The 'Captain,' Cid Highwind

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Snafu the Great

What's to say about ex-Shinra test pilot-turned AVALANCHE freedom fighter Cid Highwind?

For starters, he has a foul mouth that makes Barret blush. He's pretty good with a spear, and his Limit Breaks kick ass.

So we give respect where respect is due. Stand up, Mr. Highwind is passing.

Cid's Profile

Japanese Name: シド・ハイウィンド (Shido Haiwado)
Hometown: Rocket Town
Date of Birth: 22 February
Age: 26 (Before Crisis); 32 (FF7); 33 (AC); 35 (DoC)
Height: 5'8
Weight: N/A
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Blood Type: B
Signature Weapon: Spear
Family: Parents unknown, Shera Highwind, wife (as of AC)
Occupation: ex-Shinra test pilot, AVALANCHE member, Captain of the Shera
Voice Actor: Kazuyuki Yama (Japanese); Chris Edgerly (English)
Memorable Quotes:
"Sit your ass down in that chair and drink your godd-mn TEA!" - Final Fantasy VII
"Listen up, 'cause I'm only gonna say this once! If any more of you are killed by those punks, I'll drag you back from hell and kill you again! You really want to piss off those SOBs, then why not try stayin' alive! That's what this war's all about! If you live, everybody behind you lives. If you die, they die! You got that? Now go kick some Deepground ass!" - Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII
Since childhood, Cid dreamed of becoming the first human in space. He almost achieved this goal through the Shin-Ra Space Program sometime prior to the start of the game. Aside from his ambitions as an astronaut, Cid designed a number of aircraft and was also a great pilot. Among his designs were the propeller plane Tiny Bronco, and the airship Highwind, both constructed sometime before Final Fantasy VII.

Just as the rocket Shin-Ra No. 26 was about to launch, Cid realized that his girlfriend, the engineer Shera had defied orders and ran a last-minute recheck of the oxygen tanks. Continuing the launch on schedule would have killed her, so Cid scrapped the launch in order to save Shera's life. In the wake of this disaster, Shin-Ra concluded that space exploration was not financially viable, and withdrew funding from the project altogether.

Cid appears in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, playing through these same events. He fights along side the player Turk against AVALANCHE saboteurs.

The hot-tempered Cid blamed Shera for destroying his dream, and Shera, being an extremely insecure person, accepted the blame completely. After the incident Shera devoted herself to doing whatever she could to atone for her mistake, although Cid continued to treat her abominably.

Cloud Strife and his party meet with Cid in Rocket Town during their search for Sephiroth. Their visit conicides with a visit from President Rufus Shinra, whom Cid hopes is restarting the Space Program. However, Rufus is not interested in the Space Program at all, the President merely wants Cid's Tiny Bronco so that he can continue to chase Sephiroth. Cid refuses to give up his airplane, and joins with Cloud's party to fight his boss, Palmer. They jump on the Tiny Bronco to escape, but the plane is shot down by Shin-Ra soldiers. Afterwards the Tiny Bronco can no longer fly, but it does work as a boat.

Cid continues to follow with Cloud's party throughout their travels. In Junon Cid helps the party commandeer the Airship Highwind, and from then on is the ship's captain. When Cloud is left comatose and Tifa stays with him at Mideel, Cid become the temporary leader of the party. He leads the party to fight with Shin-Ra over the Huge Materia, fighting in North Corel and Ft. Condor. Upon their return to Mideel, the Ultimate WEAPON comes out of the ground, and Cid fights with it until the monster flies away. Later, when Cloud returns to sanity, Cid allows him to return to party leader.

Cid's rocket is used by Shin-Ra as method to destroy Meteor, laying it with Huge Materia. Cid tries to take control of the ship, but Palmer launches it, Cid, the other the party members into space, and Shera into space. Shera's concern over the oxygen tanks is eventually proven to have merit when an explosion temporarily traps Cid in orbit. Using an escape pod, Cid leads the party back down to the Planet. Afterwards he forgives Shera, and decides to treat her better.

Cid joins with the party to finish Sephiroth off in the Northern Crater, and helps save the world.

Cid is now a legendary pilot who now flies his new airship Shera, and helps out Cloud in the battle against Bahamut SIN. The following year, he works as the leader of an airship division with support from the World Regenesis Organization and participated in the Battle of Midgar against Deepground and Omega while helping out his old friend Vincent Valentine. Cid builds the Airship Shera, the successor to the Highwind named in honor of his girlfriend. He marries Shera sometime before Dirge of Cerberus.

Cid's weapon of choice is a spear and thus is a Dragoon. Though it's unnoticable, he does have high defensive stats.

Zack Fair

Cid looked terrible in Kingdom Hearts.

Originally posted by apoc001
Cid looked terrible in Kingdom Hearts.
He was to baller, Disney couldn't make him look like a kiddy character.

ESB -1138

If they didn't like his appearance or language and they weren't going to let him fight or fly at all, they should've just kept him out of it.

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