Shadow Warrior RP

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Hitosu Moriko
In a castle in the Kratisken Mountains an evil lord prepares his soldiers to steal villagers and destroy their villages so he can test his evil experiments on them

Lord Yakatara: Now my fellow soldiers i want you to go to Yuko Village and steal as many villagers as you can for our experiments Genral Turek will be leading you on this mission so COMPLETE THIS MISSION OR DIE THATS YOUR CHOICE!


Genral Turek: Go forth my troops

In Yuko Village a peaceful village in the south of the Kratisken Mountains was just another day for the fellow villagers

Hitosu Moriko a boy who studys Kenjutsu on his own to see if he can become the strongest to protect his village from harm like his former village protectors.

Hitosu is training his Kenjutsu on a tree

Htiosu: Hiyahh *Clank*

The Golden Axe that he was using flew out of his hand and landed on the ground with a great thud

Hitosu:aww man i did it again why am i so weak why can't be like the former protectors they probably never made mistakes like these before

=Muki Ookami stepped up, stopping at the golden axe on the ground. He eyed the one who was trying to use it and just stood there. The only thing that Hitiosu could see of his face where his eyes and the bridge of his nose. the lower part of his face was covered by a large scarf. After a moment his eyes glanced to the golden weapon, his head not tilting downward as his eyes did. Over his right shoulder could be seen a very large sword hilt. The sword was wide and was almost as long as Muki was tall. Muki positioned his foot under the axe and kicked it causing it to stab into the tree. His eyes drifted back to Hitosu and again just watched him.=

Hitosu Moriko
Hitosu: Who are you? and why have yuo trespass in my village?

=Muki still stood there not speaking to him. He gently turned his head, eyes looking behind him as others began to approach.=

Mei stepped up behind Muki. "Find anything?" She glaced around, looking Hitosu over as she scanned the area.

Hitosu Moriko
Hitosu: Who are you and Why have you trespass into my village

Hitosu picked up his axe

Hitosu: if you dont tell me i will assume your up to something

Hitosu Moriko
A few explosion occured in the village

Hitosu: What was that

Htiosu picked up his axe and looked at the trespassers angrily and left to the main street of the village where he saw tanks and soliders destroying the village and taking the villagers a soldier attemps to take hitosu with him

Soldier: Come here kid

Hitosu: No i wont

Hitosu swung his axe at the soldier and knocked him out and ran thats when he saw more soldiers stealing children

Hitosu swnug his axe in the air

Hitosu: LET THEM GO!

Soldier: Heh better come here you little brat don't want to die at your age right kid?

Hitosu swung his axe at the soldier

Hitosu: Leave my fellow villagers alone

Villagers: Hitosu Watch out

A tank appeared with General Turek on the top of it

General Turek: kid you don't know how much trouble your in you better say your prayers

He aimed the tank at Hitosu,Hitosu puts his axe on the ground and stays behind it

General Turek: Now

The tank shot at the ground hitting the axe and hitosu, Hitosu was flung into the air and landed on his back he was unconcious

General Turek: The puny brat did'nt stand a chance

=Muki simply nodded to the kid when Mei asked what he found. His head then jerked towards the village at the sound of an explosion. Trouble... Was all he said. His voice soft yet tough at the same time. Muki watched as Hitosu ran off and then looked at Mei again giving her a -oh crap- look. He ran off after Hitosu and got there just as he was thrown back. A few soldiers were approaching Hitosu and Muki, whos expression now was blank, slowly took hold of the giant sword from his back. One of the Soldiers saw this and laughed pointing at Muki to show him to the other soldiers who were around Hitosu. Look at t his guy. He thinks he can take us all on. Lets show him who he is dealing wi... Before the man was able to finish his words Muki ran forward, able to run surprisingly well while carrying such a weapon, and swung horizantaly right over Hitosu. He held his position, his body leaning forward, left leg bent underhim and right straight and behind him. His sword arm, right, was extended past the soldiers, who just stood there, eyes white. After a moment that seemed to take minutes the soliders that Muki swung at fell down in Unison. Muki then slowly stood up and turned to look at the Tank and the one who drove it.=

Hyriku was out practing just outside of the village when he herd a tank shot and a cry. He rushed toward the commotion. He sees Hitosu on the ground unconcious.

Hyriku: Hitosu what happened?

Hyriku turned to the cannon and grabbed the case of Hirenyaku.

Hyrku: What have you done!!!

Hitosu Moriko
Hitosu awakens in a strange place

Hitosu: ow wait a minute where am i? is this a dream? or did i perhaps-

Voice: No your not dreaming or dead

Hitosu spots a dark shaded bull with big horns

Hitosu: Who are you

Bursten: My name is bursten i am a shadow beast we are selected to a few amount of people to see if they may use our powers to become Shadow Warriors our powers are granted to those who don't contain a single trace of evil thats why i have been granted to you please use my power to help you out of your situation.

At the battlefield

Hitosu body started to glow a blue light and then he started to float in the air

Hitosu: Come out Bursten

Hitosu's shadow grew larger and a huge bull appeared on the scene

Bursten: you were able to call me but can you use my power

Hitosu: Just watch

Hitosu got his axe and threw it at the tanks cannon nozzle the axe smashed the nozzle and blew it up form the overload

one of the soldiers went to General Turek

Soldier: Sir we have a problem

General Turek: Well what is it

Soldier: A boy the one that tried to oppose us he's still alive

GT: What are you serious

Soldier: And to make it worse he can summon a shadow beast

General Turek Smiled which this had amused him to know that his enemy can now summon a shadow he was also able to summon a shadow so he rode atop a tank to the scene

Hitosu: How many of these tanks our out there

General Turek: Hey boy pretty impressive what you can do but now i think its time for you to meet your executionist

General Turek body started to glow dark green his shadow grew and turned into a rhino

General Turek: Let's finish this kid

Hitosu: I will protect my villager's

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Hitosu Moriko
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From a distance, Blake had saw Hitosu and the General up ahead. He stayed behind he had his had tightly gripped on the sword behind his back as he was prepared to jump in when needed.

=Muki arched a brow at the kid as he got up and summoned the shadow. He turned his head slightly to look at Mei then to the General who summoned his own. Things were getting serious so he might as well get serious also. Muki glowed like the other two and his shadow became bigger and took the shape of a wolf. It lifted its head and howled ready and waiting for a good fight for once in a long time.=

...... we should hurry....

Hitosu Moriko
Bursten then unleashed a barrage of punches on the shadow rhino

Bursten: your a fake shadow beast your not a real TAKE THIS BURST PUMMEL!!!!

Burstens punches gew faster and stronger a powerful force ended up injuring the shadow rhino and sent back shots to General Turek

GT: Urghhrahhhhhhhhh Thats it Charge

Hitosu: let's go bursten

Bursten: Full power charge!!!!!

They both rammed into each other but burstens power caused an explosion the shock knocked out genral turek

Hitosu: I won i did it i did it

Hitosu fainted in all the excitement

Bursten: well i know when i need to go

Bursten disappeared into hitosu's shadow while he lays unconscious

Blake was surprised in seing how hitosu and his shadow had ended the fight. He then quickly ran up to the body of hitosu, which layed unconscious. While standing above hitosu he quickly checked the surroundings to see if any others were comming for another offense. He also took a small glander at the body of the general.

Hitosu Moriko
In the Kratisken Mountains.....

Lord Yakatara: What happened to General Turek In Yuko Village

Soldier: He's incapacitated from a shadow fight

LY: We scanned that area for area for shadow wielders there was none to be found

Soldier: We also noticed Muki and Mei at the scene

LY: He got defeated by them

Soldier: No sir a kid somehow summoned a shadow with a shape of a bull

LY: do you have any leads on this child

Soldier: No sir

LY: Well.. DO YOUR JOB!!!!

In Yuko Village

Hitosu awakens several hours later after his battle with General Turek to notice the battle damage done to Yuko Village

Hitosu: i guess it was'nt a dream i can't believe this all happen GRRRRRRRRRR im suppose to be a protector

Hitosu furiously punched the ground

=Muki made his way over to Hitosu and grabbed him pulling him to his feet. He looked right at him with supressed eyes. Look around.... The village still stands.... if only. If you did not do what you did there would not be anything to call a Village. He let him go and mae his way over to Mei.=

Hitosu Moriko
Hitosu walked over to Muki and Mei

Hitosu: Wait a minute Let me come with you i don't want to cause trouble for my village im assuming that they might come back for revenge and the destruction they've done so far can be much greater if im here please allow me to come with you

=Muki didnt speak. He just looked to Mei and gave her a "whatever" look and stepping away. Basically leaving it up to her. He still held the large sword in hand and he set it on the catch that was on his back.=

Hitosu Moriko
Hitosu then turns to Mei

Hitosu: well can i

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Hitosu Moriko
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=Mei put up a finger to tell him to hang on a moment. She went over to Muki and began to speak with him. Muki shook his head lightly then nodded. After a moment more of talking Mei ran off. Muki sighed lightly and walked to Hitosu. Come on then....

Striding Cloud
Kage stepped out of the shadows and walked towards the group. "I would also like to come." He studied the three of them carefully.

=Muki looked at the new man and simply arched a brow. ... you are? he asked, his hand over his shoulder upon the massive hilt of his sword.=

Striding Cloud
"No need to be defensive friend. I just wanna come along with the trip, if i may. Kage Divine is the name by the way. I'm sorry i didn't catch yours." Kage's eyes flickered once his eyes fell upon Muki's sword. He than reached behind his back and put his hand, over the hilt of his shadow sword.

= I didnt give it. He stood there for a moment, Both of them holding onto their own weapon. After said moment Muki slowly released his sword letting his hand fall to his side. ...come if you wish. It matters not...

Striding Cloud
"Ah. Shall we?" Kage said pointing the way to them. That boy with the golden axe, seems interesting. Maybe i should keep them alive a bit longer. And i don't know how powerful these two are. But it seems there here to protect the boy. Kage thought in his mind with a smile on his face.

=Muki eyed the new one for a moment. He didnt like the smile he had. Who would smile at a time like this? Also he was pointing out directions before they even agreed as to where they were going. Perhaps we should discuss where we are going before we go anywhere. =

Hitosu Moriko
Hitosu then went to kage

Hitosu: Do you even have a reason to even come with us its not often that someone pops out of nowhere and joins with a group its just weird really

=Muki just looked at Hitosu and the fact I showed up is not? Muki 'humphed' a bit and began to decide upon the destination. First of all we need to leave the village. More may come once they realize their initial guys are not coming back... theres a chance the village may be destroyed... You should tell everyone who is alive to evacuate... then we will leave. =

Striding Cloud
Kage ignored Hitosu and turned to Muki. "Don't try to evacuate, these petty fools. If this village is meant to be perished, let it." Kage folded his arms and closed his eyes, than sighed.

Blake stood on a building looked and saw the distruction of the village below. He listened in on the newly formed group below. He hesitantly wondered if he would also help in the situtaion.
After a while he jumped from the building and landed withen a distance of the group. He then thought of the responsibility that would come to follow with each choice he would make.

Hitosu Moriko
Hitosu then looked at kage upsetily

Hitosu: oh so your saying they don't have a right to live look i dont care if you join with us or not im not letting my people die on your descision

Hitosu the turned to Muki

Hitosu: you think you can help me evacuate these people

Striding Cloud
Kage chuckled as he stared down Hitosu. "These people don't deserve to live. If i even set my eyes upon, them i want to puke. Humans don't deserve to live, there useless beings." He turned to Hitosu wondering if his comments made his blood boil.

Hitosu Moriko
Hitosu gave Kage a glacial look

Hitosu: either way your descision is your descision but its my job and my oath to protect these people and i keep that promise to save these people you don't have to help me so why are you here and us humans fight till the end and we never give up so go judging us especially when you just wanted to join us

Hitosu then turns to Muki

Hitosu: Shall we evacuate them

Striding Cloud
Kage grinned at Hitosu. "I have my reasons, for joining."

Hitosu Moriko
Hitosu: and so do i does'nt that tell us that were not that different now i have to go do what i have to do

Hitosu started to evacuate the villagers

the shopkeeper called for Hitosu

Shopkeeper: Hitosu Hitosu

Hitosu: Hey shopkeep what do you want

Shopkeeper: i have some items for you here's an item bag filled with items

Hitosu: thank you shopkeep

Hitosu put the bag on his back the bag was filled with medication,herbs,and explosives

Hitosuthen went to the center of the village to reminese before his departure

Hitosu: (to think all this happen to my village and our past ancestor protectors of my village would have probably perish i think Bursten my new shadow beast was a miracle to this village hmm Bursten the miracle bull.................. that has a nice ring)

Hitosu smiled happily and tears went down his face knowing he was leaving the village for the good of his fellow villagers

Striding Cloud
"I'm nothing close to you? You're a weak little, patheic fool. We're very different." Kage said as his smile faded from his face.

Hitosu Moriko
Hitosu left Kage to evacuate the villagers

Hitosu started to evacuate the villagers

the shopkeeper called for Hitosu

Shopkeeper: Hitosu Hitosu

Hitosu: Hey shopkeep what do you want

Shopkeeper: i have some items for you here's an item bag filled with items

Hitosu: thank you shopkeep

Hitosu put the bag on his back the bag was filled with medication,herbs,and explosives

Hitosuthen went to the center of the village to reminese before his departure

Hitosu: (to think all this happen to my village and our past ancestor protectors of my village would have probably perish i think Bursten my new shadow beast was a miracle to this village hmm Bursten the miracle bull.................. that has a nice ring)

Hitosu smiled happily and tears went down his face knowing he was leaving the village for the good of his fellow villagers

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=Muki eyed Kage for a moment before his eyes slowly turned to another who seemed to be watching them. ... another guest... With that said he looked to Kage one more time then went to help Hitosu with the evacuation. I am here to end this meaningless chaos... who knows. Those we save today may help fight with us in the end.... He spoke back to Kage as he walked away.=

Hitosu Moriko
Hitosu snapped out of his trip to memory lane and met with the others

Hitosu: well im ready to go goodbye Yuko Village

Striding Cloud
"Like i would need saving from them." Kage spat on the ground in disgust.

Hitosu Moriko
(sorry what took me so long but here's what'll happen)

Hitosu went to muki and kage

Hitosu: i think were ready to go

Hitosu's body started to glow blue again and his shadow extended and formed a shape of a bull

Bursten: wait i kind of got something on my mind i should tell all of you
that shadow the genral was using was fake

Blake walked his way up to the group. He looked around the city doing so.
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=Muki arched a brow at the Shadow that Hitosu bore. He shook his head lightly. I know.... =Was all Muki said. He then looked to Kage and then to Blake as he ran up. After a moment he turned and made his way away from the village to their next destination.=

Hitosu Moriko
In the Kratisken mountain

Lord Yakatara: All solo shadows please go with Genral Berok i also want you to recycle Genral Turek's shadow he is now a solo shadow since his master is no more Berok your mission is to scatter the solo shadows around the Yuko woods and make sure they don't get to Atlus Road
the road to Atlus Village use your defense shadows ability to use illusion to give you an edge in the woods

Genral Berok: All right sir Solo Shadows MOVE OUT!!!

Road to Yuko Woods

Hitosu: Ok the best place i can think of for information is Atlus Village the central village in the Kratisken's most info will be there thats the best place i can think of if we cross this road we'll have to cross through Yuko woods

Later in the Kratisken mountain

A haze of red smoke began to fill the throne room as a voice calls out

Demon: Lord Yakatara how are you what is it that you would like me to do

at that moment Demon walked into the room with his fire designed hair and clothing and his katana at his side bent down on one knee and bowed to Lord Yakatara

Hitosu Moriko
In Yuko Woods The others split up in the woods hoping for the exit

Hitosu was walking in the woods until he heard a rustle in the bushes

Hitosu: <what was that was that> THE ENEMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hitosu swung his axe and split the bush in half there he saw a squirrel run away

Hitosu: oh it was just a squirrel

Hitosu kept on walking

In kratisken castle

LY: i want you to anylize the shadow wielders and if Genral berok fails let the shadow robos finish what the wieders did'nt

Muki eyed the others as they all split up. It was a bad idea to do so but the younger one, Hitosu, seemed adamant on proving himself. It didnt matter. Muki on the other hand knew what he was doing. As he walked he contemplated the outcome of the battle ahead. Of how to do it. Attack. Defend. and if needed, a way to retreat. He stopped suddenly and reached behind his shoulder to take hold of the giant sword he held. His eyes slowly scanned the area and there was a russling to his left. His eyes narrowed and he pulled the giant sword from his back and with one arm swung quickly. Trees, Bushs, plants, all slashed down with one swing of his sword. The end of his sword fell to the ground as Muki looked over the now open area to his left. ... Imagination.. Muki turned and began to walk again.

Demon: Yes I will do as u say Lord

as the same way he entered silently the same way he exited as the red smoke disappeared with Demon along with it as he began to follow Genral berok

Hitosu Moriko
Genral Berok: Go my troops into the forest

The shadow robos enters Yuko Woods and starts cutting down trees cutting down trees

As hitosu walks on he see's the robos

Hitosu: What are you doing

Hitosu swings his axe at the robo cutting it in half and cause an explosion

Genral Berok continued walking until he saw Muki

Genral Berok: i see your the wielder Muki i have orders to eliminate you so come quietly and it will be quick and painless

Muki turned slightly so his left side was facing the General. ... I have no intention of going with you... nor being eliminated. His voice was soft and calm. He didnt seem threatened by this man at all. Muki lifted his giant sword with ease and sets it upon his shoulder. .. I wont give you the same promise... As soon as Muki spoke he ran right at the General at high speed and before coming within 5 feet of him, Muki sliced Horizontally at the General in order to cleave him in half at the waist.

Demon Jumps through the trees at high speed and finally catches up with Genral Berok as he hides where no one would see and began observing the match that was going to happen against Genral Berok and shadow user Muki

Hitosu Moriko
Genral Berok was saved by a shadow robo that was different from the other ones

GB: Shadow robo 2.0 destroy that insolent wretch

The shadow robo produced a shadow

Shadow Robo 2.0: Cyclops shadow assimalate

The cyclops shadow thrust his sword downward aiming at Muki

GB: How do you like that

Meanwhile at the heart of Yuko Woods....

Hitosu sees a Shadow robo then a whole bunch of robos surrounded hitosu spun with his axe and mowed threw the robo's like a buzzsaw

Hitosu: This place is filled with these bolt brains

Muki jumped to the side to avoid the blade and ran forward slicing at the robo. His eye twitched as the Robo got out of the way and Muki stood there a moment. ... dont have time for this... Muki summoned his Shadow. A Wolf. What is it Muki?... Ah.. Kai looked to the Robot with the shadow and nodded. ... one time. Mukis sword began to glow and he jumped up high into the air. As he came back down he spun around and brought the blade down on the top of the robo cleaving it in half from head to foot. He stayed kneeling upon the ground a moment before slowly standing up and looking to the General.

Hitosu Moriko
A silver haired girl was watching the battle in a bush

Girl: oh my this guy is strong

the girl heard more violence east from her and ran to the violence quietly she saw hitosu fighting the robos

Girl: that kid needs help

The girl smashed a robo with a sapphire cane with a golden hook

Hitosu saw the girl

Hitosu: who are you

Kazuka: im kazuka Atari nice to fight with you and your name

Hitosu: Hitosu Moriko WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The shadow robo swung at kazuka Hitosu slice it from behind

Kazuka: lets go

Hitosu: I can't my comrade is in the woods

Kazuka: is he that serious guy i saw earlier with that huge sword

Hitosu: you know where he is

Kazuka: he's fighting someone he looked like a genral

Hitosu: show me where

Kazuka led hitosu to Muki's position

In the Battle Genral Berok summoned his shadow which looked like a Griffon he climbed on his shadow your going down Feather Storm a whole bunch of Feathers Rained down on Muki and his shadow

Muki looked at the Feathers as they fell. He then looked to the General before his sword began to glow again. He spun around once and then slashed horozontaly at nothing. The sheer force behind the swing created a strong wind blowing the feathers back to the General. ... Fight me. Stop the tricks. Kai knew this guy was not to be taken lightly. Kai threw his head back and howled into the sky letting everyone know where they where. Badguys and allys alike. Figured we might as well keep the damage to the forest in one spot instead of all around. Muki nodded lightly before sprinting right to the General. Muki brought his sword back and slashed upwards, carving the ground beside him as it came up right to the General and his Shadow. ITS OVER! The blade also brough up alot of dust and dirt so he wasnt able to see if he got them or not until the dust cleared.

Hitosu Moriko
Genral berok: Now its my turn Feather Tornado

Dust started to swirl around Muki and Genral Berok and then the genral dissapeared

GB: Now your trapped with this 100% accuracy move

feathers started to materialize and swirl within the tornado

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Muki eyed the area. The Tornado had formed around them both. So how dod the General get out? Muki sliced at the tornado and the Feathers around him. He still didnt seem to be worried. He turned around and swung his sword again attempting to hit something.

Hitosu Moriko
(no just keep fending off both of you should have equal strength)

Genral Berok was on the top of his griffon shadow

GB: i see you like to swing in the air

again the battle was at a stand off

Hitosu and Kazuka Arrived at the scene

Hitosu: Muki are you ok or do you need my help

forest began to be filled with pinkish mist that was very hard to see because of Demons shadows powers so the pink mist began to go around the area that Muki, General Berok ,Hitosu and Kazuka not even General Berok was able to see the pinkish mist not even with his bird sighted eyes

Blake wondered the woods alone. It didn't take much time for him to get lost. He wondered how the others were holding up as he took each step. He also started to feel a little cold.

Muki didnt turn but his eyes looked to Hitosu and then to the girl. After a moment his eyes turned back to the General. No... Ill be fine.. Muki lifted his sword up and let it rest upon his shoulder. I dont just swing in the air... Muki charged at the General swinging his giant sword down, cleaving into the ground and coming upwards in an arch. I cleave through the ground too!!

Hitosu Moriko
Genral Berok got caught in the arch Stabbed with the arch in an instant
the genral landed on the floor critically wounded and shadow disapated

Hitosu: You did it Muki you've won <hes strong i'd never expect to do that >

Kazuka: Wow im out of my leauge on this one

Hitosu: i guess that make another genral to bite the dust

all of a sudden Demon walked from the bushes with a straight look on his face as he walked over to General Berok leaning over to look at him as he says in a cool voice

Demon: we need to get better Generals these guys are chumps

Demon stands up and shakes his head and moving his hair from side to side as he looks over to Kazuka and gives her a cool smirk then he began to walk away

Hitosu Moriko
Genral Berok: Wait please help me help me and i'll give 25% of the credit what do you say

Demon looks down at General Berok with disappointing eyes and says to him

Demon: so your still alive well here's a message from Lord Yakatara Die

Demon then kicks General Berok sending him flying at high speed past Muki through 3 trees as Demon turned around and began walking as he raised his arm into the air and all the Shadow robos in the area that were left began to attack General Berok as Demon put downhis hand and continued to walk away as he put his hands in his pockets

Hitosu Moriko
Hitosu: Why would you do that to your own ally

Demon turns around and looks at Hitosu and says to him

Demon: kid i only do what I'm ordered to do by my master I owe it to him and plus i wouldn't try anything you would die i already won if you look around

Demon gives a smirk and turns back around and walks away

Hitosu Moriko

Hitosu's shadow materialized

Hitosu: Well tell your lord this PEOPLE ARE'NT PAWNS VALOR STRIKE

Bursten: GRRRRRRRRR Valor Strike

Bursten pummeled where Demon Was standing

Demon jumped and landed on top of Hitosu's head and says looks down on him and says

Demon: your too experienced to do this kind of thing and like it told you you already loosed since the fight began with General Berok I've been here for a while you haven't noticed it but my mist is around this whole area

Demon smirked

Hitosu Moriko
Kazuka: Let him GOOOOOOOO

Kazuka Shadow Started to grow and she materialized an elephant shadow

Kazuka: Tusky Transform

Tusky: right

Tusky transformed into a bladed fan

Kazuka: Shadow you'd better protect hitosu because this is going to be a big one

Bursten wraped his arms around hitosu

Kazuka: Take this

Kazuka swung the fan and needles hid in the fans gust

jumps down and charges toward Kazuka running at high speed getting behind her and grabing her at the same time pulling out his sword and says

Demon: attack me now

Hitosu Moriko
Kazuka: hahahahaha

Kazuka poofed and it turned out to be Tusky

Kazuka: i got you now

Kazuka comes from behind demon


Demon reacts fast and jumps backwards over Kazuka and while doing so does a downward slash across her Back

Hitosu Moriko
Hitosu deflected the attack with his axe and swung at the ground causing a quake on the ground

Kazuka: Thank You

Hitosu Turns to tusky

Hitosu: Can you turn invincible

Tusky: Yes

Hitosu: Use it to end this guy with Kazuka

Tusky: Right Kazuka Come

Kazuka: Right

Kazuka and Tusky both dissappeared in thin air

Kazuka then struck demon with a swoop of her cane

Demon disappeared and in his place was a log as a voice echoed

Demon: ha that's all you got well I'm done here your lucky i only was sent her to watch General Berok and get rid of him if he failed but next time I won't go real easy on you only easy ha ha ha ha

as Demon said those words the mist began to disappear as in front of Hitosu was a box of antidote that had a letter on it that said you might want to takethis my poison will take affect in 2 minutes

Muki sat by silently watching. Taking note of the new commers attacks and defenses. This person was skilled. Better skilled the General he just defeated. Muki walked over to the other two and winced lightly. Kai disapeared and Muki reached into his own pocket pulling out a few vials. Take these... never trust the enemy to give you a real working antidote. Muki then drank one of the three vials and cleared his throat then handing the remaining two vials to the others. ... come on. We do not have time to sit around. More might come.

Hitosu Moriko
Hitosu: Right

Hitosu and Kazuka took the vials and drank the antidote provided by Muki

They found the exit to Yuko Woods and Waited for blake to come for the exit

Hitosu: We must wait for blake at the exit

Demon jumps from trees and runs on the ground for miles at a high speed till he finally makes it to Kratisken mountain and runs through the castle and then he disappears as he finds Lord Yakatara and comes from the shadows bows and says

Demon: Lord Yakatara General Berok has failed as had said and I did as instructed but not to question you Lord but was that a good thing to do we could have just taken his shadow and left him somewhere was it really necessary to kill him

Eventually Blake found his way to the exit of the woods with the others. He seemed tired of all the walking he had done for what seemed like hours to him. "Sorry if i'm late, i got lost sort to speak.."

Hitosu Moriko
Hitosu: well we are at the exit now were almost to atlus village we have to prepare for this embark so lets leave yuko woods and off too Atlus Village

Hitosu and Kazuka went on Atlus Road

Hitosu Moriko
LY: if we were to keep him after a shock in the battle that was done to his shadow then he would've been corrupted by the shadow and he would have been possed by it so it was better that way

Muki followed Hitosu and Kazuka, hooking his giant sword to his back. He followed Hitosu cause more then likley he knew where they were heading better then Muki did. However, though he followed them he stayed a bit behind. He had his reasons. His hand went up to adjust the scarf he had on. It always seemed to cover his mouth. He seemed to like it that way.

Demon: I see Lord Yakatara sorry to question you is there anything else you would like me to do i would be glade to help you if not i would like to ask if I may go on a little trip of my own to explore something i will come back after i have explored this area

Demon looks up to Lord Yakatara waiting his response hoping that he will say yes to question so he could be off to search for his village the Himura village demon showed Lord Yakatara nothing but respect and Lord Yakatara knew it

Blake followed after the others remaining silent. He rubbed his hands together in terms as if slightly nervous, random negative thoughts running threw his head.

Hitosu Moriko
Hitosu Saw blake looking uneasy

Hiotsu: Blake are you all right

Blake looked up at Hitosu as though he twitched from the question. "Oh no i'm ok really. Just having a few uneasy thoughts i suppose..."

Hitosu Moriko
LY: Demon im sending you to Atlus village the center of the kratiskens my resources tell me that is where they intend to go im also sending Elite Shadow Wielder Misano with you ah speaking of the devil

Misano: Greeting Lord Yakatara

LY: yes i was just explaining are plan to end those shadow wielders now i need your fleet misano to put these wanted signs of these 4 warriors once that happens this will give them a hard time making them fugitives in atlus village the information village since they will be outlawed this will be one way to scrimage them out Demon i want you work with Misano and her fleet if you get into a difficult situation i want you to retreat at once understood

Misano: Yes my lord

LY: i also would like you to go to your village afterward demon because thats where there next destination will be since thats where the Shadow enhancer is

Demon: Yes lord Yakatara i will do as i am told and Misano you can leave the wanted posters up to me with my lightning speed I can put them up in no time

Demon the reached out and grabbed the posters as he looked over to Misano giving her a flirtatious smirk as he winked at her and disappeared as a voice shouted out

Demon: Ill meet you there cuteness

(srry whats been happening pplz)

Muki eyed the others and then closed his eyes letting out a sigh. We should get going. no telling when they will be back. Atlus Village is at least a day away. If we hurry that it. If we take our time and you keep stopping every other minute it will take longer. Muki turned and continued to walk. The Hilt of his sword was over his head and the tip of it was almost touching the ground.

Hitosu Moriko
Night Started to fall and Hitosu And Kazuka were still walking

Hitosu: We should camp here we should be there by morning

Muki stopped and looked at the two. He stood there watching them for a moment before lowering his head and closing his eyes. ...very well. I will collect some firewood. He didnt wait for a reply back. He turned and walked off to do his task.

Demon Ran through the trees in the Forrest as he seen images in the dark but could make them out exactly so he kept at lightning speed and after a while he finally reached Atlus village working quick Demon jumped leaped and climbed putting wanted posters on doors walls poles and anywhere else the village people could seen after finally putting the last wanted poster up he then jumped up on a roof top laid down and waited for the cute Misano

Hitosu Moriko
Misano made it to atlus village

Misano: ok demon there's only one thing left

Misano pressed a signal beeper and the shadow robo's 2.0 ver came in the town now

A kid was looking out the window and watching what was happening he went outside, grabbed the poster, and saw the wanted poster with Hitosu, Muki, Blake, And Kazuka

Kid: Hmm i sense something happening soon

The Next Day

At Atlus Village

Hitosu and Kazuka were walking down the main street while villagers were looking scared at the heroic crowd

Kazuka: Why are they looking at us like that

Hitosu: I don't know but i don't like the feeling im sensing

Muki walked by Hitosu and pushed the wanted poster into her hand. ..perhaps we should find a place to hide.... come with me. Muki continued to walk using the alleys between the buildings until he came to a white door with drawings on it as if a child hgad drawn on it. Muki knocked once. Paused. Knocked Twice, Paused. then Knocked one more time. ....dont insult her.

Scarlet Fox
~The Door opened and a young girls head poked out. Upon seeing Muki she grinned wide and flung the door open.~ MUKI!!! MUKI! MUKI! MUKI!!!! ~She dove out of the door and hugged him tightly.~ YAY! MUKIS BACK!! ~She blinked and looked up at the others~ Ello....

Demon hide as all ninjas do as he was trained to do as a little kid as he seen Hitosu and the others walking to a house Demon pulled out a head set putting it up to his ear an radioed Misano

Demon: There here get your cute self over here before I lose them

Demon then took the headset from his ear and put it away waiting for Misano to come

Hitosu Moriko
Kazuka: uh muki who is this

Hitosu: Yeah this is a suprise

Hyriku walked through the village and wondered does he want this plain life or travel aroound the world and challende other shadow warriors?

Muki just stood there, eyes a tad wide. He slowly raised up his hand and dropped his fist onto her head. Lily... we need a place to hide....Come on. The last bit spoken to the others as he walked past a dazed Lily and into her house.

Jack Diavolo
the old man walked slowly through the village. the only sound came from the 'tap tap' of his cane

he spied a troubled girl (hyriku) and walked up behind her. she seemed too distracted by her own thoughts to notice him

"ahem" he said.

Jack Diavolo
the old man walked slowly through the village. the only sound came from the 'tap tap' of his cane

he spied a troubled boy (hyriku) and walked up behind him. he seemed too distracted by his own thoughts to notice him

"ahem" he said.

((Hyriko is a guy))

Scarlet Fox
~Lily swayed back and forth a little bit before shaking her head and snapping out of it.~ HEY! YOU CANT DO THAT TO ME! .... meany.. ~She pouted a bit then looked to the other two with a giant smile on her face~ Hiya! Im Lily! Pleased to meet ya! ~Inside it seemed like a normal house except on the walls it looked as if a child had gotten ahold of some crayons and drew all over them.~ Hey Muki? You guys want something to eat? I was just about to cut some bread for my bread and Bean dip Dinner!

Jack Diavolo
((no worries i fixed it))

Hitosu Moriko
Hitosu: Thanks im hitosu moriko great to meet you

Kazuka: im kazuka atari thank you so much

(uh bad news this is what i can do so far

Lily. We are just going to stay long enough to figure out our next move and hopefully we will be out by nightfall when it will be easier to move around. Muki looked to the others and nodded. Moving around at night seemed the best way to avoid detection. Though no plan is ever flawless.

Scarlet Fox
~Lily tilted her head to the side and just looked at them for a moment. She then stood up right with a giant smile~ O-tay! Stay as long as you like! ~She turned around and skipped over to the corner of her house where crayons lay. She sat down and continued to draw on her wall.~

Hitosu Moriko
Night Came

Hitosu: guys are you ready

Kazuka: im ready

Demon hide outside as he pulled out a remote and a Shadow Robos came up to the front door of the house the shadow wielders where in and it exploded leaving a huge hole where the front door used to be as Demon yelled out come out with your hands up and surrender

Scarlet Fox
~The wall exploded and Lily stood up, eyes wide. A peice of the wall fel at her feet with a drawing she worked a long time on.~ ... my... my wall.. ~Tears began to fall down her face. She hung her head and rubbed at her eyes for a moment before looking up with rage in her eyes. Her Shadow Beast burst out and yelled out in fury. She pulled twin daggers from her back belt and ran extreamly quick. Fire in her eyes and engulfing her daggers she lunged outside~ YOU DESTROYED MY BUNNY DRAWING YOU BIG BULLY!!! AAAAAAHHHH!!!!

Demon laughed as he seen Lily running at him with fire daggers as he wasn't afraid of fire being the fact that because of his training fire is his friend not his enemy even in his village the trained in the way of fire Demon then pointed his finger at Lily as 2 Shadow Robos came out and began attacking her

Scarlet Fox
~Lily eyed the two Shadow Robos.~ The Fire Of The Fox Consumes You! ~She started to turn around and around, the fire on her daggers trailing in a circle.~ ERUPT! ~The circle of fire erupted into a fire twister. It wasnt just fire. it was Fire from within her. Under her control. It went out and engulfed the two Shadow Robos lifting them up and covering them both inflames. She also caught her house on fire and two others nearby.~

Muki stood there as Lily fought the two shadow Robos. Told you not to mess with her. Good thing it wasnt either of you two.After a moment Muki drew his Blade and let it hit the ground. The ground broke from the weight. Perhaps we should assist her now?

Hitosu Moriko
Misano appeared next to demon

Misano: leave this hot head to me she needs to learn that if she plays with fire she's going to get burned

Misano started to glow and a cobra formed behind her

Misano: meet Constricta

Constricta: Yessssssssssssss nicccccccccccce to meet you

Scarlet Fox
TOSHI!!! ~A Fox appeared behind her. this was going to be an interesting fight. In nature a fox would catch a snake for dinner. The Shadow foxs eyes glew red.~ "Mmmmm dinner has arrived." ~Lily then blinked and looked to Toshi~ HEY! Stop thinking about your stomach!! ~The fox shadow tilted its head~ "Why? Your thinking of food too." ~Lily just glared before turning and with surprising speed sprinted towards the woman with the snake shadow. A fox always has the advantage over a snake.~

Hitosu Moriko
Misano: Constricta Paralysis Venom Breath!

Constricta shot parylizing venom which surrounded lily and toshi

Misano: ha no way out and you won't be able to move in a while now

Kazuka: you low down woman how dare you

Kazuka glowed and Tusky formed behind her

Kazuka: Ready Tusky Invincibility

Misano: heh heh my constricta can sense body heat Constricta Take over bite

Constricta extended herself and bit kazuka in the shoulder


Kazuka's eyes darken and her shadow disappeared she then took out her cane and started to approach hitosu

Hitosu: kazuka whats wrong

Misano: she's under my controll the only way to get her back is to steal this bottle of antidote and the only way to do that is to kill me

Hitosu: im going to kill you for what you have done

Hitosu started to glow and Bursten formed behind him

Bursten: Why is kazuka fighting us

Hitosu: she's under controll by that lady take it easy on her

Bursten: fine Bursten Pummel

Bursten pummeled the ground around kazuka until there was nothing left

A Voice came from behind Misano. .. you really should watch all around you. Muki raised his sword and slammed the hilt towards the back of Misanos head.

Hitosu Moriko
Misano Poofed in poisonous smoke

Misano:heh heh heh you think you got me that easily you've unleashed a secret power with constricta she can create something called the Venom Double it makes a clone but once struck it unleash poisonous gas are you starting to feel sluggish well you should

The ground where kazuka stand was severly pummeled and her unconscious

Hitosu went to kazuka

Hitosu: Are you ok

Kazuka: Yeah im fine the poison is URGHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Kazuka: Prepared to be destroyed

Hitosu then noticed more robots coming in he takes out his axe

Hitosu: Bursten we got trouble i see

Demon quickly got in front of Muki as he cringed his right hand and with the left hand with two of his fingers pointing upward as he thrust his right cringed hand into Mukis Stomach as he hit the force echoed through Mukis body as he delivered a spin kick with his left leg hitting Muki sending him flying as Demon said to Misano

Demon: so Misano your shadow creature is a Cobra mine is like that but mines is different we are perfect for each other ha ha ha ha

Scarlet Fox
Im done. that was auto. Even Zal didnt hit Misano Auto.))

Hitosu Moriko
Hitosu: No this can't be it this can't be the end NOOOOO

Bursten: Hitosu don't give in don't give up

Hitosu: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hitosu's body started to glow and he started to float and then bursten started to glow and a light grew

Bursten: If you want to protect them you must pour all your power into me and unleash it to unimaginable levels

Hitosu: i will protect my friends

The Light dissapeared and hitosu had a horn helmet along with a more muscular physique and a golden axe with a wide blade

Hitosu: Hey lady your dead for what you did to my friends

Misano: Constricta death puncture

Constricta: Right

Constricta squeezed hitosu

Hitosu: you think this is going to stop me

Hitosu Glew and then

Hitosu: Burst Explosion

Constricta Exploded and shattered


Misano fainted losing her shadow

Hitosu took the antidote from misano's pocket

Hitosu then gave lily the potion

Hitosu: here this should cure your paralysis

Hitosu then went to the unconcious Kazuka

Hitosu: here you go

Hitosu: Then took out the potion for Muki

Hitosu: Here

Hitosu then went to Demon and pointed the tip of his axe at his neck

Hitosu: Your next

Demon laughed as he did a quick movement with his right hand and grabbed Hitosus hand and disarmed him while at the same time sending a kick to Hitosus chest as a wave came from his kick as it sent Hitosu flying as he then threw Hitosus weapon in front of where he would land as Demon then said to the Shadow users with his hands folded over each other

Demon: Ha you think your high and mighty because you took out Misano you make me laugh she's weak compared with me so bring it if you dare

Muki took the potion and as soon as he did black light engulfed him and his shadow. When the darkness cleared Muki was diffrent. He was taller. thinner. He wore a wolf head dress that covered all but his mouth. His muscular torso was exposed and he wore what looked like ancient linen pants. The large sword that he usually carried with him was changed as well. No longer was it huge, but now he wielded twin blades that seemed like over sized wolf fangs, one strapped to his hip the other in his hand. He slowly turned his head towards Demon then bolted at him. He held out his hand and slammed it to his head holding Demons head Firmly. ....I dare... He pulled Demons head down with high force and brought his knee up as it slammed into his face as Demons head flew back, leaving his mid section exposed and Muki spun around slamming his foot into Demons chest as he was sent flying and was put through the wall of the building behind him. Muki then pulled out his other fang. ... Darkness Fang... Both blades glew with a black energy. He crossed the blades over his head and t hen sliced in a crossing fashion sending an X shaped wave to the building Demon was in causing it to catch on fire, the flames black, then explode.

((This is what happens when ppl auto. It takes the fun out of it. Im agreeing with my sister on this one and i should of left after DB told me she didnt like this anymore. enjoy the rest of the rp.))

Scarlet Fox
even still that post was the hottness. I could just see a muscular man with a wolf head dress on with two swords... OMG))

Originally posted by Zalindrana
Muki took the potion and as soon as he did black light engulfed him and his shadow. When the darkness cleared Muki was diffrent. He was taller. thinner. He wore a wolf head dress that covered all but his mouth. His muscular torso was exposed and he wore what looked like ancient linen pants. The large sword that he usually carried with him was changed as well. No longer was it huge, but now he wielded twin blades that seemed like over sized wolf fangs, one strapped to his hip the other in his hand. He slowly turned his head towards Demon then bolted at him. He held out his hand and slammed it to his head holding Demons head Firmly. ....I dare... He pulled Demons head down with high force and brought his knee up as it slammed into his face as Demons head flew back, leaving his mid section exposed and Muki spun around slamming his foot into Demons chest as he was sent flying and was put through the wall of the building behind him. Muki then pulled out his other fang. ... Darkness Fang... Both blades glew with a black energy. He crossed the blades over his head and t hen sliced in a crossing fashion sending an X shaped wave to the building Demon was in causing it to catch on fire, the flames black, then explode.

((This is what happens when ppl auto. It takes the fun out of it. Im agreeing with my sister on this one and i should of left after DB told me she didnt like this anymore. enjoy the rest of the rp.))

Demon seen how fast Muki ran towards him as Muki grabbed his leg he quickly placed his hand in front of his face to cushion the blow as he lifted his head from the force still given then Demon caught a kick to his chest sending him flying as he was flying he seen the building behind him and adjusted his body as when he hit the side of the building instead of his body hitting the building his feet landed on it as it made a crater in the side of the building as he pushed off of it with force braking part of the wall on the building as he looked ahead to see the huge waves in the form of an X coming towards as with his right hand in a quick movement unsheathed his sword and did a forceful upward Slash as from the slash a purple wave of flame came out hitting Mukis wave canceling the attacks out as Demon flipped toward the ground landing on his feet with his sword pointing outward towards the ground as he said

Demon: that's pretty good but I know you can try harder try your best I'm a ninja and haven't used my ninjutsu yet give me a reason to use it

Demon then extended his left hand toward the Shadow users as he jestered them to bring it on

(( I agree with you I taught him better then that as many Rp's me and Hitosu have been in. This is a disappointment I must sculled him for his acts don't worry nothing like this will happen again I'll try to stop him from doing this again just please don't leave this RP ill call him and talk to him too we go to the same school it's not right no one is invincible they should take some hits but to take none that's just not right Sorry About that ))

Scarlet Fox
~A dagger flicked around from behind Demon and froze at his neck. Lily was standing behind him. She was just like her brother but instead had a Fox Head dress~ The Fox is most balanced of creatures. Speed, stealth, strength. ~her hair was no in dreadlocks and swayed softly as she stood behind Demon, Her arm around his head and dagger to his neck. Her other hand held her other dagger to his back in case he decided to try something.~ .... Besides... who said he didnt do exactly what he wanted? ... He never actually tried to kill you.... We never like killing....~She tightened her grip on the dagger to his neck and pushed the dagger to his back against him.~ You will not die tonight. I request you go to your master. Tell him, not only did one of his people die, but we are stronger then he thought.

(((that was a really good response btw Demon. Very creative. But you also gotta know that the good guys win the majority of the time. And since they are GOOD guys they tend to give more then the Enemy would. In all the rpg games Ive played they always end up letting a bad guy go and that same guy ends up coming back better armed and better informed of his enemy's abilities. So you can retaliate to me but then the fight will never end. If the bad guy wins the rp is over. But if the good guys win BUT let the bad guy go the bad guy comes back beter prepared and for a more interesting fight the next time ^_^)))

Hitosu Moriko
Hitosu got up like nothing happened

Hitosu: you think that was enough to stop me im way surpass you now

Hitosu picked up his axe and swung it with alot of force a wave of energy came out of it and slashed Demon in the shoulder

Hitosu: the next one is aimed at your neck

Scarlet Fox
(((did you seriously just swing an axe at him with me LITERALLY at his back??)))

Hitosu Moriko
let me edit

The wave energy bumped up in the air by the control of hitosu and slashed demon in the shoulder

sorry was in a rush


Hitosu Moriko
(Um i did'nt swing the axe that was pure energy concentrated from the axe that i swung at you not the actual axe)

Anon E. Mous
Shi-Wan jumped out of the shadows and crossed swords in front of Demon. You don't want to do that. I've been following this group. Together they can defeat you.

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