Provehito In Altum

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My suicide is the quietest way for you to kill me

I hit the wall in frustration
I'll hate until the end of time
I'm bleeding out
why wont it kiss me

Your my suicide note
your my will to die
conversation takes
it defines me
it bleeds me
it kills for me
my suicidal tendencies

They cry for me

........My suicide is the quietest way for you to kill me.......

You wont give up
selfish *****!
you bring me down
I wont be able to take much more
and you know that.....

So why don't you slit my wrists for me?
save me the trouble
cut my heart out and abuse my innocence



you can't live with the fact you killed me
but you can live with the fact I killed myself.....
for you of course
saying I'm nothing


that say's alot to me
don't you know that?
oh wait your nothing..
so now your pinning it on me.......

How about I pin it on your grave
In Loving Memory of a MURDERER...

Gas Mask

Can he see the light? I think not.
For his youth now blinds him, truth So this happens to be life? huh? How boring..
He must execute his procedure to exist in a world that holds no value to him No solitude "Justify" he says: "Justify the one who calls himself ruler" "let him out of his holy state", "let him burn me punish me, Over come me" "as much as he sees forth" Let us look at this world he calls hell Anachronistically.. Shall we?
The personality of this world in democracy He a democrat yet Wants Monarchy Can we not see the mask that blinds us to the nation of political diligence

He knows One must fall for the others to win But now when one falls they send more Inconstant lives lives and wonder why they are called Impulsive,Inaccurate, and Inadequates. This life he has known is Inanimate why? Only God knows why. The Devil is the reason, fueled him with Incense that his Immaculate heart could not dispose His thoughts racing,

compressed his tention Immensity on a scale of 20-100 Hate, love in compatibility this new feeling Immortal to his eye Immune to crack,explode God himself Impending Change your ways my children for I'm to Impose For he, The one you so deliberately speak forth has Indantity....... For this nation is hypnotic to the truth of Immoral fables. 100% Toxic Gas Mask.

Fear is....

Fear is knowing your going to die

Your lungs give out, you start to cry

Knowing the man is coming for you Thinking franticly of what to do

Fear is hearing him come up the stairs hear clanging and clicking he has two knifes in pairs

You shut your door in hope that he wont come in Praying to God Please don't let this Devil win

Fear is seeing his shadow under your door Your hearts starts racing more and more

Wondering if I fight back I might win this war

He pushes the door it creaks open your under your bed waiting for your lungs to reopen

Fear is Thinking you saw him leave your heart slows down Message received

Creeping out slowly from your will to survive Knowing but praying your still alive

Fear is not knowing that he's behind you the hairs on the back of your neck not saying a word the goosebumps you look for not giving you a clue suddenly pain shoots up your body you don't know why right now wondering is your hobby

Fear is seeing the smile on his face as he turns you around your head starts to race

Fear is knowing that he loved you once he held you close He'd die for you once Fear is wondering what you did what you closed what you hid

Fear is feeling your eyes come to a close Death is among you may he impose? Questioning now? do I even bother?

Fear is knowing the man was your Father

Ya Krunk'd Floo

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