Episode #6 - Downfall of a Droid

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Downfall of a Droid

Net Reaction: Negative

Season 1 Record: 2-(4)

I appreciate character fan-bases, but do we need an episode centered around Anakin's arrogance and R2 being lost?

Space Tactics: this is the first time we've seen actual naval tactics being used instead of just FLY AT THEM AND SHOOT.

AT-TEs: Ye olde backbone is getting new uses here. Nice to see that its a very capable vehicle. Do you realize this is the first time an actual AT-TE has appeared in the series?

Captain Alpha/Rex: The scene with him at the controls of the Twilight was nice. I thought he looked pretty hot and in control there. Had some nice dialogue too. Makes him more of the family.

Uber-blasters: Why can Anakin's Delta-7 cannons, or an AT-TE for that matter, rip through a Separatist frigate like marbles on we toilet paper? Don't we remember that "the Malevolence was so big that even Star Destroyer cannon's couldn't toast it...but a fighter can waste a frigate in 3 shots? Houston, we have a continuity problem...

Clones in SPACE!: The Musical. I guess sealable suits is becoming canon for the series. Still doesn't excuse the pod scene in Rising of Malevolence.

Goldie: The new Jar-Jar Binks of the series is clearly a spy. If "they're a dime a dozen" why not shoot it and get a new one? Every other R-series unit functions...

Rock Music: Its ok when it seems like Gah Nacht is listening too it, but during the battles, its completely horrendous. Get real music. Just because Williams used electric ONCE in the background of CORUSCANT doesn't mean we should hear it in space during a battle. This isn't power rangers.

Farting: Please stop...now.

Asteroid field: Why are we flying through it? In ESB it looked like there was space. Here, Grievous just looked like an idiot. If frigates can fly through it, you'd think stafighters could...and since Republic cruisers can't rip through the Sep frigates but one starfighter can...not really a sound strategy.

R3 Series...if the R3 series is "so new and so much better" why does Kenobi already have an R4? More stupid continuity errors WITHIN the series...

What I want to see next:
A non-mutant Trandoshan...not next week's episode.

Couldn't help myself but I laughed when I read this:

Its a serious pandemic...and they're not listening to me....

Fart jokes are only funny to five year olds. Any demographics beyond that (which includes the main target demographics of this series) do not find them funny.

They're not funny.

I agree they're not funny, but just the way you stated it was funny stick out tongue

That was the point smile

Also noticed...after watching the TCW movie again this break...Gah Nacht is sitting at the bar at Ziro's club. I'd like to say this is nice placement, but I bet they were just trying to save money on character models lol.

Also Kudos to the Bith and the something or other that are making out behind the pillar in Ziro's club.

Originally posted by Alliance
That was the point smile

So fart jokes CAN be funny.... wink

No. Humor and cynicism can...smile


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