Supreme Warrior the Tounament

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In the Year 3000 New and Old Heroes/Villians unite to make the Supreme Tournament. Heroes and Villians from all over the galaxies are coming together to be rewarded the reputation of Supreme Warrior of the Galaxy. Only one person can be at the top so try to win!!

1.No Godmodding
2.No bashing profanity.
3.No cheating

Character sheet:
Race(humn, alien, suprhero, ect.):
Any other history:

Name:Cloud Strife
Allies: Squall, Sora and his pplz, Vincent, Yuffie, ect.
Enemies: Sephiroth
Power: Sword fighting skills
Weapon:Buster Sword
Race(humn, alien, suprhero, ect.):Human
Orientation: Straight
Any other history:None


Cloud vs. Abraxas Heuco Mundo Arena
Galactus vs. Pryon Moon Arena
Silver Surfer vs Byakuya City Arena


jalek moye
Name: Pyron
Allies: none
Enemies: alot of people
Family: ate them all
Story: A planet devourer
Hobby: fighting
Power: vast cosmic powers and shapeshifting
Weapon: his body can make them
Alignment: none
Race: unknown alien
Age: billions of years old
Orientation: doesnt have one


(now can I begin the debate on how to play this Character?)

Name: Abraxas
Allies: Alternative Novas
Enemies: Everyone that wishes that the Multiverse should still exist.
Family: Eternity, Death, Oblivion, Infinity, Galactus
Story: Has since the dawn of time been imprisoned by Galactus but has recently managed to escape
Hobby: None
Power: Abraxas had near-limitless cosmic power, enabling him to traverse and manipulate dimensions at will, restructure matter, and manipulate energy on a vast scale.
Weapon: None
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Race(humn, alien, suprhero, ect.): Abstract
Age: As old as the universe itself
Orientation: None


jalek moye
lol yea how can u. or any of the high ones play in regards to the others.

he should have put some limits on who we could pick

Seriously Abraxas can collapse a entire universe just by getting near it...

I need some serious limits, else my Character are going to stomp his within the first three seconds, that isn't even godmodding that is a simple fact.

jalek moye
lol ur fighting cloud of all people

I am?

Oh Christ... What can he do besides play with his sword?

jalek moye
nothing at all Steve roger could kick his ass

I was going to join but.......

Pyron? Come on!

jalek moye
lol if the other two pick non abstacts then so will i

You just need to think Abstracts ore high level beings JacopeX

So.....You want me to bring out the big guns? One that is comparable with Pyron and Abraxas? smile

Well if you want to survive srug

Well, I'm not going to bring in Satan or Lord Ragnok (Both UHRPG villains). It would be over too soon. So I will have to bring out FIRE!!! smile

Name: Fire

Age: Since the Year Humanity was created

Sex: Male

Alignment: Evil

Weight: 10000

Height: 95 Ft.

Martial Status: Single

Occupations: Creator of Evil/Patrols Evil

Orientation: Straight

Species (Type) : Deity/God

Powers: 1) Corruptive Wrath (Omnipotence, Bending of reality, and can Corrupt souls, instantly killing his opponent)

2) Fire has god like Fire attacks and skills. His fire ability can be used in many ways, and also uses techniques used among the Fire Nation. For Example, turning Water into Fire. He can also combust into temperatures up to a soaring heat of 10000 degrees Fahrenheit. His size is a big advantage for him in many aspects. He can also control all forms of Heat and vapors throughout the universe and can control the sun itself.

3) Infinite spells

Fighting Styles: None

Gadgets/weapons (optional): Flaming Sword

Shot with DSC-S600
Shot with DSC-S600
Shot with DSC-S600

Favorite food: None

Hobby: Gaining power from mortals committing sins and evil.

Race (White, Black, Hispanic, Ect.) : None

Relatives: None

Personality(Including Likes and Dislikes) : Very Shallow, cold, and cocky. Takes mortal without any seriousness as they are just puppets to his own power increase.

Story: The Elder God created the universe among many living things along with it. He then imagined a universe with intellectual life forms existing. However, he thought up of many type of deity's to patrol and revolve around all types of acts, emotion, and thoughts out of mortals. Fire was probably one of the most powerful deity's created by the Elder God as the Creator of Evil.

The fire element was seen as a very harmful element by all gods, giving Fire his name. Millions of years past and throughout history, Mortals and committed all types of evil and sins that made the creator of Evil powerful. He took advantage of such ability and corrupted himself from his true duties of Creator of Evil.

He then went to a whole new low arranging a deal with Satan, promising him control of the universe by turning it into hell. However, it must happen by the wishes of the winner of his own summoned tournament. The apocalypse and prophecy all failed together in the end and Fire promised never to interfere into the reality or mortals or the devils.

Allies: Fire Nation, Satan, and his henchmen.

Enemies: Heroes and all that stand in his way.

Hitosu Moriko
Name: Gotenks
Allies: well i don't know other z warriors
Enemies: uh evil

Goku: father

Vegeta: father

Bulma: mother

Chichi: mother

Gohan: brother

Apperance: c'mon we should all know how he looks anyway can't post pics

Story: fused out of two children trunks and goten they both have saiyan blood they were needed too destroy super buu which they failed by getting absorbed by him but he's super tough

Hobby: really don't know


Super saiyan: strength becomes 100x stronger

Super saiyan II: strength becomes 1000x stronger

Super saiyen III: strength increase 1,000,000x stronger and he grows some hair on his head

Energy blast: powerful blast of energy

Victory Cannon: a powerful blast that comes from the mouth

Kamehameha: a beam shot from the hands with concentrated ki

Super ghost kamikaze attack: a ghost that can be formed if touched they explode violently

Super galactic donut: an energy ring that squeezes the living right out of you

Weapon: ki energy

Alignment: good

Race(humn, alien, suprhero, ect.): well alien known as Saiyan

Age: 15

Orientation: straight

Any other history: uh no not really

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