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Silent Hill Homecoming.

Normally for a video game thread id be a little skeptic about putting this up, but after playing the game and getting the full gist of the story its freaking awsome, in my opinion. Its about a town called Shepards Glen. The main character Alex Shepard is discharged from the military and comes to his home town to find out people are missing including his little brother Josh. Normally in the game you play as Alex but in the RP you can be Alex or you can be other characters or create your own.

In the town every 50 years ( i think its 50) One of the main familys of a Doctor, Mayor, Captian of Police Department, Judge and other main job branches of the town have to sacrifice one of there children so that God may forgive them for there past. This is the religion they beilive in. Now the plot starts 3 months before the ritual has to take place. As your role in the RP you can be whoever you want. You make your own family with other RPers or you can have a pre existing one OR you can just be single and just try to find out what the hell is going on in the town. Your individual character has a choise to continue the path that has been going down in Shepards Glen for years or to stop the madness and put an end to it all. Like i said in this RP anything can happen. THE CHOISE IS YOURS
Character sheet:

Family: ( if none then put dont you dont)
picture of char: ( if none then post a description about them or if you have a family photo if your in a family then post that if you wish to)

Name: Lenzo Schmidt
Age: 29
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 172
Profession: Police Officer in Shepards Glen
Family: Has one daughter. Wife is dead
Lenzo's family was new to Shepards Glen since he was 3 years old. His family was happily welcomed in the town at the time. At 5 years old Lenzo's dad had gone to several meetings with Judge Holloway to talk about how things work in Shepards Glen. Luckily for Lenzo's dad they had come at a time where he didnt have to make a sacrifice. Years went on and when Lenzo was 10 he noticed people often looked on him and the family as if they werent wanted. He never knew why.

Eventually his dad went missing. The last thing he ever heard from his dad was "im going out for a beer , tell your mother for me will yah ?" His body was later found in a ditch with stab marks in his chest. Years later Lenzo graduated, met his first girlfriend that was also his wife. When Lenzo was 20 she was diagnosed with cancer. She died when Lenzo was 23. But he still had his daughter which was 3 by the time of her death. It took a toll on him and he could barley focus on his job. Now at the age 29 he sees people talking about which child of theres there ganna "use"
picture of char:

Ripper Jacc
May join this later on, once my 'net's fully functional again, of course. I've always wanted to do a Silent Hill RP...

Ayáme Tetskomi

Originally posted by Ripper Jacc
May join this later on, once my 'net's fully functional again, of course. I've always wanted to do a Silent Hill RP... yea no prob dude, and good profile Ayame

jalek moye
Name: Lek
Age: 21
Height: 5'7
Weight: 165
Profession: doesn't have one just does what he can, in whatever town hes in
Family: none
Story: A wandering young man that just drifts from town to town searching for a purpose. He just recently came to this town and is gonna stay for awhile so he's trying to find a place to stay and work. For a reason he doesn't understand everyone has been acting strangly and most tend to ignore/avoid him.
picture of char:

Jalek i was hoping you would make a char like that. Nice dude, we just wait for the people that i PMed that wanted to join and then ill start the RP

i'll post tommorrow not really in the mood today besides you'll get my character that is 7 years in the making

o.o what ?

Indeed I'll likely make a character tomorrow as well.

No problem, as long as the characters are here some time then i can start the RP

Name: Leon Moscato
Age: 19
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 155 lbs
Profession: Fighter
Family: None

Leon has shaggy, dirty blonde hair, and a set of sharp blue-green eyes that always seem to be clouded with a mixture of emotion. His face is sharp in its features, with defined cheekbones and a strong, angled chin.

Leon lives alone in Shepherd's Glen, having wandered in as a homeless youth at the age of 17. Always scruffy and unrefined, and yet having a very regal and "Warrior"-like personality, Leon has never been wholly accepted into the community, only mildly tolerated.
He gets by doing odd jobs around town, but apparently he was a professional MMA fighter at one point.
One wouldn't be able to tell by looking at his seemingly scrawny physique. Always wearing a hooded sweatshirt and baggy cargo pants, his features are normally hidden. One can only tell that he is lanky and somewhat thin. But when performing hard labor, it is obvious that his body is finely honed.

When he's not working, he's seen jogging in the mornings, or otherwise finding creative ways to train. He rarely speaks with anybody, apparently preferring to be as secluded as possible. Formerly being homeless, he has managed to secure a small apartment on the outskirts of town, venturing into town either to work or buy groceries.

Apparently the only denizens of the town he has been known to speak with are the children, who claim that he is a very kind man. However, this also draws suspicion and fear from the parents of the town, who do not know or trust Leon, especially in regards to their children.

While not an original part of the town's community, he stills finds himself being drawn into its conflicts, and his seemingly troubled past makes him a possible guest in Silent Hill.

Um sorry bnettell (emoboy), but this rp has been dead for a while....

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