The Mercenaries (Jen, Chris and Mathias)

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Snafu the Great
from left, Chris Jacobs, Mathias Nilsson and Jennifer Mui

Blowing shit up has never been more fun when these three mercs do it.

The three mercenaries are back for Round Two, only this time, your ex-empolyers will learn the hard way never to screw over a mercenary...not to mention shooting them in the ass.

Chris Jacobs - The Easygoing Mercenary. Born in San Jose, California. Born and raised in a military family, Chris also joined the Army when he was older, where he was accepted into the Delta Force. During his service, Chris' mind became more and more darkened as he saw his commanding officers show unethical behavior towards Chris' fellow troops. When his tour ended, Chris left the Army and became a mercenary. His voice is done by Phil LaMarr (Vamp from the MGS series).

Jennifer Mui - The Classy Mercenary. Born in Hong Kong, China to a British Cultural Attaché and a Chinese Diplomat. She moved to Britain with her father at age 12 after her parents divorced. She excelled at studies and athletics as a child. When she joined the British Army, her talent was noticed by an MI6 member. She was accepted into MI6, but was not satisfied by her pay. She left MI6 and joined ExOps as a mercenary. She is voiced by Jennifer Hale (Naomi Hunter from MGS)

Mathias Nilsson - The Anarchist Mercenary. Born in Arvidsjaur, Sweden. After participating in Sweden's Arctic rangers, Mattias was involved in criminal activity and was a member of a local biker gang. He takes pleasure in large explosions and is known to start a fight. He became a mercenary to satisfy his thirst for destruction and money. Mattias is also featured on the sequel's cover. He is voiced by Peter Stomare.

Good times for all...for those who love sensless violence.

Nemesis X
These guys would mostly get respected if they threaten you to like them or they drop a bomb on your place. But seriously, these guys are friggin awesome and no they didn't threaten me to say that lol

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.