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Humans, elfs, dwarfs and all kinds of beings lived together in the world "Khashir" in harmony among mighty beings called dragons. There was a special place called Dragonanire. It was called this because every race of dragons roamed in this area, as well as dragon tamers. One day, a young tamer called Davin had found a rare black orb. This was no ordinary orb as it cointaned black magic. Seduced by the black magic he brought a shadow upon the land. He started to take over Dragonanire and turned all the dragons evil. He even used the dragons their tamers. He soon controlled Dragonanire and wanted to expand his so-called empire of dragons so he would destroy villages and make the villagers slaves for the dragons.

However a few of the tamers with their dragons had escaped! And joined forces with a powerful wizard and a handful of mage's to try and take down the Evil one. And to stop him from taking over Khashir. The war went on for two years, some of the Tamers had died, while others fled from the war with their dying dragons.

All seemed lost! The Alliance knew that Davin was stronger than them! Their dragons had died and they only had one dragon left! The wizards Dragon.

But as the great and powerful Wizard layed on his death bed. His dragon was taking his final breathes. The old wizard used the last of his magic to hide the orbs in various places, to new people who be the next breed of Tamers who can defeat Davin.

The surrouding villages have been destroyed and the people made as slaves, On the fair end of Khashir is a Village called Issema. This is where the Empress Sofina reigns, but rumours of Davin getting stronger worries her deeply. Her home is protected by magic,as well as a army and any little towns or villages behind her are also protected as well but with every passing day time is running out. The Empress Sofina wonders why it has taken Davin so long to try and take her reign from her...

Will Iseema be next on Davins list! which could bring down the destruction of Sofina,Or will Davin toy with Sofina even more? Will the tamers release their Dragons and realise their true destiny...All will be revealed.

Dragonanire was such a beautiful place filled with luscious green fields and mountains. But since the reign of Davin, Dragonanire has become a dead land with a burning volcano and clouds of thick black smog

The roleplay will start with The Empress Calling all the Dragons to come to Iseema

Do not rush your post, take your time have fun with your character,

Tamers and their dragons (for now) Please after you have posted your intro could you and please wait for either myself to make a post or for the rest of the tamers to make their intro.. I will make an excuse for the Grey thunder dragon and the Light wind dragon, for now..

Please always check the bio thread for any updated news. I might throw a disease at your character or an obstacle in your way. So you have no excuse that you were not warned..

and no {{o.o.c chat in here.. Its annoying.}}

Lets Play............

Sofina walked to her balcony in her Royal chamber. She leaned on the balcony and sighed.

Nubael walked to the Empress, 'Is there something on your mind, My lady?'

'Yes!' Sofina answered her loyal friend. ' I am wondering why Davin hasnt tried to attack us! I know that from loyal sources that he hasnt attacked any village for a long time.'

'Well maybe he has decided that his fight would be for nothing and he has decided to retreat'

'No! I know Davin and he is planning something very big! The thing is we must be prepared for what he is planning and counter his attack, Have all the orbs been realised into dragons yet Nubie?'

'I dont know, I feel that there are some that haven't released their dragon yet or are just to far away for me to tell. But I feel that in a few days I could tell you more.

'My Dear Friend we dont not have much much time. Which one are we still waiting for?' Sofina asked.

Nubie leaned on the balcony, 'Thunder, Wind and Magic'

Sofina looked over the balcony and onto the market infront of her castle. 'We need to call the dragons now! I am afraid that we can not wait for the others, the dragons need to start their training for their elements to be in full control. Do you have the spell to summon them Nubie?'

'Yes my lady!'

'Good then go forth! Time has been kind to us so far, but its only a matter of time before the kindness stops and that we have a war on our hands. And if we do not act fast.. well. Nubie I am afraid....Afraid for all of us.'

Nubael bowed to Sofina and walked out of the chamber and up the winding stairs until she reached her room in the tower. She grabbed her purple velvert bag and grabbed some of her Quartz crystals and a piece of limestone and made her way through the castle and into the royal gardens. She then drew a pentagram and placed the quartz crystals into place and stood in the middle recieting her spell over and over again.

We are looking to fight the evil, and set us free,
Bring me forth the dragons of Destiny.'



jalek moye
Weiyuan sat top of his large Roc (a type of giant bird) and called for it to descend. It leaned forward and folded its wings back picking up speed as it neared the ground, when it got above it, it flapped its wings hard and landed. Weiyuan jumped off and approached the still bleed corpse of a large dragon, he had been hunting it for days and had finnally killed it. Once he got near it he pulled out his greatsword and drew back, he then swung it down with all his might and put a large cut in the dragons throat. He repeated the swing a few more times untill the the dragon's head of cut clean off.

He then got a large rope and motioned for the roc to come over, it did after a few seconds. He then tied the head of the dragon to his Roc's back it then flew back up in the air and Weiyuan removed his helmet now that he could relax on the ride back, He throw his arms back and yawned showing his bottom incisors were much larger then a humans as a remnamt of his orc grandpa. He pushed his long golden blond hair back and layed down on the Roc's back as it headed to his contracter.

Delfin was in his study, reading up on a rather interesting an old passage in a book about ancient herbal medicine when rain started to pat against the window. Delfin glanced up for a moment, then continued reading. He looked up once more and noticed it wasn't rain, but River, the water Dragon he had befriended. Shutting the book, Delfin walked outside and placed a hand upon River's body. It was cool, like always and the Dragon motioned for Delfin to get onto her back, lying down to make the movement easier. Intrigued at what River might want to show him, Delfin mounted her back and the Dragon took off into the grey sky.

The pair left behind Delfin's small house on the outskirts of the village and travelled just above the river running near the village. River flew dangerously close to the water, but Delfin trusted the Dragon's precision. Looking up, he saw a raging waterfall ahead. Holding on tight, he awaited River to pull up, but she never did. Delfin kept his trust in River and didn't let go. The pair flew into or rather through the waterfall and emerged, dry, in a tower inside a pentagram.

Delfin hopped off River and looked about the tower, wondering where the summoner was.

Nargaroth walked along side Nostalgia in the woods. his companion never made any noise or any hint of conversation. it was always quiet, just how Nargaroth liked it. but there something about today that bothered him. he tunred to the red dragon "does something feel out of place to you?" the dragon looked over and grunted, knowing what Nargaroth meant. Nargaroth stopped and listened "should we go into town and see if there is anything is up?" Nostalgia lowered himself and looked at Nargaroth, implying him to climb onto its back. Nargaroth nodded and climbed the great beast's back, prepaired for a short flight...

...after a hlaf an hour of soaring through the sky, Nostalgia landed on a spot of grass outside of the town. Nargaroth jumped down and petted the creature's side "thanks for the flight. nothing can relace that feeling. now, lets go to town and see if anything out of the ordinary is happening today" they entered the town, keeping their eyes straight ahead and ignoring the people avoiding them. they reached the center of the town and seen that nothing was happening, it was just a normal day with normal events. Nargaroth looked around as Nostalgia growled at the sky "what is it?" but before he could find an answer he felt himself get pulled through the air as a bright ball of fire consumed him and Nostalgia both. after minutes of free falling, they both landed softly on their feet in a foriegn land. Nargaroth looked around as he unsheathed his sword "where are we?" he looked behind him and seen two figures walking towards another, both of the figures had dragons. Nargaroth looked at Nostalgia "shall we go and see whats happening?" Nostalgia nodded and they started their walk to the others...

*for anyone who wants to respond*

There was a flash of black lightning, and soon a woman's body could be see falling freely from the clouds. She was screaming a name, her voice could barely be heard from the height she was at. "HALT! I'M HERE! HERE YOU IDIOT!" An enormous black dragon fell from the clouds above her, reaching its neck out blindly to her. "Come now child I thought you the words for this situation three days ago... Come on." She growled and crawled onto his back. "Shut up you blind snake! You're the one who messed up the spell." He grunted and carefully landed with the woman sitting on his head, he laid down so she could climb off. "You have the eyes woman. Learn to read!" He roared at her. She sneered and looked around. "Yeah yeah.... Not my fault.."

=Clouds flew by his head, his hair whipping back as the wind rushed by. Though he wore an open vest the chill in the air, as high as he was, did not bother him. His eyes gazed down to look upon the back of a large grey dragon. His best friend. The elf looked back up again and spotted in the far off distance blackness. He tilted his head a slight bit and just as he did the dragon spoke.=

Someone is calling for us Maeglin. Should we go?

=Maeglin didnt look down to his dragon, his eyes still upon the blackness far off. He nodded only after a moment and responded in a soft, cool tone.=

... It would be rude not to answer Sauco

=Sauco looked back only briefly at his rider and nodded his large head. They then followed the spells trail to where they were being summoned from. After a short time of flight they appeared over a Castle. Sauco indicated a large green patch where he felt the spell was coming from. The dragon folded his giant winds and dived straight down. Maeglin held on tight, still not accustomed to the dragons flight patterns. Right before they hit the ground a surge of wind blew up and Sauco opened his wings catching the air and slowly drifted the rest of the half dozen feet down landing softly upon the green grass.=

In a deep wooded area, two brothers and their dragon knelt around their campsite. It was just past the middle of the afternoon, and the small group was sitting and eatting.

The smallest of the group was a young boy, with shaggy brown hair and innocent eyes. In his hands, he held a small bowl filled with a delicious potato stew. He sniffed the contents, and smiled.

"Big brother...this smells delicious!" Lucas said, his eyes growing big with excitement. He began to sip the broth slowly, feeling the warmth well from inside of him. He wiped his mouth, and looked at the largest of the three travelers, who just so happened to be a green dragon.

"Are you going to have some Elsa?" He asked, patting the dragons wide stomach.

"No child, I'm afraid your potato stew wouldn't exactly fill my belly. Thank you for your offer, but I'll have to go hunt for myself." The dragon responded, nudging the boy with her long snout. Lucas giggled, and in turn, Elsa began to tickle him all over.

As they played, their third companion sat across from them, leaning against a fallen tree-trunk. He smiled as he watched his baby brother laugh. It had been too long since he had seen him truly happy. Ever since he had found Elsa.....

Standing, Rush combed his hand through his dark hair, and began to put out their campfire, when Elsa stiffened and turned, obviously something had caused her an alarm. Immediately, Rush unsheathed his sword. It wasn't a very fancy weapon, he had stolen it from an officer outside of his village.

Scared, Lucas asked "What is it Elsa? What's-?" then he felt it too. It was a magical presence. But it wasn't hostile. It was protective.

"We are being taken somewhere safe boys. Don't be afraid. Come here, and stay close.."Elsa said, her voice a calming allure. Lucas hugged the dragon tight, as rush placed his hand upon her scaly back. Then, in a whir of magic and flash of bright lights, they were pulled away from this wooded area.

Rush felt like he was being pulled in a million different directions at once, and contorting his size from giant to miniscule. It wasn't long before he heard a strange "SNAP" of magical release, and landed softly on his feet.

"WEEE! Let's do it again Elsa!" Lucas said, the young boy laughing even more now. Rush brushed off his black tunic, and took in his surroundings.


Nubie looked at the dragons and the tamers..

'Welcome one and all. We are just awaiting the arrival of thr Metal and the Light dragon, I am sure that they will be joining us shortly, but for now, please follow the farmer, and he will take you to aplace where your dragons can rest up for now.. and feel free to mingle with the other tamers, as from today, you will be spending all day every day together. You are the chosen ones, chosen to fight for justice against the darkness. Now please go forth with your dragon and rest you shall.

=Maeglin jumped off Sauco. They exchanged glances then Maeglin looked to the other tamers and their dragon companions. After a moment of quick judging he looked around the garden and made his way over to a tree and sat down. He crossed his arms across his chest and closed his eyes. Soon after he sat Sauco came over and layed down curling aroudn the tree as best he could, his had beside Maeglin so they could convese. They spoke softly, others unable to hear through the wall of dragon scales.=

Nargaroth looked at Nostalgia and nodded "it for a short while. i'll be back to take you for a ride." Nostalgia nodded and proceeded with following the farmer. Nargaroth sat down and sighed, closing his eyes and thinking on how to get out of this area

The gathering of Dragons and Tamers heard the Thunderous footsteps of Kry'lor walking, his steel girth glimmering, from over the hill with Solveig at his side. Kry'lor, from his arduous and physically taxing flight,snorted and panted. "Relax my friend." Solveig said in an attempt to calm his lumbering companion. Kry'lor snorted once more before saying in a deep bellowing voice "What is happening that we should be summoned such a great distance" "I don't know" Solveig replied. "The Empress has called upon us all. Do you wish to miss out on the Challenge she has for us" Solveig said, intending to entice and elevate his friends ill-mood. Kry'lor answered seemingly interested in the prospect of adventure. "It better be worth the effort. I see we are the last to arrive" "I'm sure The Empress understands. You can not fly as swiftly as your brethren. The point is we are here. Come let us greet our Noble Cousins" Solveig said in good spirits looking forward to meeting his Kindred.

"get him" "get him" People started chasing hitosu "he's a freak kill him" a man puts a pistol on hitosu's head and pulls the trigger

"AHHH- Huh it was another dream" hMf he gets out to the mountains "Hoshiken are you here" a bright yellow appeared "how are you buddy"

The empress looked out of the window. 'So they are here!'

'Not all of them. The yellow dragon and his tamer are not answering my call. I am sure that they would arrive with the others. but i was mistaken. But wind is here, I thought he would be hard to get hold off as I wasnt sure whether he and his dragon had bonded. But they are here. '

'So tell me Nubie. The magic one, can it be located?'

'I am afraid not, I have looked but nothing. just a cloudy vision. Should I could trying.'

'No, we will wait until tomorrow morning. Hopefully we might know a bit more. Are the dragons in their hut?'

'Yes My lady!' Nubie answered

'Good, now go to them and explain that they must rest, offer them food and show them to their quarters. I wil be expecting a meeting with them at sunrise.'

Nubie bowed and walked out of the room

"Hoshi why are you pointing at that direction" Hoshi pulled out a reminder note "Go to see empress today". "AHH how did i forget that come on hoshi" Hitosu climbed on top of hoshi "lets go" Hoshi started flying until they flew right in front of the empresses window"you think you can mark me down as present"

Canna sighed and followed the other tamers. She didnt really know what was going on, but hey there were other people with Dragons here too so it couldnt be so bad.. Right? She gasped and scrambled to free herself as she felt Halt's foot come down on top of her. She squirmed beneath his paw, his claws pinning her to the ground. "What do you think you're doing?! Let me up, now!" Her dragon bent down and looked into her eyes. "Not until I get what I want." She frowned and thought for a moment, her heart sinking when she realised what he was telling her. "What?... Ohhh no you dont! You dont need them! I'm guiding you!" Halt growled and pushed down harder on her body. "Which is why I want them. You got us into this mess because I cant see now give me your sight child!" She groaned and looked into his eyes. "Fine... Have it." There was a flash of light, and when it cleared Canna was laying on the ground and Halt was taking a quick look around at the other dragons. "Hmm... Fine mess indeed.. Get up Canna, I'm right here." Canna sat up and felt out for him. "Where is here." Halt sighed and put his muzzle against her back. "Here." Canna turned and climbed up onto him, slowly feeling her way down to his back. "I hope your happy Halt." Halt snorted and started after the other dragons. "Oh yes very."

=After a bit Sauco got up with Maeglin laying lazyily on his back. Sauco made his way in the direction the farmer had gone for they had finally decided that it was fine to trust these people.=

I do not seem to think they mean us harm Maeglin.

=Maeglin waved his and a bit.=

Still be on guard my friend. You never know what the future holds.


jalek moye
Weiyuan and his roc flew through the skies at a nice pace. The roc's wing flapping hard and strong every few seconds to keep his altitude. It passed many creatures that quickly flew out of the way as it passed. After half an hour they slowed their speed since they were nearing a city. It landed on the outside of it and Weiyuan hopped off still holding the dragon's head, a man waiting by the city gates. weiyuan dropped the dragon's head at his feet, and the man tossed him a bag of money. He nodded his head and walked in the city to fing himself a place to stay for the night.

=Sauco seemed a bit uneasy as he walked upon the ground. He held his wings slightly spread incase he had to fly up quickly. Maeglin noticed and shook his head.=

Sauco. I know you like the skys but please try and at least ACT like you are trusting these people.

=Sauco turned his massive head and snorted. A large gust went around Maeglin sending him upwards just enough so that when he came back down the dragon was no longer under him. Maeglins eyes widened as he fell to the ground, but he tucked one knee under him and when he hit the ground he rolled a foot or two before coming up on his feet.=

That was very rude.

=Sauco looked back again and snorted one more time pushing Maeglin back only slightly but not knocking him down. He turned his large head forward again.=

Is it not also rude to stay on my back when you have your own two legs?

=Maeglin smirked. The first time since he had been here. One of few times anyone here would see it.=

.... True. But I figured a friend would help a friend now and then.

=Sauco muttered something about Lazy elf people and walked on with Maeglin walking along beside him.=

Canna tilted her head towards the sound of Amaire's voice. "Control? Oh no, my dead he is my teacher. I depend on him for my life as he does me for his sight. The Black Dragon's power is amazing, but it comes at a price. He cannot see, so I am his eyes. He can take my sight when he wishes, but he is at least kind enough to give it back when we are flying." She smiled and held onto Halt as they walked. "I'm Canna, and this grumpy lizard is Halt." Halt looked down and snorted. "I can hear you child. I may be blind every now and then but my other senses are as sharp as ever."

As I stood on top of the tree stump practicing in the woods just in case Davin came suddenly, I thought about how he killed my mom and seperated me from my da. I just wanted to know, what would make someone do this.

Khalil: Well back to work.

=Maeglin let out a soft sigh. It was obviouse he was bored and Sauco noticed.=

Why dont you.. Mingle.. with the rest of the Tamers Maeglin? Wouldnt hurt to get to know someone besides yourself.

=Maeglin simply shook his head.... then shrugged=

Nah. All the people I have ever met were boring. Nothing interesting about them.

People dont have to be interesting in order for you to get along with them. Go ahead. I wont feel bad. What about her?

=Sauco motioned his large head towards Canna. Maeglin arched a brow at her and chuckled lightly at sauco.=

No no no.. Im good. I dont think...

=Sauco drew in a breath and blew hard knocking Maeglin back and almost bumping into Canna. But since her sight was being used by her dragon he probly would run into her.... wasnt his fault though. Stupid dragon.=

Canna gasped as a body collided with her. She fell flat on her face and just sat there for a moment before she got her barrings straight and pushed herself to her feet. Halt didnt even glance back, he knew what was going on so he didnt even bother to stop. Canna sighed and rubbed her knees. "What, or who hit me?"

=Maeglin seemed to just freeze. He didnt mean to run into her. After a moment of just standing there he swallowed hard and finally spoke up.=

uhh.. Umm.. Im terribly Sorry M'Lady. Sauco pushed me over here hoping for me to... Mingle... as he said... with the other Tamers... He can be... Forceful at times.

=He was about to help her but she was already on her feet.=

.... Again. I am sorry M'Lady. I did not mean to bother. I shall .....

=He turned to leave but noticed Sauco glaring at him. Maeglin cursed in his mind. He wasnt good at talking to others and now his dragon was forcing him too. He turned back to Canna and finished the sentence he began a diffrent way.=

.... Introduce myself. My name is Maeglin.... Is there anything I can do to redeem myself in your mind?

=The elf bowed low, offering assistance for knocking her over.=

Canna laughed softly and shook her head. "It's ok. It happens. Dont worry... I'm Canna. Very nice to meet you.. And this is-" She reached her hand out to feel for Halt, but he was already well away from her. She sighed and turned. "YOU OVER GROWN SALAMANDER!" Halt just snorted and continued on. "Ohhh.. He does this just to spite me."

=Maeglin just tilted his head to the side. 'Over Grown Salamander?' he thought. He then waved his hand infront of her face. 'Blind huh?'=

His name is Over Grown Salamander?

=He moved a hand through his hair and smirked lightly. Well she had.. something.. at least.=

She raised a brow and shook her head. "No.. But thats what his name should be... His name is Halt.. He's kinda my teacher, so I'm forced to share my eyes with him.. So Maeglin, how long have you been with your dragon?"

=Maeglin rubbed the back of his head a bit. It was pretty much already the longest conversation he has had with another person. She was also Human and he never talked to one of them before in all his years of living.=

Your teacher huh? What kind of teacher leaves a student behind, even when she is blind?

=Maeglin turned to look at Halt and arched a brow. He then turned back to Canna as she asked him about his dragon.=

Oh Sauco? We have been together for a few years. It seems like an eternity though. We take care of eachother. However he snores alot and has really bad breath.. I keep telling him to do something about it but... oh.. sorry i didnt mean to Ramble... Not used to talking to people, let alone Humans.

=Sauco came up behind him and snorted blowing warm air at them.=

Well if I snore to loud perhaps you should wear ear plugs. And if you have a problem with my breath how about you jump right in and brush my teeth?

((lol i just pictures Shaun Connery doing Saucos voice.))


Canna smiled and rached out, running her hand over Saucos face. In her mind she was able to piece togther an image of him. "He seems nice. You two sound like the perfect match." She smiled and slowly started down the path, feeling her way with her feet. "Whats wrong with humans?"

=Sauco made an odd face as Canna stopped feeling his face. He looked at Maeglin and he just shrugged. He then turned and followed Canna, taking her arm to help guide her as they walked.=

I didnt say there was something wrong with them. I just never talked to one before.

=Sauco bent his large head down to Maeglins face and snickered lightly. With his free hand Maeglin thwapped him on the nose. He then looked back to Canna, speaking again.=

Your the first human I have actually talked to. Its actually not that bad.

=He found himself smileing.=

((excuss me. SEAN Connery. stick out tongue))

Canna frowned and put her hand on his. "I'm glad I amuse you." She canted her head back at Sauco, indicating that she had noted the snicker. "I can make an image of people in my mind by feeling their features." She said this indicating the change in attitude she felt after she touched him.

=Maeglin shook his head quickly.=

I didnt mean to Offend you Canna. I just... I dont have much experience in talking to anyone besides Sauco here.

=Sauco spoke to the last part.=

Ah I see. Creating a mental Image through touch. I was wondering what you were doing.

=Maeglin sighed lightly. He didnt know what to do. Honestly he felt a little embarassed talking to her. Of course he would never admit to that.=

She smiled and patted his hand. "Calm down, it's ok. I understand... You two are pretty tight then huh?" She said this indicating the bond between the dragon and his rider. She kinda liked talking to this guy.. If only Halt didnt take her sight, then she wouldnt feel so stupid.

=He looked at her hand as she patted his. He looked at her and let out a small chuckle then nodded.=

Yeah we are pretty tight. We spend all day together. Mostly in the Sky. Sauco feels more home there then he does on the ground.

I just have a thing about being on the ground to long. I find it easier to react when theres nothing already beneath me.

=Maeglin just nodded. In the air they were a force to be reconed with. On the ground however it was mostly up to Maeglin to do the fighting.=

He is pretty clumbsy on the ground... Heh

She smiled and nodded. "A clumsy dragon. That's quite a sight." She laughed softly and raised her hand, turning to face him. "Do you mind?" She smiled, hinting that she wanted to see his face.

=His eyes got a bit big and he looked at Sauco. The dragon just rolled his eyes. Maeglin looked back at Canna and nodded lightly. After a moment he smiled a little forgetting she was blind.=

I dont mind. Go ahead.

=He could already feel his face reddening.=

Canna blushed a bit and closed her eyes, gently running the tips of her fingers over his face, down his neck, and over his chest. She smiled and opened her eyes before turning to continue down the path. "Thanks. I was wondering why you have such problems with humans... I didnt know you were and elf."

=Maeglin held still as she felt his face but when her hand touched his chest he let out a small shiver and grinned a bit. He then blinked and walked as well.=

Oh no. I dont have a problem with them. I just never had many Encounters. I never talked to one either... Mainly because I usually keep to myself...

=His mind went back to her hand upon his chest and he couldnt help but grin a little.=

She nodded and smiled sweetly. "Yes I remember you saying that. It's sad that you never really met anyone. The world can be full of amazing people... And sadly some who arent so amazing. But half of the fun is meeting them."

=Maeglin smiled softly. It was pretty true. He enjoyed meeting her and talking with her, even if she couldnt really see him.=

Same with elfs, not all of them are good to interact with. And most dont even like Humans. I can honestly say that I have yet to meet a bad human.... or an ugly one.

=Maeglin smiled again and looked up at Sauco who just rolled his eyes again.=

Canna laughed and turned her head towards him. "Well thats sweet of you to say. I've never met an elf that was so willing to talk to me before. It's kinda fun."

=He smirked lightly=

Glad I can amuse you.

=He chuckled a bit as he repeared what she had said moments earlier.=

So.. How did you and grumpy bones meet up?

=nodding his head to Halt=

She nodded and turned her head as if to look along the path to where Halt was walking. "I found him when I was little. He couldnt see anything, so I promised to give him my eyes every now and then if I could stay with him. I've heard of some people riding dragons before so I thought I was pretty lucky to come across one who needed me.. He's not so bad once you get use to his attitude but it can get old at times. He's not too nice."

=Maeglin nodded slightly.=

Oh. Sauco is as nice as a dragon could get.. without being annoying anyway. Including all other races, he seems to be the wisest person ive ever met.

She smiled faintly and raised a brow at that comment. "Is that so? Well I bet Halt cou-" "DONT YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!" She flinched and laughed a bit. "Well then.... Never mind."

=Maeglin blinked a bit and looked over at Halt. He then looked to Sauco and shrugged a bit before looking back to Canna.=

Well he seems nice....

=Spoken sarcasticly. He hugged onto her arm a bit tighter, then relaxed. He wanted her to know she was safe with him but know also she wasnt bound to walk with him in any way.=

So... Canna.... What does your family say about you being a Dragon Tamer?

She smiled and patted his arm. "I dont think they know... They probably think I'm dead. I never told them I was leaving to be a dragon tamer... I didnt tell them anything.. I just never went home one day. It doesnt matter though. I'm the youngest of 5."

=Maeglin frowned lightly. He didnt mean to have her bring up such memories. But since she said all that he figured he could too.=

I was exiled from my village..... In the old days Dragons and Elf folk were fine with eachother. But now.. at least my village.. Sees dragons as Harbringers of destruction. And since Sauco bonded with me they thought me tainted... Figured to get ride of the problem before it actually became one.... that and Sauco ate a few of their sheep...

=Sauco laughed and turned his head to them.=

Well I was hungry. A guy has to eat you know.

She nodded and laughed softly. "I see. Well then I guess we fit together huh?"

Well we... Wait what?

=He felt his face heat up and turn a bit red.=

What do you mean by that?

I think she means you two would get along fine Mae.

=Maeglin narrowed his eyes at Sauco.=

You know I hate it when you call me Mae.

Canna smiled and nudged him a bit. "What did you think I ment?"

=Maeglin turned red again and looked to the side.=

Nothing really. I umm... just didnt know what you ment... Ya know?

=Sauco rolled his eyes letting out another laugh.=

Sure Maeglin. Sure.

=Maeglin grumbled under his breath a bit=

Canna smiled and hid a laugh behind her hand. "I like your dragon Meaglin. He's fun.... Do you think anyone misses you?"

=Maeglins face turned hard but she wouldnt be able to tell.=

I dout it...

=If she couldnt tell by his face, his voice definatly gave it away.=

I guess it is my turn to amuse you. hahaha.

=Sauco laughed softly and Maeglin sighed. she would probly ask why his voice was so hard so he figured he would answer before she asked.=

My family was the first to find out about the Sauco. They are the ones who turned me into the Village elders. Its because of them I was forced to leave. To them I am no longer of that family. The only family I have now is Sauco.

=Maeglin looked up at Sauco briefly and he looked at Maeglin. they both smiled at each other before looking away, Sauco forward, and Maeglin looking back to Canna with a smile=

But enough of the depressing matters.... but umm.. You said before your family doesnt know about the dragon. That they might think you are dead... I would suppose your... Husband would be grieving then..

=Sauco made a face as if he was about to bust out laughing. He muttered something under his breath that only Maeglin heard. 'Smooth..' Maeglin then shook his head.=

Forget that. Its not my place to ask.

Canna was silent while he spoke of his family. She snickered at his comment about her husband. "My dear, my life has been only with Halt. I do not know anything about the other sex... And that means no husband.. Not even a first kiss. So dont worry."

=Maegling frowned lightly=

Must be lonely. Not in the sense of being by yourself...

=Maeglin looked forward and still frowned.=

Know what I mean? Its not always enough just to have company. Sometimes you just need...

=He let out a soft sigh, not finishing his last sentence.=

She was quiet for a moment as she considered his statement. "Yes... It is. I'd think mostly for you then me."

=Maeglin looke at her and arched a brow=

How so?

She smiled faintly and rubbed her eyes. "Well you said you never really talk to people. So Id think you'd be worse then me. But that's a horrible thing to say.. But it's what I thought." She smiled and tilted her head towards him. "Am I right or am I being rude?"

=Maeglin just nodded lightly=

I Imagine you are right. Besides Sauco ive never really spoken to anyone. At least after I was kickd out of my village. That was a good while ago...

=He squeezed her hand a bit and smiled.=

But it might not be so bad now that I have found someone to talk to.

She smiled at his touch, blushing a bit. "Im glad I could help."

So what now? Do we like do something on our own))

((No Clue. The rp seems to be dead besides us.))

yeah.. I say you think of something to do))

Pure Passioné
(sorry, been ill and had a death in the family, ill pick it up)

*hugs* im soo sorry. blessed be to you and your family.))

sorry for your loss. you do not have to resume right now if you wish. And may the Goddess watch over you and yours.))

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