Lord of the Rings power levels

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Lethal Rogue
If you have any lists of levels for lotr characters, please post them in this thread. smile

Lethal Rogue
You know, it would be nice if someone posted their ideas!

what type of levels??

What exactly do you mean?

Lethal Rogue
Like in the movie vs forum and comic book vs forum, they have that hierarchy thing.

The books make it pretty plain who pwns what.
Thats all you need to know really.

Seriously though, i don't think anyone has ever put up a type of listing or anything like that.

would be cool.
ah well.

Lethal Rogue
they hav. check out the movie vs forum.

As for "power levels" in DBZ... (not relative to DBZ)

Hobbits - 70ish
Humans - 150ish
Dwarves - 150ish
Elves 200ish
Frodo/Mary/Pippin/Sam - 170
Boromir - 5000 (if you can beat legions of orcs...)
Aragorn - 5100
Gandalf - 10000
Legolas - 5100
Gimli - 4800
Sauron - 1600

Feanor- Over 9000!!!11!1

Darth Macabre
Originally posted by ares834
Feanor- Over 9000!!!11!1 And still rising!

Oops! I meant Sauron is 16000.

Morgoth - 1000000000000
Tom Bombadil - 15000
Eru - hmmm...


Well if we're to believe hewhoknowsall then the army of the dead would be up at the top.



Red Nemesis
I always liked the idea that he was an incarnation of Eru Illuvitar or perhaps Arda itself.

He sings songs of power (Arda is songs) and the entire land would have to be enslaved for him to fall to Sauron. He says he has 'no mastery over wandering kings' (the nine), which would make sense if Sauron had usurped mastery of them.

Also he's a bamf.

Originally posted by Hewhoknowsall
It is said that Sauron would be able to defeat Tom, who is no way stronger than the Valor.

Is Gandalf in human form stronger than dragons?

Are wolves stronger than Elves? Or is this list unarmed?

If Aragorn weaker than most elves?

no no no. this is a list of who is the strongest of EACH INDIVIDUAL SPECIES. not WHICH species is stronger than which. that wud be a very hard list to make as it wud be very self contradictory.

as for tom, he is older than sauron. and i dont think sauron cud do anything to him himself. ONLY when ALL the land wud be corrupted and destroyed wud tom fall, being the LAST who fell. this gives credulence to the theory that he IS the embodiement of eru's and the valar's combined music, and the entire MUSIC{world} wud have to be detsroyed for him to die. and id say he IS stonger than the valar.

U forgot Numenoreans at 200 or so. And Tom isnt older than Sauron as Sauron helped create Arda. And Eru wouls have, like, Infinity for power. =-p

tom IS older than sauron , he is the oldest thing in the world. even ungoliant's spawn is older than sauron.

Red Nemesis
Originally posted by leonheartmm
tom IS older than sauron , he is the oldest thing in the world. even ungoliant's spawn is older than sauron.

Umm... I don't know about that. Sauron's form, maybe. He was one of the original beings. The Maiar are just weaker Valar. They were there when the world was sung- right?

Tom (depending on what, exactly, you think he is) would date only back to the formation of Arda. Not before.

(Note: Tom calls himself the oldest, but Treebeard is called the oldest living being or some such. Clue?)

Yeah, Nemesis is just saying what i thought. Tom cant POSSIBLY be older than Sauron, as that was always his name, and he helped to create the world. Tom is probly just a being put there by Eru to help with the natural things and other crap. So, he cant be older than Sauron as there had to BE a world for him to live on. Maybe Tom isnt alive tho, maybe he was a vision or ghost or something sent by Eru as part of the Music. Possibly an unheard Fourth theme? Could that have been Tom?????

actually, NO. ungoliant is OLDER than MELKOR, this is a fact. both the things that gnaw at the earth and ungoliant's child who attacked frodo and sam is OLDER than sauron himself. these were explicitly stated in both tlor and silmarion. tom bombadil is called the "first" and the last. and even tolkiens said that he was an enigma.

treebeard didnt become an ent until the first elves taught himhow to speak. the entwives are also older than him.

Ok, so where did it say the Ungoliant, something created on Arda, is older than some1 who was created before the Earth was made, and helped create it. He even weaved in a second theme that was his evil, so he actually CHANGED the Music. THERE IS NO WAY ANYTHING IS OLDER THAN HIM. And if Tom in a enigma, who knows, he could be a Fourth theme never heardunder the Third. But post where it says that those things are OLDER han MELKOR. And Shelob was the last child of Ungoliant to trouble the unhappy world. She was born AFTER Arda was made, so she is younger than Melkor. And where did u get the thing about the things that gnaw at the earth? And Sauron is just as old as Melkor. His physical form, they are older than. His SPIRIT is as old as Melkor. They are the same age tho. EVERYTHING IS YOUNGER THAN THEM.

Red Nemesis
Your claim about Melkor is questionable. I'd like to see a page number?

The Maiar entered creation later (in some cases) so I could see an argument against Sauron, but Melkor? He's the origin of Evil. And he's the 1st (2nd?) author of the world. And he's smelly.

None of that suggests a post-Bombadil genesis.


Red Nemesis
Before the First age does not mean before Creation. The ages are only relevant when talking about time after the creation of the sun and moon.


And Shelob is not confirmed older, because she only predates Sauron's occupation of Mordor, not necessarily his creation.

^true true, however, the points about bombadil and the things that gnaw at the earth REMAIN. ungoliant is only a significant party because she was never said to be a valar or ainur and she actually became more powerful than morgoth at one time after the destruction of the trees. and ofcourse, she was there in the time of the trees.

Well, maybe those things predate his physical form, or maybe because in the First Age he was referred to as Gorthaur the Cruel, not Sauron. Maybe thats why it says they are older than he, because Olorin didnt know Gorthaur and Sauron were the same person.

^no no, it says SAURON HIMSELF does not know of those things that gnaw at the earth because THEY are older than him. even if he had a different form or name, HE wud still be aware of them if they were younger than him.

Actually, thats not entirely accurate. Eru never had the Ainur add a theme that would include those, as the tThemes as i thought were : Elves and Arda, Melkors evil, and finally Men. So i dont see how they could be older than some1 that help create the world at which they gnaw.......... But maybe Sauron didnt come to Arda until after it was created, as Tulkas did. That could explain it. But then it would be physical or something.........

but gandalf says "even sauron knows them not, they are OLDER THAN HE"


^yes they can if the story explicitly states it. an explanation cud be that they are part of an "older world" as gandalf states.

Well, the only other explanation is that they are maiar as well, as there was nothing before the world other than Eru, and the Ainur. But then they would have to be one of the first creations, before Sauron. And that could possibly be i had just thought of that. =-)

or there cud have been world before eru created the ainur or maya.

Originally posted by leonheartmm
or there cud have been world before eru created the ainur or maya.

There's only been one Arda. So if Ungoliant/Bombadil were spirits of Arda that would make them younger than all the Ainur. However it is likely that the Maiar may have been younger spirits but there's never been a clear distinction of age made concerning the different Ainur.

Well, no. The only thing Eru created before the world was the Ainur. Sauron was one of them, so the things that gnaw at the earth have to be either younger than Sauron or Maiar as well, or it would have to be Eru, which i doubt. Is it possible they are the incarnation of Morgoths evil? Because Melkor turned to evil before Sauron, so.....................

We know that the Ainur existed before anything else, I was talking about the distinction of age amongst the Ainur themselves. It could be interpreted that the Maiar came after the Valar and thus were younger spirits.

Well, you are right. It could be thought of like that, but is it possible that those things are Ainur? I dont really think they are, but ur opinion isn mine it may be different. I still stick to my theory of them being the incarnation of Morgoths evil, which WOULD be older than Sauron, as Morgoth wanted to destroy or enslave the very matter of Arda itself.

Hobbits: 7
Dwarves: 70
Humans: 130
Numenoreans: 240
Mouth Of Sauron: 290
Tom Bombadli: 400
Gimli: 450
Legolas: 520
Aragorn: 590
Gandalf The Grey: 660
Saruman: 730
Gandalf The White: 800
Radagast: 510
Nazgul: 470
Witch-King: 560
Eowyn: 575
Frodo: 460
Sam: 430
Merry: 380
Pippin: 320
Sauron: 860
Orcs: 110
Uruk-Hai: 180
Gothmog (The orc with one eye in TROTK): 250
Elrond: 310
Elves: 260
Galadriel: 350
Durin's Bane (Balrog in TFOTR): 480
Shelob: 370
Gollum: 310
Ungoliant: 400
Melkor (Morgoth): 1,700
Fingolfin: 800
Boromir: 300
Olephaunts: 200
Azog: 240
Bolg: 280
Bilbo (Young): 330
Bilbo (Old): 190
Smaug: 280
Thorin: 220
Eagles: 280
Ents: 320
Isildur: 930

That was a long list of power levels for LOTR now i can go and relax.

Isildur has no feats worth mentioning

He was killed by a small band of orcs.

That's worth mentioning.

Stealth Moose
Originally posted by NemeBro
He was killed by a small band of orcs.

That's worth mentioning.

-5 to Dodge Arrow.

Illuvatar>Melkor pre-forging of Arda>>all.

Lord Lucien
Smaug 380. Gollum 310.

Seems about right.


I'm pretty sure Eonwe and Tulkas are the best in terms of straight combat.

Tulkas beat Morgoth's ass, and Eonwe was stated in the Silmarrillion to be the best.

Prof. T.C McAbe
Iluvatar (Tom Bombadil)

Greater Power
All Valar like Morgoth, Ungoliant

Intermediate Powers
Maiar like Sauron, Istari in true Form

Lesser Powers
Lesser Maiar like Balrogs, Greater Dragons

Demi Powers
Ingwe, Istari

Quasi Power
Galadriel, Elrond, Fingolfin, Witch King

Gollum - 1
Hobbits - 2
Orcs- 100
Humans - 105
Dwarfs - 110
Elves- 115

Aragorn - 200
Legolas - 200

Beren - 400

Gandalf the Grey - 500
Saruman the White - 700
Gandalf the White- 1000

Galadriel - 2000
Turin - 2000

Thingol - 2500

Sauron- 5000

Fingolfin - 7000

Luthien - 10K

Feanor - 12K

Ingwe - 15K

Maia - 20K - 50K

Morgoth (First Age) - 70K

Valar- 100K

Manwe- 150K

Melkor - 200K

Iluvatar - INFINTE

I'd put Eonwe above Sauron, seeing as he scared Sauron shitless and made him submit without even drawing his sword.

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