What is with the glasses thing, people already know him without the glasses, how

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would they propose to hide his identity. I guess the show doesnt have to address that since they wont go as far as the tights, but wouldnt they think that some of us fans would notice that? And why is everyone rooting for Lois and Clark to get together...Lois falls for superman not clark...based on the movies of course.. did it happen differently in the comics... thx

Jor-El shall make them all forget!

I really see it as going with Jor-El being how he is able to mask his identity from the entire world and yet not wear a mask at all!

Darth Vicious
Im hopin this gets explored in the show.

I imagine they will come up with some thing. In the comics they go with no one suspecting Superman to work as a reporter for a newspaper or even using his super speed to affect his face in some way, not entirely sure about that one. However in the real world most people who know Clark would know instantly. Also in the comics Lois fell in love with Clark not knowing he was Superman.

Its clearly too late.

catman 48
Even if every one knew what is anybody going to do about it?

My guess is that Jor-El will play a role in the secret identity thing. Either that or Clark will use the Legion ring and go back in the past and make himself known with the glasses.

They used his superspeed to hide him from beng seen as "the blur" who leaves Lois notes and what-not. That way he only seen as a blur that speeds by. Yay, what a cool idea to keep her from seeing his obvious face sad

There was an episode in season 9 where MMH uses his telepathy to make that agent forget Clark's face.

So my guess is MMH will have something to do with people not recognising Clark without his glasses.

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