Then looked at each other with a grin as the front door opened. Angela quickly tucked a stray hair behind her ear.

The door creaked open slowly and dark haired stud with dark eyes leaned in. He smiled at the two of them and open the door wider. His thin frame stood in the doorway with open arms ready to take his girl into a loving hug.

Stacy quickly stepped towards him throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him over and over again in excitement, "Oh, I've missed you, I've missed you, I missed you." She whined and pouted her lips.

He laughed softly and kissed her on her forehead, "I've missed you too my love." he murmured into her ear and kissed her once more.

Angela steeped with a wide grin as he loosened his hold from Stacy. He never showed anyone more affection then the other, but she always felt like she was his favorite. With less of a show then Stacy, Angela placed a single long kiss on his lips instead of a million bubbly ones.
"How about you Angela? Have you missed me?" He asked with a grinning smile.

She shook her head with a laugh, "You know I did you jerk." She giggled and kissed him once more.

He loosened his hold, and Angela took it as her signal to step back. Only then, did she notice the man standing behind him. It made her smile with a bit of relief to know it was a man this time. Things were bound to go smoother that way.

The guy looked a little nerdy for her taste, but then again it wasn't her decision, it was Phoenix's.

"You two, I want you to meet Simon." He said with a wide grin and held his hand out towards the man.

He steeped forward with an awkward smile and shook both their hands. Fixing his glasses, he laughed awkwardly obviously trying to figure out something to say.

"Th-thank y-you for... for l-l-leting me int-to your h-home." He stuttered and then leaned back to fix his tie.

"Hi," Stacy started. "I'm Stacy Morgan." She giggled gently.

It was obvious how awkward he felt talking to her. He had probably never gotten more then a hello from a girl like Stacy.

"And I'm Angela... Angela Harlow." She said with a bit of a forced smile.
"Hel-l-lo Angela... H-hello Stac-cy." He struggled.

He was shaking a bit under his suit and Angela felt like she could just baby him up like some five year old. He was much too nervous, probably from how odd the situation must have felt for him.

"I'm showing Simon to his room." Phoenix said with a smile. "I've had a long flight, and will probably go straight to bed. Don't wait up for me."

Stacy nodded with a slight frown, obviously disappointed. Angela's smile faded a bit as well, she had hoped to be with him after he had been away so long. They both though, watch them obediently as they went up the stairs, before going off to bed.

Chp: 2

Tamara awkwardly fumbled with the alarm clock. No matter how many times she had woken up to it, it never felt any easier to wake up to the sound of monkeys in the Brazilian rain forest. Her brother had given it to her for her birthday though, and she felt obliged to using it.

She forced herself to sit up in bed as her eyes adjusted to the faint light outside her window. The first day of the second week of school. Fabulous, she thought to herself and swung her legs over the side her bed.

She found her slippers and walked almost zombie like towards the shower.

Half way through her morning routine she could hear the faint sound of her dad's alarm clock going off. She finished quickly knowing he'd probably be going straight to the bathroom as soon as he forced himself out of bed too.

After a quick breakfast she waved goodbye to her dad, and walked straight for the bus stop. Waiting there as sleepily as Tamara was Janie. With a quick smile they both said hello to the other. They both understood the need for silence. The school year had come abit to quickly that year, and they were still tired from adjusting to the new sleeping schedule.

The first two classes were almost too much, but entering the lunch room she felt abit of relief. No one was more re-energizing as the people at her table. They each in turn seem to have something or other to say. It made Tamara smile and brightened her day before having to slug to her last two class.
* * * * *
She trudge through the full hallways and smiled brightly as she saw Gigi come down the hallway, the opposite way of class just to talk to her. She barely heard a word that was said except: Annoying, school, teachers, ready to kick someone's ass. The usual for Gigi.

They both reached the science classroom and fell silent as Ms. Flancet began to go over the homework from last night. They had skipped a few chapters ahead to the Darwin's theory of evolution. Tamara had no taste for either side of the argument of religion vs. science. Other kids in the class though were obvious about where they stood. Almost too vocal about their view points, always feeling the need to throw out questions that obviously no one could answer seeing it as proof that there was the one and only holy lord and father God that they seemed to so ready to follow all the time.

'Even though,' Gigi pointed out in her note, 'They didn't seem to mind sleeping around before marriage, disrespecting everyone, and sinning up a storm. Lmao!'

Tamara laughed looking up at the clock. Only a few more minutes and she was ready to leave. Done with yet another school day and ready to take in the last few precious days of summer.

* * * * *

Gigi sighed as Tamara buried herself in her work near the end of class. Gigi had finished the homework a while ago. While her teacher had been going over the notes, Gigi had used her chance in between individual work and note copying to finish up the chapter review. She knew if she hadn't gotten it done in class, she would have never gotten it done at all.

She hated having to go home with work left to do. Something her brain clicked off the moment she stepped off the school steps at 2:30. Even now as the clock ticked towards the twenty, she could feel herself ready to tone out.

She looked across the room, everyone seemed to be chatting away or writing up their work. It was only 2:19 and Gigi knew she was going to freak. Grrr, Gigi thought to herself, Hurry up... Or I shall eat you Mr. Clock!

The clock seemed to listen as the second hand swiped over the 12 and the minute hand landed on the twenty. The bell, which was a faint beep noise over the loud speaker, sounded the end of the school day. With a skip in her step, Gigi began to pack and then waited for Tamara who was trying to get one last sentence in her notebook.

They both walked out of the school laughing and as her foot reached the last step Gigi felt the rush of relief. The school day was over, and the rest of the day was hers. She waved goodbye to Tamara and headed for her mother's car.

Chp: 3

Shade stepped out of the bar just in time to see Dawn coming around the corner. He was picking Shade up after a quick open mic routine. It had started just after sun down and had lasted long enough for it to get dark.

Dawn stopped right in front of Shade who smiled as he walked around to the passenger seat.

"Hey Shade," Dawn greeted simply as he turned the corner.

"Hey Dawn," Shade greeted back with a smirk, "What's been up with you. Haven't heard a thing about you in a while."

Dawn shrugged stopping to look both ways before pulling into the busy street. "Nothing much, just busy with start of a new school year."

Shade rolled his eyes. Leave it to Dawn to chose one of the most boring jobs in the world. On the other hand it usually left him free after 3pm.

"So what did you do? Sleep in all day... again?" Dawn joked.

"Yeah... Basically." Shade responded with a small laugh.

He had yet to tell Dawn the truth of the situation. He'd met the kid back in college, while he had decided he might as well use his time for something at least partially productive. Three years later and here they were, the small wall still standing in between them.

A while later Dawn pulled up in front of Shades house. Simplistic at best... But Dawn thought it was still a shame that he lived with his parents.

"See ya later, Shade." He said as he watched him walk over the grassy lawn towards the house.

"See ya Dawn. Good luck with your kids." He laughed and watched as he drove off.

Shade lived with his parents, but it was for better reason then many people did now a days. Until Shade could prove his nesting abilities he wasn't able to have a home of his own. Until then he had to stay with his "mother" and her symbiotic lovers.


"Shade? Is that you?" A rough voice called from the kitchen.

Dave had been his mother's third to last. Chosen only for, or at least Shade thought, for his cooking abilities. "It was that zesty flavor I chose him for," His mother had said, as she cooed over him the first day she had brought him home. Like a lost puppy, Shade thought to himself.

He stepped into the kitchen placing down his guitar as he sat at the table.

"How'd the gig go?" Dave asked as he chopped away on some onions.

"Pretty good... People liked it to say the least."

"Well that's good. I don't see why you don't just use your schooling." Dave added as an after thought.

Shade shrugged, "I guess I'd just rather play music."

"Your not gonna be able to start a nest living off music." Amanda stated, obviously reciting his mother's words as she came around the corner with a bright smile on her lips.

She wore a slick purple teddy and a new pair of healing bite marks on her throat. She seemed overly giddy as she rummage around the fridge finally pulling out a bottle of raspberry soda. She gulped about half of it down and stopped to take a deep breath.

"What are you up to?" She asked Dave as she sat across from Shade.

"You'll see..." Was his only smirking remark.

Amanda smiled back then turned towards Shade, "Seriously though, you should really think about nesting. I know your trying, but your not honestly giving it your all."

Shade nodded, "I guess I just don't have the push that I need. I mean... To have a nest you need hatchlings." He joked, referring to the people who depended on his kind for everything much like a hen's chicks, sometimes even life.

That was only for those who had been with them for longer then was called for though or those taken in by the older ones of their kind. The older a vampire was the stronger his saliva. The longer a humane stayed with one of their kind, the more they seemed to need the saliva from their lover.

"Your mother offered to take care of that, but your the one who declined." Amanda stated, reciting more of his mothers words.

"Yes, well... I'd rather choose my own thank you."

"Speak of the sexy devil." Dave joked putting down the cooking utensils and walking over to the doorway.

"Well, considering it is my house, I think I should be around when someone's talking about me." Casandra laughed, giving Dave a quick peck on the cheek.

She was followed in by Sandy, yet another blond in his mother's collection. She held her by the hand, and led her towards the table where she sat her on her lap.

"So... your never going to take up my offer for a babe?" His mother asked with critical eye.

"No... I'd rather not."

"Then I guess I shouldn't have asked Justice to come by later."

Shade sighed heavily. His mother had been calling in women from her clubs all month. Trying to entice him into finding, at the least, a regular feed source. A way of getting him to find his first lover, was turning out to be almost a daily torture.

* * * * *

The doorbell rang just as everyone had entered the living room in daily clothing. Casandra coughed lightly into her hand, queuing in her son to answer the door.

He ran a quick hand through his hair, and smiled as the firey red head stood awaiting to be let in. She was wearing a white T and blue jeans and almost seemed to fit right in with everyone else as they each hugged her and said their hellos.

They had met his mother's working girls at one point or another. So it wasn't too unnatural for them. Although, it did seem a bit awkward for Justice who seemed a bit surprised to see what she thought the whole of the "family" in one room.

There was about four of them missing. Off on business or taking care of family matters. Seven hatchlings on the whole for his mother who was much older then she looked, and one "beyond hope" son.

They all moved slowly into the dining room, where plates had been set up for all of them, plus their guest.

* * * * *

"So, Justice... How are you getting along at the bar?" Sandy asked as she took a bite from her meal.

"Oh, things are great." She laughed, "The girls there are really nice. They taught everything I needed to know, I love it there."

Everyone nodded. It seemed like every girl had said the same thing so far. Every things great! The place is wonderful! Suck up, suck up, and more suck notions! It had gotten old after the fifth time.

"Your home is just lovely." She added over her cup of whine.

"Thank you.. Amanda designed it. She's also the one who designed Safari." Casandra happily plugged in.

Safari was one of his mother's clubs. She owned about four. Two in the same city two and two separate states completely. She was about ready to open a fifth, but was saving it until her son had founded his first nest. A kind of house warming party.

"Wow, really?" Justice laughed, "That's amazing... You must be really really skilled. I mean, I can just barely keep my house in order."

"Just think of what you'd do to someone else's." Shade mumbled under his breath.

Of course his mother heard him, and instantly kicked him in the shins. The others unaware that anything had even happened, laughed forcefully at a joke that Justice had said about something or other.

After dinner his mother had pulled him aside, leaving the hatchlings to take care of Justice. She stood in the kitchen, washing plates just to have something to do.

"So... What do you think?" Casandra asked showing almost no emotion in her voice.

"I think your trying too hard." Shade snickered and sat down at the kitchen table.

"I think that you need a regular source." His mother stated flatly and turned to face him.

She leaned against the counter and study him with her green eyes. Her red hair floated into her face, but she simply shook it out of her way and smiled.

"I don't want her." Shade hastily announced before his mom could try to work her charm.

"Maybe not that much... Now." She laughed, "But you want her. Even if it's just for tonight, you want her." Casandra teased.

Shade shook his head trying to hide a smile. Of course he wanted her, she was gorgeous and he still needed to feed.

That was one good thing about his mother's constant pushing... Having something to eat other then his mother's hatchlings.


"So, what?" He asked even though he knew the answer.

"So, should I ask her to spend the night or will you."

He didn't even have the choice to send this one home. He shook his head with a dry laugh, "I guess I'll ask her." He finally said as he stood from his seat.

Casandra walked over and dusted off his shoulders. "Good boy," She whispered against his lips before kissing him and leaving the room.

Shade shook his head... Yet, another day in their happy house hold.

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Chp: 4

It was Tuesday and Stacy could barely stand it. She was getting up way to early lately, which meant she had to get to bed earlier. Which meant she spent less time with Phoenix.

He did though, promise to spend the weekend with her to make up for it all. He thought what she was doing was very admirable. Having to deal with children all day was exactly the easiest thing. Especially hormone overloaded teens.

She stepped out of her small red buggy and onto the black concrete of the teachers parking lot. The sky was still a bit grey, which was odd for the small town seeing as it was only the first few days of September.

She walked into her classroom, preparing to set everything up. The papers, the homework, her coffee and her lunch for later on. All placed where she could see them, in case her students decided to do anything stupid today.

* * * * *

Gigi groggily stepped into her second period class. Waving away from her friends. She was usually a morning a person, but last night had been horrible.

She had spent half the night bored out of her mind listening to music. The other half she was trying to fish around from something good on television. She hadn't actually gotten to sleep until 4:30. Which left her with only two hours of sleep before she had gotten out of bed to get ready for school.

Falling a sleep in the afternoon was obviously a bad choice. It throw off her whole sleeping schedule something she probably shouldn't be doing this year. Especially seeing as she had almost been held back last year for tenth grade.

Here she was now though. Everything was back in order and all she had to do was try to get all her work done... Before her brain died.

She stepped into her Spanish class and walked sleepily to her seat. She hadn't been able to get a wink of sleep from her first period Soc. Studies class. She laid her head, using her arms and book bags a pillow, and fell quickly into a kind of sleep.

She was still aware of what was going on, but her brain was flashing random images of running through water and racing around in cars. Left over summer wishes, Gigi thought to herself. The click of heels against the floor made Gigi's brain come back to earth, but it didn't make it any easier for her to move.

A blond cascade of hair was just in front of her face, as she forced her head to come up from it's resting place.

"Gigi, I understand school isn't the best place, but... Do you mind staying up just a little bit longer?" Ms. Morgan asked with a smile and big blue eyes.

Gigi let out a heavy breath and nodded. She sat up and was greeted by two sheets of work, all typed over with Spanish and English sentences that she was suppose to translate.

Stacy smiled walking away from the student and back over towards her desk. She didn't have any family pictures, like some teachers did, but she did have a few pictures of students from her past classes and a single picture of her white shiatsu, Kandy.

She leaned back in her seat and scanned over her classroom. It was quiet and it seemed everyone was hovering over their work. For the first time since the school began the class was actually doing their work without so much as a mumble, except to ask each other questions.

She sighed with a smile and clicked on her laptop. A silent whirring noise told her it was waking up. She typed in her password, and within seconds was signing onto her screen name.

CrazyStacy55: Hey there babe!
Phoenix76 : Haha, hey Stacy
Phoenix76: I thought you were at work. What are you doing on the net?
CrazyStacy55: They give us laptops at work babe... Or did you forget this was the 21st century?
Phoenix76: Well you know me, always a 1940's kind of guy. wink
CrazyStacy55: Just the way I like it! ;*
Phoenix76: ;* x 100
CrazyStacy55: big grin
CrazyStacy55: I love you!
Phoenix76: Love you more

Stacy smiled to herself, before realizing she was being spoken to.

"Miss, what is this suppose to say?" The kid asked flicking his hair away from his face.

Apparently it was some kind of fashion statement now. One that Apparently girls liked. She personally hated it and would rather a crew cut... Like Phoenix, she thought to herself.

She hovered over the page looking for what the kid had asked. "It means shopping mall." She stated at the exact tone of the bell.

"Thanks Miss!" He said going back to pack his things and leave with the rest of the class.

"Don't forget, if you didn't finish it in class, it's homework!" She said following the kids and waiting to close the door behind them.

She said good bye to the few students kind enough to say it to her. Then with a smile she turned back to her screen. Her lips went into an instant pout as she read the screen.

Phoenix76: Hello?
Phoenix76: I guess your busy with the kids, have fun at work my love.
Phoenix76: Talk to me when you have lunch.
Phoenix76: Actually, I have to go. Something just came up.
Phoenix76: winkiss x 1000
Phoenix76: Call me when you get home

She smirked to herself and shut down the computer screen. Only two more classes, and she was good to go.

* * * * *

Tamara sat down at her table with a smile. Like always her friend Jamie had something to tell everyone.

"There's a new student!" He said a bit too excited.

"Really?" Janie asked pretending to be excited, "I would have never thought of such a thing. I mean it's only the beginning of the year!" She added with a laugh.

"No! It's better then that. Foreign exchange," he said wiggling his eyebrows. "Something to sink your royal teeth." He said mocking a British accent.

"Ooh! Who? When? Where? And Where from!" Alysia insisted with wide eyes and a grin.

"I don't know the name, but he's suppose to get here before the end of the month. I heard about it from the secretaries in the office." He added with a smirk.

Jamie had a place as a student office assistant, seeing as he had a "study hall" period and good enough grades not to use it. He knew about most of the school changes before they were made publicly to the student body. Which was actually pretty helpful considering that there had been a growing amount of rules last year.

"So, where exactly is the kid from?" Janie asked trying to get Alysia's last question answered.

"Eh, I don't know. I just know it's somewhere near England or something." He laughed.

Tamara nodded her head, "Cool, maybe he's seen David Tennant... Or the Doctor!" She joked.

The laughed softly amongst themselves just as the bell rang for third period.

* * * * *

Gigi firmly considered skipping fourth to go sleep in the Nisky Hills Cemetery. Something that, although sounded strange, wasn't that out of the normal for students to do. At least not for the students who weren't afraid of graveyards.

Seeing Tamara come down the hallway though she reconsidered. Instead of walking to greet her, she leaned against the lockers waiting for her to catch up.

About ten minutes before the end of class she got a message on her cell phone.

"Hey, Babe! What's up!"

Gigi smiled, and shook her head. "Class, just like I hope you are too." She text back. She was answered about a minute later.

"XP, your just jealous. Wana hang after class?"


"See ya then."

Then the messages stopped and Gigi watched as the clock ticked forward towards the twenty. The school day was offically over at 2:30, but unofficially over at 2:20 to let the students get to their lockers. She looked over at Tamara who was hovering over today's homework, which of course Gigi had finished already.

"Tamara," Gigi started, "What's up?"

Tamara looked up from her work, "Nothing much.... Oh! Did you hear about the new foreign exchange student?"

"There's a new foreign exchange student?" Gigi asked surprised she hadn't heard about him.

"Well, not yet... But there will be."

Gigi shook her head and laughed, "Nice. Let me guess, Jamie?"

Tamara nodded her head, "From England or something."

"Hmm, I'm leaning towards... Or something." She mocked, "It sounded more mysterious."

They both laughed and got up from their seat as the bell sounded.

Gigi walked down the steps with smile before waving goodbye to Tamara. She then headed towards her mothers car to inform her that she wasn't going home.

(Note from writersmile

Hey sorry about chp. 4 being so fragmented, x.x.... I swear that Chp. 5 will be much better. Hope you like it! bunny

Chp: 5
Dawn gathered up the papers from his third period honors English class. They were each at least two pages long, and some flowed over to four pages. An easy two night's work. Maybe even three if he got busy.

There was a soft knock at his door and he was pretty surprised to see Shade standing in the doorway.

"Hey Shade, what are you doing up so early?" He joked.

Shade simply shrugged. It was pretty odd for him to be out before the sun had even begun to go down. The weather for today was good enough to let him outside early though. Cloudy weather was always good for that, especially when his mother could keep it that way until sundown.

She wasn't good at weather controlling, unless the weather was already there. Then she could amp it up and stretch it out. Which lead for some questionable weather patterns in their city.

He leaned against the doorway with a smirk, "So, think you could get out of here?"

"Not until three o'clock." He said with a laugh.

Teachers had to stay after a good half hour. at least if they wanted to get paid for a full days work.

Shade nodded his head and walked over towards the window. The days students all milling out and huddling into small crowds just outside the school doors.


Gigi stood at smoker's corner, titled after then many addicted students who crossed the street just to get their daily hits even during school hours. She was waiting for Angelic, her girlfriend. It was taking her longer then usual to get out of the building, probably in trouble with her teachers... already.

Then she saw her. Black skirt and leg warmers, topped with pink and black blouse. The eye shadow made her green eyes stand out a bit more. Gigi smiled as she stepped forward from the small crowd and just off the curb.


Shades eyes caught a slight movement from the area where smoke seemed to surround the student's heads. Out from the small group stepped a girl clad in nothing but the color indigo. He blinked his eyes and realized it had been a trick of light.

Now she stood at the corner with her arm around someone else, wearing a regular black sweater with some kind of band sprawled across the back. She was wearing regular jeans and purple shirt. He had probably looked too fast or maybe he had caught the light off of one of the lighters near the ground reflecting what little sun there was. Maybe...

Gigi smiled letting Angelic out of the hug and giving her a quick peck on the lips. Then moved to hold her hand as the turned to cross the street.

"So, how was your day?" Gigi asked, crossing without stopping to look either way.

"Eh, it was good. The teacher yelled at me though." Angelic rolled her eyes and gave a short laugh.

"Well, maybe if you'd stop and actually pay attention in class."

"Oh, so now it's my fault." She joked.

"No, I'm just saying that maybe the teachers should be less boring." Gigi laughed back.


Dawn shuffled the last of his papers into his bag and closed the door behind both him and Shade. The first week had gone pretty smoothly and the second one looked like it was going to be pretty much the same. He was probably going to end up with more free time then usual.

"So, you wanna hang then?" Shade asked.

"What?" Dawn asked feeling as if Shade had read his mind.

"Today, as in right now." Shade teased his grey like eyes shinning beneath the fluorescent lights. "You know, living in the moment and that whole thing."

"Oh, yeah..." Dawn said giving a short laugh, "Right, sure. Why not."

They stepped into small silver ride. Both were quieter then normal, but Shade had a smile on his face as if he had an idea. One Dawn noticed quickly.

"Yes, Shade?" Dawn asked mockingly suspicious.

"Oh, nothing.. Just thought we'd go somewhere familiar."

Dawn shook his head knowing instantly what Shade was mentioning.

Chp. 6
Gigi held on to Angelic's hand as they walked past the opened gates of Nisky Hills Cemetery. Even though most of the people of the city seemed to only be making enough to get by, the headstones in at Nisky Hills said otherwise.

Some of them towered high, in swirling designs or angelic form. Others looked like miniature towers with elegant labels written across the face. There were a few tombs that looked like small houses spread across the expanse. There was even one designed by the family specifically to have seating that rounded about half the underground circular grave with bushes that were trimmed every so often blocking the view of people standing behind. That was where they were both heading now.

The great thing about Nisky hills was that, unlike other graveyards where it was just miles and miles of gravestones, it had trees and lots of 'em. On hot days people usually came to the graveyard giving respect to the dead, and keeping it quite as they wondered about in the plentiful shade. Not too far off from the circular grave was the edge of a steep hill, that slid straight towards the edge of the wide and rushing river that divided the city into two halves. The only thing keeping it from being a straight slip were the tall trees that gave you hardly any view of the passing water.

Gigi listened to both Angelic's talk about school and to the peaceful sound of the graveyard. The leaves overheard bristling in the wind, and the sound of the water somewhere farther off splashing loudly against the rocks and roots of trees. She noticed though, that there was partially any sound of birds. If there were any, then they were too far away to hear clearly.

She turned her head looking behind the two of them and around. It was obvious the Angelic had notice by her growing silence.

"What's up?" She asked cautiously.

Gigi shrugged and continued walking keeping a tighter hold on her girlfriend's hand. "Nothing, just thought I saw something."

They kept along until they came across the seating grave. Gigi dusted off an area for both of them before putting her thin sweater down for Angelic to sit on. She laid across the seating, which was made awkward by the slight curve the semi circle made, and put her head in Angelic's lap.

"So, what do you think?" Angelic asked apparently stopping to hear some kind of feedback from Gigi.

Gigi nodded at her with a slight shrug, "Sure, why not, anythings possible."

Gigi learned a long time ago that it was the easiest answer to give, because it answered everything. She was pretty much screwed if Angie ever realized that it was almost the only thing Gigi ever said to her.

Angelic went on another tangent, letting Gigi know she was in the clear. She let out a heavy breath. The skies were bleak, and Gigi could almost feel the rain that was coming. Noticing Angie take a breath Gigi cut her short with a kiss.

"It's gonna rain," she said finally pulling away and laying back down in Angie's lap.

"It is? Damn it... I liked it here." Angie said pouting her peach baby lips a bit and looking around.

"Yeah, I think I might stay."



Angelic huffed and crossed her arms, "Can I at least use your phone to call my mom."

Gigi nodded handing her small purple square of a phone over to Angelic, who slid it open. The small tones of the buttons and the ring of the other end, signaled Gigi's time to tone out again.

Angie's mom wasn't exactly the most excited when it came to pick up or even bring her child to or from anything. She wasn't exactly the quietest either. You could hear Mandilon's voice from halfway across the graveyard if you listened close enough.

Twenty minutes later, Mandolin's old violet car came around the corner and down the long road towards the edge of the graveyard. Her windshield wipers moved rhythmical across the glass as she drove up in front of the two of them.

Gigi gave Angie a quick peck on the cheek as she held the door for her and held her hand out for her sweater back. Angie unwrapped it from it's place around her head and handed it back over.

"Thanks Babe." She said with a grin.

"Your welcome, Ange."

She waved at the car as it drove away.


Dawn and Shade laughed aloud listening to a mix of songs they use to jam to in college. It was only by coincidence that he had even seen her.

The red light changed to green, and he waited as a small violet car turned from the other side of the street to his right, and then smiled when he saw one of his more lively students standing next to the white picket fence of the Cemetery.

He honked quickly and gave her wave as he drove past with a smile. He hadn't even noticed Shade's eyes practically glued to the girl.

Gigi grinned, waving back eagerly towards her English teacher. He seemed to always be of high spirits no matter what, something that just made her laugh. Her grin turned into a soft smile though when she caught the cold eyes of the man in the seat next to him.

Something in the way his green eyes watched her made her feel... Meaningful? She scrunched her brow as the car went around the curve and out of sight. Suddenly that 'meaningful' feeling felt more like vulnerable.

She threw the sweater on around her shoulders and zipped it up passed the base of her throat. With her arms wrapped around herself she began back into the Cemetery.

I like the story and it's really interesting so far.

I personally like all the different parts of the story right now so I can't give you a preference... yet.

Hehe, I've been meaning to say thanks to everyone for the comments, anyway: Backs to the book!

Amber's overly brilliant eyes scanned the ground in front of her feet. The rain over head was falling onto her slicker and sliding off just as quickly. The droplets from the sky hiding the salty tears that slowly worked from her eyes.

The rest of the pack watched on solemnly. The young man being buried was Amber's brother Jason. A man of far too many words, and out spoken actions. He seemed to always get his way no matter what the situation, but this time he had taken it too far.

The worst part of it all, was that Amber had nothing she could do about it. The territories had been marked already, but Jason just hadn't been pleased. He felt the need for more, so he went on to other turf, and now he had paid for it. The witches...

Her fist clenched, but not out of anger. It was taking her a lot to keep from sobbing, but she felt the need to be strong in front of the rest of the werewolves. She had always been the weakest, but now she had learned from her brother. If she wanted to get her way she'd just have to be a stubborn headed *****, but she was gonna do it smart.

It was just then that she had noticed the scent, a slightly like that of river's banks mixed with Dragon's Blood flowers and spice. She turned her head with the rest of the group. They stared as if the thing they were looking at was right next to them, but it was out of their sight, just close enough to their boundaries.

So, here's chp. 7 I've been really busy writing a few poems for a contest at the college I want to go to, so.... Yep! Here's what I've got for you. SORRY!

Amanda leaned against the side of the school building. She didn't mind waiting, but now it was just getting ridiculous. The grounds were clear now except for the last few students who were just leaving, and even teachers had already walked past her on their way out.

She sighed heavy looking at her watch. She wished she hadn't agreed to this, Brandon seemed to always have a way of showing up late to every appointment he made, but this was abit out of hand.


Brandon and Mr. Riffert stood in the classroom going back and forth about cones of power. They each had their own view on the subject and neither was willing to give in to the other. It wasn't an argument and it definitely wasn't a philosophical debate of any kind, and they both gave way to smiles as the stepped out of Riffert's classroom.

"Okay, okay! I give, your right I'm wrong! Let it go!" He laughed.

"Awe, your just saying." Brandon joked, and watched as Riffert locked up his room.

"Yeah, but.. It's so much easier that way." Riffert placed the key in his pants pocket and began to walk down the hallway, "So, don't forget Wicca Club is after school tomorrow."

Brandon laughed under his breath, "How could I? We've all been yapping about it. You know, with Mabon and all that."

Riffert nodded, then waved slightly as he went down the stairs. He didn't mind being adviser for the religious club. No one associated him with it anyway, there were teachers who ran other clubs that had nothing to do with them. Most clubs were just a way for the students to get together for some dumb reason anyway, so why not run a religious one that helps people?

He had been glad and honored when Brandon and his small posse ad practically bum rushed his classroom. Mostly because he hadn't thought he was that popular at the school seeing as he had just join a year earlier, but also because it allowed him to share his knowledge on his favorite subject. His own religion.


Amanda let out a sigh of relief when she finally saw Brandon coming down the steps. She had just been about to leave which would have meant walking all the way to meet with the group. She was much happier just waiting for him to get out and drive her up. At least waiting forty minutes didn't take a toll on her legs.

"Finally! God, Brandon, I thought you had like choked on a pencil, or tripped down the stairs running from Mrs. Mahogany." She laughed.

Mrs. Mahogany was there new school principle. She had a way of making everything worst, and everything harder. Ever since she had begun running the school, every student had gotten just a little less school spirited... At least a little bit, Amanda thought as she watched a few student post up a home game poster.

OMgosh, you have like a zillion charcters, haha! I like it! :P!

"Yeah, yeah..." Brandon muttered, shaking his head with a smile. "Let's just go already."

He walked up to shaggy blue car. The paint peeling at the edges and made yet another mental note to get them done over. Random driving, through random places were taken there expected toll on the poor thing. Lock on the driver's side couldn't even be open from the outside anymore.

He tossed Amanda the keys, and waited for her to open his door from within. Sooner or later all of things piling up about the car were definitely going to break too pieces right at his feet.

He started the engine, which thankfully was one for the small things he could always depend on to work, and pulled out of the school parking lot.


Monica waited dreadfully close to the edge of the steep hills that led down into the rushing river. You'd think they'd have better safety precautions, she thought with a chuckle. She checked her phone for the time, any later and they all might as well call it off.

She leaned up against an old weeping willow, and pulled her over sized bag closer to her. As she pulled out her practically new sketch book, she looked up at the drooping branches of the willow. It had been an extremely long time since the river had ever been high enough to reach those leaves, probably abit over half a century.

She wondered how long it would take for the old tree to finally give in and die. Or maybe it's roots were much deeper then Monica thought. If so, it had quite the entanglement to fight through on it's way to the water. Considering that new trees had grown along the lowering river banks, there were at the least, seven other root bunches to get pass.

As she wondered about this, her pencil drew sweeping lines across the page. The first few lines seem to always be abit exaggerated, but the idea in her head seem to be too.


Amber and the group walked at a steady passe towards the scent. Whatever it was, it was new to the area. It was still very attractive. They all seemed to be drawn towards it, like dogs to hot dog vendor.

Lionel, a young man with dusty black hair and eyes that could reflect clouds, suddenly began to walk faster. The rest of the pack matched in step, each of them taking small steps to reach their regular positions.

Suddenly it had become a slow hunt. The prey showed no sign of moving, but then again, it didn't even know they were coming.

They made their way over a hill, down the hill, across the small stream in the center of the graveyard and past a large statue of a praying angel covered in ivy. Then they saw her, leaning closely against the old willow tree, only a few inches from the border line. They knew they would have to move slowly if they really wanted this, and...

Suddenly Amber's mind became clear again, Why did they even want her? She was plain, like any other kid that ran around the city. The over sized bottoms of her pants flared against the grass and melded into her black shirt. The only color that showed any sign coming from the buttons of her bag.

Things came into better and better detail as Amber continued to think, until she realized why. She was still walking towards the girl. She hadn't even noticed her feet pick up again. Looking around though she knew she had fallen behind. Lionel was well ahead of the rest, lying close to the trees only a two minute run behind her. Even that wasn't too much, if she started at a run, he could catch. He could except...

The border was practically at her heels. She practically stand up and literally dance on the border of life and death.

Suddenly Amber's head turned at a noise that had become silent against all of her concentration. the rest of the pack must have had the same reaction, they each looked in the same direction. A faint voice came closer. It was coming from the other side of the border.

Monday? Harmonica? Monanica?, Amber thought trying to distinguish the words. It was still abit far, but it was coming steadily closer. She looked at Lionel who stared at her almost with a pleading face. He had still been creeping closer when they had heard the words.

She shook her head though, even the slightest tip into the other side of the border would ruin everything. Revenge was hers... She was gonna waste it on some random prey.

She watched the pack begin to leave, and finally heard the words come clearer on the wind.


"Monica!" Gigi called as she trudged her way through the now muddy walk of the graveyard. "Monica, come on! We're gonna be late as all hell!" She laughed over the sound of the rain colliding with the mud cover brick beneath her feet.

She saw a stir from just beyond her sight. I really need glasses, She thought to herself with a sigh. The shadowy blob came closer into view and just from the reflection that the array of buttons gave off, Gigi knew it was Monica.

She put her weight against her left leg as she leaned against a crypt waiting for Monica to catch up. Something about the day just felt right for what the group was gonna be up to that day, but after catching the eye of the weird guy in her teacher's car... She ran a hand through her drenched hair. She didn't really wanna think about it.

YAY! Mr. Riffert... of how I miss you!

You really do have a lot of characters. I thought this was lie about vampires but now it's like three stories in one. I'm beginning to wonder how it all adds up... wait or is it four?

Oh whatever, your characters are great and they seem to me that you actually know them all. Are all of the character based off people you know?

Nope, I've actually just changed alot of names to names I know. Some of them are actual people others are people I made up and a few have looks based off of tv show characters. Like Donna from Doctor who! big grin!

Originally posted by Gigi_21
Nope, I've actually just changed alot of names to names I know. Some of them are actual people others are people I made up and a few have looks based off of tv show characters. Like Donna from Doctor who! big grin!

DONNA! Goash, I haven't seen that show in awhile. I didn't really like how they ended the fourth season but oh well.... now continue please I will not bother you until... I don't know.

Chp. 8

Lionel growled as he watch the two girls walking away. In turned and glared at Amber like it was her fault, but knew there wasn't much he could do. He walked away from the group without saying a word. They all felt the loss of prey.

Marking your prey was only the beginning though, it was stalking the prey afterwards that was the true entertainment. Eating it was only a reward.

Prey like this only came about two times a year though. Werewolves, at least the tamed packs, fed off wild animals. Twice a month was the regular for a full pack, just to keep the blood thirst at bay. The rules were admit though, no more then three humans a year. Even though it was only likely for most packs to find one per year.

That's why stalking the prey was so much fun. The held on to their prey as long as possible. No two humans ever reacted smelled the same. None of them ever tasted the same. So they also languished over both sense when it came to the special kind of dinning.

Lionel stalked away though. He didn't care to stalk the prey at that exact moment. He didn't care for much for that matter. All he wanted was a rush, that shot of adrenaline, anything to keep his thoughts off of the loss of his cousin.

Everyone felt sorry for Amber, but he knew the truth about... He knew the whole truth.


Halfway across town Dawn and Shade stopped next to the railroad tracks. From there they half stumbled (well Dawn stumbled, Shade pretended to stumble) down the side of a rocky hill to an empty field of nothing but dirt.

The steel factory use to keep all of it's materials there. Until World War II, then it was closed down. There was no need for so many factories working on steel, so they had shut it down. It had been turned into a museum. A collection of the city's past.

The field still held the scar of the war though. It was grass-less, and hills of dirt had been placed together by local teens who would come down to the field with motor bikes and some regular bikes just play around. Dawn and Shade went out further though.

At the opposite edge of the field were some tightly growing trees, and just behind that was the giant river that went in between the city's two halves.

They got there, and moved out further away then they usually had to just to sit by the water.

Shade brought his legs up and watched the waters pass by, while Dawn looked up towards the grey sky. It as how they had always spent their spare time in between classes during college. Just out by the water (at least on cloudy days). Shade had even talked Dawn into throwing a few bashes out here back in those days.

Now they were even lucky if they ran into each other at the store. Shade always made it a point to talk Dawn out at least once a month. So he was pretty glad he had gotten to see Dawn twice in a row.

"So, whatta ya want." Dawn said with a soft laugh.

Shade looked over his shoulder at Dawn, it was abit unnerving how he always just laid still like that. Like he could spend all day just watching clouds float by. Didn't he realize how unnervingly short his human life was?

Shade shrugged, "Nothing much, just you know... Wanted to hang out." He let out a heavy sigh and laid back with his arms behind his head.

"Last time you just wanted to 'hang out' , you were being stalked by your crazed ex-girlfriend." Dawn laughed and looked around at the near by brush as if the crazy chick was going to show up again.
Yeah, well.. at least there was a chick in my life back then." Shade shook his head, and then propped himself on his elbows.

Dawn's eyebrow rose as he looked at Shade. He knew that whatever Shade had in his head was about to come out.

With a heavy sigh Shade looked at Dawn with tired expression, "I don't know I guess I just want my own life or something."

Dawn smirked, "Yeah, well... I think the best place to start is away from your mom's house."

"Shut-up dude, that's not what I meant."
Shut-up." Shade said laughing and shaking his head. "I guess, I just want something different. Something that I haven't done yet, that I haven't had."

"You haven't moved out of your mom's yet." Dawn teased with a growing smile.

"Your a dick."

"Your an idiot." Dawn said simply and sat up, "If you want something different then I suggest you stop lying to yourself. You need to live on your own, and you have to do something with your college degree. Something other then as a frame filler."

Shade sighed heavily. "Yea... Yea, I guess I should and I definitely do have to move out."

"Exactly." Dawn agreed as he looked over the water. "So, what else is wrong? Are we gonna laugh over a dumb joke and go now?"

"Is that really all we do anymore?"

"Yeah, basically." Dawn picked at the grass next to him, "But I've gotten use to helping your ass out dumb crap, so who cares."

Shade chuckled, "Well, then I think you might have fun helping me with this one."

Shade sat back up, and ran a hand through his short dark hair. He hadn't want to actually talk about this particular problem, but when he thought about it, Dawn really did help him with alot of his problem.

"Well, you remember how crazy my ex was right?" He asked slowly.

Dawn turned his head to look at Shade, "Don't tell she's finally been committed."

Shade shook his head with a smile, "Not exactly, Dawn she..."

Shade was suddenly cut off by an arrow flying straight past his face. Five seconds later another arrow flew at then again. This time Shade took Dawn by the hand pulled up as he stood and broke out into a run.

He jumped behind a tree Dragging Dawn with him. Why hadn't he noticed it earlier? Why hadn't heard anything? How could they have gotten so close without him knowing?

An arrow flew past the tree and Shade pushed himself up against even harder. Dawn on the other hand crouched himself low to the ground.

"Who the hell is aiming arrows at us at five in the ****ing afternoon?" He yelled at Shade as if he'd know.

He actually did know... Kind of. He knew in general who throwing arrows, more at him then them, but that was beside the point.

Okay, I promise you guys this much! There are only like... Maybe 3-5 more new characters coming up. Only about 3-2 of them are important, so don't worry! XD!

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