What About Barrack Obama's Past?

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I'm posting this just because I don't believe we have been told the entire story regarding Barrack Obamas past. I just want to know more about who the man is and I think all Americans should as well:


Don't get me wrong I don't trust John Mccain either. And I would never vote for him because he has already shown me that he will sell himself out to be President, but I also don't think there is anything wrong with looking deeper into Barrack's past and figuring out exactly where he's coming from.


I'm not saying he is, but COULD Barrack Obama be a wolf in sheeps clothing?





You have to wonder what He'll say and what He'll do to try and sound perfect to the American people's ears:


Well, Barack sounds kind of like "Iraq" and Obama is sort of like "Osama". So, when you take into account the fact that his middle name's Hussein, he must be a terrorist...

Why would you go so far as to call him a terrorist? No one here is using that term except for you. All I am saying, is that I am a little skeptical of his past, and I would like to know more about who he is not just about what he says on TV.

I already know the media is in love with him. As are many many Americans. Many Americans who are pinning all of their hopes on him. And why? Because he is a smooth talker? Because he promises so much?

What I need to know for myself, is who is the man behind the curtain. And I don't mean what the controlled media and channels like CNN are going to tell me about him in a little 1 hour special. I'm talking about what I can find out about him myself, with alot more effort and a hell of alot more of a magnifying glass than I will find on national television.

Enough about what other people say about him. Enough from the second hand sources. You get where I'm going with this?

After all, come tomorrow, he might just be in control of our country. Now whether thats a good thing or a bad thing is something that we are all going to find out. But I'm not just gonna jump on the obama bandwagon and throw flowers at the guys feet. I've lived long enough to see that no matter who wins an election, theres always a bigger agenda than meets the eye.

It's healthy to be skeptical of any politician but i wouldn't ever use blogs or youtube videos as a way to look into someone's history...you'll find just as many claiming he's the 2nd coming as you will ones above proclaiming him as Satan...they're silly and not to be taken seriously and often are just filled with blatent lies

even wiki is a more reliable source than blogs and youtube videos

i will say this though...there is clearly alot of completely ridiculous opinions about Obama...some people actually think it's a national security issue that his middle name is Hussein (like Saddam Hussein) and that his last name sounds like Osama...although i think it's obvious that Kovacs is parodying that sentiment

If you're genuinely concerned about what he'll be like as a President then go look up what his voting history in the Senate has been like...stuff like that...

Nuclear, any of the sources that you posted do not/ would not give an accurate account of Obama's past. Is that where you find all your information that you digest in order to conduct your day to day life?

Follow-up on Jaden's suggestion for a more realistic and sane account of the man.

Hate to tell ya here but most of the clips from the videos are from the same national media channels that you watch on a daily basis. Sup Kharmadog.

Captain REX
...if you are trying to avoid watching the national media channels, then why use Youtube videos that just fall back on them? Redundant.

I agree with Jaden, you'll learn more from his voting record and his campaigning platforms than you will from a blog that someone wrote about him.

And I also think it's ridiculous when people go 'Oh, his name will lead to bad things!' His name has no relevance other than what we call him.

Originally posted by NuclearWinter
Hate to tell ya here but most of the clips from the videos are from the same national media channels that you watch on a daily basis. Sup Kharmadog.

hate to tell ya but i'm not from the US so i don't watch ABC or CNN on a daily basis

you'll also notice that most of the videos are merely him saying something then some gibberish text which completely misinterprets what he says

There's nothing wrong about obama's past. All being spread by the gop's are lies.

1. He's not a muslim. His father was a muslim but his mother was christian and because his father was always working he stayed with her and learned to follow christian ideals. The republicans first accuse him of hearing the preaches of Rev. Wright (and he must be a christian for that right?) and then of being a muslim, contradicting themselves!

2. He's not a communist. He had some contact with socialists in the past but always disagreed with their ideas. He's a social liberal, and that's center-right(at least in europe terms, as america's ideological center is more to the right). It's just that he seems to be more to the left than mccain only because mccain is right to far right. And he wants to preserve market freedom by protecting it with some regulation, not hinder it, because if it isn't regulated only as much as needed for its protection it will collapse and then the communists will really have their day. The recent crisis and Chavez's funny remarks about it show that.

3. He's not a terrorist. Obama is a calm man who opposes violence. On the contrary, it was Bush who started the (meaningless, as no wmds were found) war in Iraq for his and his oil companies' interests. And mccain is just like that, as he was grown in a family of military men and served all his life in the military. And he also can't keep his temper and follow a civilized discussion, as shown on the debates. So who's the real terrorist?

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