Gloomy Ninja

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Gloomy Ninja
My other thread has died and im starting a new one to update some of my work.Leave comments good or bad im looking for awnsers.

As i sit here i stair at the stars,your face above me but the reach is to far
I rember the nights where you held me so close.Your heart beat so soft.
And your lips so smooth.No one liked it no one wanted it.
But you kissed my head and took the tears away and gave me your smile.
I fell in love and hold your hand,feeling the warmth.I start to shiver.
As i hear your vocie in the wind,i feel so week,like a new born baby reaching out.
You held my world and took it with you to your grave.
When you left that day,i neaver knew you be taken away.
You had a life beauty beyond reach,and a body like a godess.
When you died it hit me to fast,catching my air,i start to gasp.
When nights like this just make you want to die.But you seem to soften it make my life worth it.
You came into my mind.Wispering Baby you got to be strong.I love you forever till the end.This isnt the end death is begining.So you'll make it through the night.
When you look down at the grave you feel so small.
So weak at the knees,so broken in the heart.
When love goes into the ground,do you reach in.Or do you just stand there.
I look to the stars to see your face,though its fades,baby your in my heart.

Yea im bi-sexual and this is about my girlfriend dying.May she rest in peace .

Gloomy Ninja
Peeking up,rolling over,hold you close,i hear your wispers.
Your lips touch mine i start to giggle.I close my eyes and start to smile.
Your skin brushs on mine you pull me on you,i feel your heart,oh so tender.
This love this touch,this embrasse,is all we got.

Gloomy Ninja
You can scream as much as you cry.
You can lay there and choose to die.
When you close your eyes do you think of me?
When you walked out the door where you leaving me ?
When you screamed thouse words to me,did you mean it.
At the bottom of your heart.
When you held my hand ,why did you let go.
When you kissed my head and said i loved you.
Where thouse words just used to get me in bed.
When you layed next to her did i enter your head?
When you kissed her did you rember the way you kissed me.
Holding her in your arms can you feel my warmth
Can you feel the pain that shattered me inside.
Did you work for her trust,just like you did with mine.
When you say i love you to her,i hope you were thinking of me.
Are you starting a life with her.Building a home like we did.
Share a bed with her,while you sleep with some one else?
How can you do this to us,all the love we put into this.
All are hopes and dreams.That pivtures hanging on the wall.
Lay smashed on the floor.Your cloths torn,also on the floor.
I lay my head down in the home we built.
Closing my eyes so i can picture you and her.
And falling alseep alone agen in this big empty bed.

Gloomy Ninja
As i held you that night the warmth over welmed me.
Laying my head on your chest,this is what bestfriends do best.
Snuggling close i felt your heart,but not the depression within
As i fell asleep i hear you wisper the words,i love you goodbye.
Though you sliped away i felt nothing gone.
When i awoken i seen that your gone.
Struggling to understand the note left in your hand.
While you hung from the ceiling.
Made me brake even more.
I pull you to me the warmth has fadden and i felt nothing but cold.
Tears in your eyes,as your corpes is what remains.
The note had tears your remorse and your fears.
Your deeper thoughts..the love we shaired.
If you waited my friend if you told me what you felt.I felt the same back to you.
I loved you,i loved you all along,but now your gone..and nothing can be done.

Gloomy Ninja
As each sip goes deeper lifting me up faster then i could feel.
I could see across the room but not my fate that was sealed.
I joke around,a smile and a giggle or two.
As i think back to see the broken promise that i just broke.
The trust that i stolen that i don't desurve,
and the presure pooring down.
As te night ends i thought to walk home instead of drive.But crashing and dying was better then this choose.
As i stumbbled down the street,people drove out of sight.
I felt eyes behind me ,i felt someone aproching.
As i payed no attachen the world was spinning.
I felt some thing sharp enter my back.
As i spun around,the face so dark it was a blur.
I felt a force to hard to fight back .I got nocked into a ally,onto my back.
As i start to scream,cry and give up a fight.
I felt my head be bashed,and my body draged out of sight.
Life slowly drowning,as i feel some one invaid.
I felt my pants come off,please god don't let him rape me.
I felt him in me,sicken i felt,some thing horried,something that made me cowwerid.
That night i didnt awakenm i didnt speak or open my eyes.
In fact i neaver woken up.I was in a coma for a year.
I neaver got to wake up,go out side,play with my little sister.
I neaver gotten to finsh my home work.
Or help my mom with the kitchen.
Neaver seen the bills game with my dad.
Or talk to any of my friends.
Neaver made it to prom ,neaver told my boyfriend i loved him
I neaver geussed any of this,could happen.
I neaver knew this could be the price.
One night,with some fun,some achohal in hand.A little weed in my heart.
Neaver knew it could kill me.Neaver knew,but i geuss im done

Ya Krunk'd Floo

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