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Valkrath the Sublime ruled the universe for countless millenia with little or no contest. Then came Volkath, the Dark Master. Valkrath and Volkath battled eachother for thousands of years tyring to out do eachother, creating the other gods in the process. After they had slain eachother and turned into spirit form, the younger gods had fully formed. This world is formless, make one your own.

:messedelaniel sat on her great throne of power in contemplation. She lacked the ability to create a very sizable piece of land on the new world for her servants. She had decided that it would be best if she made them a home in her Highest Palace, Savriel. In the Palace of Savriel the first elf would be born in the garden. Daralamanim, and nearly at the same time many others. In the vast Garden of Savriel there would be the first generation of elves.::

:messedoon before that Selaniel had decided the world's magical energy needed form. She had cast a great spell, bringing life to the dead mana, invigorating the ether and stimulating the ectoplasm that was the current world, making it habitable for magical creatures.::

::As the god of Fate, Selaniel had built the world's first Temple by order of the Supreme One Valkrath., Temple of the gods, dedicated to a cosmic balance between the spirits, stood in the center of the vast, unformed world. Meanwhile, the other gods planned and plotted their own agendas and goals, some working for the common good and others working only for themselves. The lesser spirits and gods of good would work for the redemption of the evil gods, thus setting the balance of the Cosmos at ease.::

OOC: We play as powerful beings like the Prophets or as the Q in the Star Trek series. The only difference is that these beings have a focus of energy they have to concentrate on to pull their power from, called a domain. These "gods" as mortals may call them, are not divine, but extremely powerful. Player characters may choose up to three domains.... There was a game here I couldn't find, of a mythological role play, so I decided to start one up. I understand that the holidays are rapidly approaching so I will be lenient(and maybe even absent) as GM for posting rules... but generally attempt to post once a day... PM me your divine profile. The player character is a creature known as a "Divinus".

Character Creation:
Domainssadthe focus of the Divinus'es energy. Choose Three)
Artifacts: (A powerful object which strengthen's the Divinus... What is this artifact? What does it do?
Avatar: (A solid, powerful receptacle of the god's power and strength. It cannot manifest at the full power of the god's, who exist in the Astral Seas, in their Divinus Realms.)
Manifestation: (Much weaker versions of the Avatars... these are as weak to avatars as avatars are to the real Divinus.)
Doctrine/Personality go here:

I will return with a list of optional domains for players here.

1. No permanent deaths.
2. Respect all and obey the Terms of Service for the Board.
3. Keep language to a minimum.

you need to get permission first hun. read the rules and submit your idea here:


THank you

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if you have or get permission. I would be up for joining. I joined a few days ago and have been looking to rp, but all the ones currently seem to far in to join.

I still haven't gotten a PM to see if I have permission or not.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.