Deleted and unseen scenes from PotC

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Hi, my dears.
I want to talk about PotC deleted scenes that weren't shown on DVD.
I don't know if any of you is visiting sparrabeth livejournal? We're trying to find those scenes. Some of them you can find here:

For example, when Keira is talking about ELizabeth and Jack.

Have you seen more of that scenes?

BTW, has any of you got Pirates of the Caribbean BOOK trylogy? I've heard that there're written some kind of scenes which were created to a movie, but than deleted even from special features of dvd.

Thanks for help!

oh trust me hun!! that is why when I saw AWE I was beyond disappointed bc I KNEW that they had cut out Sparrabeth scenes....I saw this video b4 I saw the movie so I was expecting to see the...

Liz: Oh will you ever forgive?
Jack: No!

...scene n wen i didnt see it in the film....I was very upset!!!! sad So i too would like to those missing scenes!! Oh what I would do to see those scenes!! sad

Makes me wonder how the rest of that would have gone. But I'm glad that one mentioned was cut. IMO, the way Keira says the line makes it sound like Jack is just taunting her and the fact he won't forgive her is just an inconvenience. It totally minimizes the fact that she killed him and he should be mad at her. The way I see it, this should have been a much bigger issue than the movie made it out to be. Yeah, things worked out (kind of) at the end, but he never exploded at her and she never seemed to make peace with him about it...because she was sorry no matter what she said and she should have apologized. Leaving that exchange in the way she delivers the line would have made her unsympathetic.

Elizabeth: Will you ever forgive me?

Jack: No.

Elizabeth: (stomps foot) But I went through so much to bring you back!

Jack: And I wouldn't have to be brought back if...

Elizabeth: (sighs) ...if I hadn't decided to go all kickass pirate.

Jack: That's right. Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'm going to bring this up at therapy.

LMAO!!! laughing Oh Willo u always crack me up!! lol

But it's true! I really think that would have made Liz whiny and more of a brat than she is. That's why she and Jack are so standoffish during most of AWE. She's ashamed of what she did. In fact, I think the only reason they killed her dad (other than not knowing what else to do with him) was to make sure the audience still sympathized with her and weren't too mad at her for what she did in DMC.

There's an article I posted somewhere on here, probably back a few pages now, about why it's not the betrayal of Will's trust that's the most shocking to the audience, but the betrayal of Jack's trust.

Bwa Ha Ha
I think the books MIGHT have deleted scenes....

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