my idea for a spider man storyline.

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I'm not up on my spider man so I don't know how well this works in continuity but I had an idea for a storyline. On the anniversary of Gwen Stacy's death, Peter goes to visit her grave, while he mourns he is attacked by the Green Goblin, once again mocking him. He tells him he really doesn't want to fight, any other time or place and he would but not now. After a pumpkin bomb blows a large chunk off of her tomb stone he gets angry and they begin to fight. After a long, intense battle Peter gains the upper hand but will not kill the goblin, peter begins to walk away when the goblin throws several pumpkin bombs ahead of him. Peter, in his grief, doesn't recognize them soon enough and is killed in the ensuing explosion. The superhero community mourns his death, and nobody takes it harder then Mary Jane. Little do they know, they are about to invaded (but more on that later). Peter wakes up in the afterlife dazed and confused, in his street clothes not his spiderman costume. Gwen Stacy is waiting by his side. Peter is elated to see the real Gwen again, and they begin another relationship even though they are dead. Several months after Peter's death, slowly but surely the superhero community deals with it in different ways. Iron Man considers giving up his Iron Man persona after the death's of Spider Man and Captain America. Ben Reilly becomes increasingly violent and even kills a criminal in his grief. Several X-men also question their safety and many leave to pursue normal lives. The grief-stricken Mary Jane has a heart attack. Little do the people know, the venom symbiote is slowly spreading throughout new york (similar to web of shadows). The invasion takes full force during a battle between Venom and Wolverine, when wolverine notices what venom is doing. Wolverine is nearly killed and the invasion spreads not only through New York, but the entire world. Recognizing that without spiderman, there is no hope, Dr Strange travels to the afterlife with the intention of bringing Peter back with him. Peter however, is happy with Gwen and does not want to leave. Gwen (who by now knows of his former secret identity as spider man) reminds Peter that with great power comes great responsibility, and Peter, in a tearful goodbye, promises that he'll see her again and returns to the world of the living and systematically takes the symbiote down and the world is saved. Gwen manages to speak with Peter from the afterlife and tells him she's proud of him and to go pursue a normal life and to go be happy, no matter how. Mary Jane then finds Peter and they leave together.

Thoughts? Again I'm not entirely sure of the current Marvel Continuity so I don't know if this works exactly but is the general premise good? What could be done to improve it.

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Well my take is that this story would need a little polishing

Firstly, Ben Reily is dead. He was killed by the Green Goblin. Secondly, you will need to explain specifically why Spider-man must be revived to defeat this threat, and why some other hero could not do it. But for me personally, I am not a big fan of Peter dying. I do not believe characters should be killed carelessly and if they are brought back to life it has to be in a well thought out creative way. Also Spider-man has already died once. I was cool with it that time, but doing it again seems like a little much. However, in all honesty that death probably does not count thanks to One More Day.

Besides that I think the story is okay/good just polish up a few things. For example I think there would be more behind certain x-men quitting than Spider-man getting killed.

i think it was good have too work out something like how come they would need to bring spider-man back but still pretty good

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