Elika - Prince of Persia

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Princess of the Ahura, last of her kind.


The Prince's ally, she is one of the last of a people who were tasked with sealing away and guarding the evil Ahriman. While most of her kind have left, she has never left her home and not forgotten her duty. She is as agile and acrobatic as the Prince, and also possesses a powerful magic - the power of the Ahuras, which had been lost long before. When Ahriman is unsealed, she knows that she must lock him back away before the world is destroyed, and recruits the Prince to help.


Her magic is essential to getting through the game - you cannot get far without her. She keeps the Prince safe through their journey, and as the game progresses, she receives new powers which allows them to access new areas. She is able to heal the Fertile Grounds of Ahriman's Corruption, weakening the evil god's hold on the land and preventing him from taking over. She only has this magic because of a tragic occurrence, however...


Though she mostly stays cool and distant, utterly focused on her job, Elika and the Prince fall in love during their quest to save the world. But she doesn't let this stop her from doing what she has to do...


Elika is easily one of the coolest female video game characters ever created. She is absolutely essential to the game, the plot is really about her more than the Prince, and she doesn't let anything stand in her way. The banter between the two characters is great, and she's not above poking fun at him. She is more than dangerous on her own, and paired up with the Prince she is lethal. Her plot is very interesting and contains a twist that I did not see coming (though playing the game a second time I now see the hints at it). Put short, she is awesome and has quickly become one of my favorite video game characters.

Zack Fair
She looks quite cool. Faith & Elika have got to be the best new characters of 2008...Well the lil fella from Lil Big Planet too, but that is irrelevant here.

I definitely like both Elika and Faith a lot, for sure stick out tongue

Though Prince of Persia is also my favorite game of the year by a huuuuge margin, and Mirror's Edge is also way up there, so no surprise.

But they are very different than a lot of the characters you see in games, which is nice.

She's cute.

I haven't played the game.. so that's all I can really say. ermm

General Kaliero
Elika is simply awesome. I definitely want to know more about her.

Dark Exile
Ive heard you cant die because she saves you each time, is that true?

Yes. It's basically just speeding up the "die and reload your save file" process, though.

Dark Exile
But not as bad as Fable 2's immortality right?

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