Election and Inauguration Day - A Void Administration

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First, there is a really important phenomena called a void-of-course moon which occurred on the entire Election day as well as it will at the moment of Inauguration. Traditionally, actions which begin under a Void-of-course moon "will amount to nothing." IT is as if the Moon is in a bardo or in-between state. This is why astrologers will never counsel clients to marry, perform surgery, or begin a business under a void of course moon. On election day, the moon moves from Capricorn into void, (where it makes no more aspects to other planets) before it changes sign to Aquarius. This movement of the moon from Capricorn, ruled by Saturn (structures, the old guard, government, status quo, management, banking) to Aquarius ruled by Uranus (innovation, freedom, rebellion, revolution, equality, universal rights) mirrors a Saturn-Uranus opposition, and was exact on election day. We can intuit a massive rift or split in the consciousness of the United States on that day and possible violent or crisis energies.

Similarly, a Void of Course moon occurs at the moment of inauguration, when the Moon is at the last degree of Scorpio, the underworld, hidden, deep, secret, volcanic, powerful sign of mystery. At that moment, the moon is at the same degree it was in during Kennedy's assassination. It is my feeling that an unpleasant resonance may be felt that day, especially if the majority of Americans feel they have been swindled again. ALSO, Mercury will be retrograde during Inauguration. These two points are extremely important. They reveal that the next administration will be born under a Void-of-Course Moon and a Mercury Retrograde, two of the worst moments in time to birth any projects, especially an administration of U.S. governance. This may be the curtain call for the model of governance or even the definition of the United States itself, which will play out over 2009-2012.

The happiest candidate come Inauguration day will very likely be the one NOT taking office. Because of the socioeconomic unrest and many volatile astrological factors in the next four years, including a repetition of "Great Depression" era astrological alignments, and the above points about Inauguration day, the job of President of the U.S.A. will be frought with overwhelming challenges, hostilities, and dangers. This is important to keep in mind as we fret over the possibility of a candidate whom many do not desire taking office, as well as an intense, surprise situation unfolding. Undoubtedly, the shifts and explosive future which is coming will need all the prayers we can possibly send to the angelic forces beyond.

Because the majority of us our aware of the rampant fraud and incompetency of the government and bankers, we must remember to maintain positive intentions in all we do, and especially in our thoughts and feelings towards the economic/political situations. What happens at the voting booth, on inauguration day, and in the next four years will be affected more by our own states of consciousness than by ballots or by hidden agendas. If we are meant to leave the country, if we are meant to stay, if we are meant to begin movements for state or county secession, if we are meant to revolt through music and art, we must remain clear and clean channels so that Spirit may guide us Where, When, and How, without our reactive or negative body trying to run the show. Godspeed on the journey.

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