How to do blinky sigs.

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Lord Knightfa11
So this is my tutorial on how to do blinky sigs. Everyone loves an animated GIF, and while you depend on other people to make them, they actually aren't hard to do with absolutely free resources.

The programs I will be using are:


And to find my initial image I'm going to look on Google images.

Step 1: find a render

Step 2: open it up with paint.
now you are g2g for cropping and resizing.

Step 3: resizing the image:
Now Press the select button which is the top right button on the left toolbar. (it looks like a jagged rectangle) Select the parts of the image you want to use. the more elongated left to right it is, the better. My pic is about right.

now the maximum dimensions for a kmc sig are max size: 50k - max dimensions: 540x150. since you are going to be using 2 images for your sig, you want your first render smaller than 25k 0mg11!

How's this going to work? well, if you have a sig like mine, your going to divide the current size of your chosen area by what size you want it to be. let's copy mine to a separate running of mspaint and see whats up with this.
while its selected, if you grab hold of one of the click and drag squares on the perimeter of your selected area, you can see the resolution of your pic.

so my height is to high for the limit, so I am going to use the calculator to divide my desired height by my current height. 150/215=.69 Now we are going to times our factor by our current width. 499x.69=344. so if our height is 150, our width is 344. we use the drag button to make it so. do this in one movement, as it will mess with your visual if you let go of the mouse during this process. this is about the size my sig should turn out. now i right click on the part I want, and select copy, open another instance of paint, and paste it there, resizing the file to be flush with my borders.

4. Save your work.

5. Add your name.
just pick the "A" on the toolbar, pick a font you like ( is a good place to shop for fonts), and place it where you want it. position it so that it looks good. for my sig I am going to use <--that font to put my name in. you can of course, not put a name in, if you don't find anything you like.


Lord Knightfa11
Step 7. Open Gimp. upload the pic you saved into gimp.

click on the colors button and then down on brightness/contrast. Play with this a bit until you get something you like, just make sure the bright parts are brighter or dimmer than your previous sig, while the other parts stay normal.

Step 8. go to file-->save as and then rename it so that it doesn't overwrite your old render, and then press the save button.

step 9: close gimp. then open gimp. now press file-->open as layers. and then press open. now press file-->save as--> and then go down and press the filetype and select "gif" and press save. then press save as animation in the popup that occurs, and press export. now set the delay to 100 (a good delay for seizure sigs) and press the save button.
10. make sure it fits. use gimp to crop the sides or bottom until it fits below 50k.
My finished sig: is just the tiniest bit too big (3k) so I'm going to crop it, using gimp. check/select the things that are circled red in the provided illustration, and then drag your mouse on the image to expand from the center until you have your desired size. (check "fixed aspect ratio" too; i don't know if i circled that.

and finally, repeat step 9 (and 10 again if needed). Upload your sig to your profile and use the text, and boom, your done!! enjoy your new blinky sig!

finished product:

We have a help/tutorial thread. This goes in there.


Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.