Blu-Ray special editions

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A good way for film companies to get more money out of me is to make a DVD special edition with an awesome case. I can't resist. Best Buy has been kicking ass lately with the Steelbook editions (Bourne, Planet Terror, The Departed, etc). I have the Fight Club special edition, Memento, Pulp Fiction, etc etc.

My question is. are Blu-Ray discs going to start making special editions?

If I see both in the store now, I'm more inclined to pick up the DVD version because it looks better. A perfect example is the Mad Men season 1 dvd set. Came in a Zippo lighter type case. That's freaking awesome! The Blu-Ray version was just a regular case.

On the flip side though, Blu-Rays already cost $30. How much would they charge for a special case. confused

I'm not a blu ray person, I adore all the different editions that come out on dvd, like steelbooks that you mentioned.

But yes, Blu-ray boxes really really suck.

no they dont suck

Yes they do, the boxes are a bore.

yes, but blue rays are high def.......................

and? I keep saying, if you have a good television and dvd player then it isn't that much of a difference in the quality that is so important to change suddenly from dvd to blu ray, unlike from vhs to dvd. Also the quality in sound from blu ray depends on if you have the sound system, and a lot don't so they are not really going to benefit on the sound quality much.

Also, if you upscale on your dvd player, it smooths the dvd pixel quality out a certain % and makes it closer to blu ray quality. All you need is a simple cable for that if your dvd player can take the cable.

The best quality is seeing it on the cinema screen still, blue ray still doesn't come close to that sharpness and so on apparently.

There is a big difference between blu ray and standard dvds on a high def t.v.

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