Episode #7 - Duel of the Droids

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Duel of the Droids

Net Reaction: Positive

Season 1 Record: (3) - 4


We did much better this time. Thank god its only a two-fer, but this episode far surpasses its boring preqel.

Ahsoka: Is it just me or is she finally showing skill and wit? She gets smacked around by Grievous, manages to accomplish something, and has a pretty sweet sequence in the ventilation shafts and in her emergence from them. Snips finally shows some chops.

Grievous: Finally kills someone not on his team.

Strangle sequence: Has some nice harconing back to the Gendy Series with Shaak Ti. How Ashoka escapes...thats debatable. Least the blithering droid was finally creative.

Alpha Rex: This boy continues to shine with nice lines and a slick mind.

Droid Sumo: Nuff said.

The Jump: Another creative sequence...though it was done in AOTC with Anakin on Coruscant, but with multiple people here, its a nice new twist. Also any sequence featuring jet-packs is an automatic 1up.

Hangar Battle: Its nice to see Vulture Droids involved in ground combat. This whole sequence was nice. Though Heavy's sequence in "Rookies" was real nice combat, this was the first time since "Ambush" we've seen effective Jedi-Clone tag teaming and creative tactics. The Clones in this series never fail to impress.

Droid Busters: EMPs! Finally...

Graphics: For an episode centered on fire, clouds, and exploding things, it was pretty well done here.

Grievous Monologue: Oh look, then she got away. Besides, Ahsoka should have gotten smacked around more.

What I want to see next:
I think the episodes are trending in the right direction...except for...WAIT...an episode on JAR JAR?

No more plots on R2 or 3PO...lets get back to characters with depth that HAVEN'T been explored over 6 feature films.

Quite a review streak there, Alliance.

only one more for now lol.

I shall do one for every episode smile

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