Episode 8x09: Abyss

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The friendship of Clark and Chloe will be explored, and there may be some flashbacks going all the way back to the first time she visited his very "Amish" barn. Chloe seems to have forgotten a lot of her past and doesn't recognize anyone... except for Davis. Clark goes to Jor-El for help in restoring her memories. The four cast members in this episode? Clark, Chloe, Jimmy, and Davis. The barn scene with a young Clark and Chloe isn't the only Clark-Chloe blast from the past. Other sequences from previous seasons of Smallville will be revisited, and the scenes being revisited were all popular among "Chlark shippers.

no lois sad sad

last ep before pink princess comes back

Woo, flashback episode. thumb down

I like flashback episodes.

And a young chloe. How cute!

Hey i can't wait. I wonder how clark is going to rebuild the fortress?

FistOfThe North
young chloe looked mad funny. I lol'ed at that part.

that paramedic guy's a smooth operator. I was taken aback when chloe kissed his back..

The show was clark at his most mature.

then you got lana and doomsday.

ring tonite's ep. in cause it's another excellent one for the record.

the assasins creed style digi-graphics looked cool too.


Well, the best part of the episode was the preview for next week. I did like that the Fortress is back and they ties in Braniac and Doomsday.

Cripes, no Lana next week! uhuh

I'm glad the Chloe drama is over. She's okay but never been one of my favorites. But Lois.......shifty

I really enjoyed this episode.

The young chloe was dead cute, and I have to agree Clark was very mature in this episode.

I cant wait to see how the story unfolds.

Shame we have to put up with Lana though.

Cant someone just drop a car or something on her.

Twas an ok episode last night..

Glad they finally fixed the Chloe problem..

Next weeks show should be ok

^ it got 3.5 million viewers.. down

up for bride

9/10 for me. Everything flowed and worked well. And it was intense, maybe one of the most intense episodes of the series. Most Chloe centric episodes rule cuz she ****ing rules.

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