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This is a custom Rp i made, heres the plot

on a planet named Terra, civilization buzzed on the surface. A long time ago there use to be many kinds of creatures and beings on Terra, including humans. Almost everyone back then used magic and skills. But there was something more important then the past, a amulet. This amulet was no ordinary amulet, a long time ago evil rose and tried to control the world of Terra, but a group of heros rose to try and stop the evil, including one of them. This hero's amulet was passed down from his blood line, it was used to destroy any evil that would appear when the time came. The amulet was used to obtain the ultimate weapon to defeat the greatest of evils, but itself was a great power the amulet had the power to slow down time around the user. The hero leading the party used the amulet and banished the evil, then disappeared from existence, along with the amulet. But that was a long time ago, a fairy tale. Now its present , everything is futuristic, with cities, flying cars and bikes, advanced technology, etc. Creatures have disappeared many years ago, leaving only humans and animals left. Also magic users died out, leaving it almost extinct. War and fighting has left the planet and people's lives scared, there was always a problem going on around the world, it seemed to keep everything in balance, but soon a great problem would arise. A man named Raiden was a Majikku Riyousha, a person capable of using magic in the present. living in one of the largest cities Tentou. People, mostly Mercs, Bounty Hunters, Government, or just Do Gooders, find out that he posses the amulet capble of unlocking the ultimate power, so they try to either protect him, kill him, or use him for the amulet, while Raiden retaliates by fighting back and finding out what's with the amulet, but also, using its time capble powers. Your a person who gets involved in this event and you choose what you will do, protect Raiden, Kill him, or Use him, the choice is yours...

for a character you need this

Majikku Riyousha: (yes, no)
Spells: (only if you are a Majikku Riyousha)
Purpose: (why you are after the amulet)

heres mine

Name: Raiden
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Looks: on google images search Anime guy and its the first link, by SilverRain
Majikku Riyousha: Yes
Spells: Fire, Wind, Thunder, Healing, and Time(because of amulet)
Weapons: Pistol
Foldable sword (like sidewinder in FF7 AC)
Bio: people don't know much about Raiden's past, the only thing known about him is that he takes care of himslef, he has no family, and that he possess the amulet. Tho Raiden is a mistaken person, he acts cold to hide his true feelings from other people, since he doesn't wanna show that he is vulnerable. He fights his own battles and isn't afraid of taking chances.
Profession: college student
Purpose: to find out about the amulet
Allies: none yet

forgot the rules

2. Only Raiden can use TIme magic, if you wanna use time magic you have to ask me
3. Don't try to steal the spotlight all the time
4. have fun and I hope you like the story


also this is Raiden http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e330/bleeding_angle/anime-guy.jpg

srry its just im use to using links more than images.

Do you have permission to do this rp? I didnt see it on the Unhosted thread.

Originally posted by Ushgarak
Following approved:



Shadow Warrior

heres my seal of approval


Name: Jabari Sparks
Age: 14
Gender: male
Looks: long hair, wears black clothing all over, has light green eyes.
Majikku Riyousha: no
Spells: none
Weapons: Knives, a sword, and blade connected to a chain for long distance
Purpose: (why you are after the amulet)

I could fil the rest out if i new what the amulet does... wacko

Name: Xavier Dark
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Majikku Riyousha: No
Weapons: Dual Pistols, Wrist Blades
Bio: Lived a normal life untill his parents were killed buy criminals at the age of 17. He has now been a training for 5 years and and is now a skilled mercenary.
Profession: Mercenary
Purpose: Protect, Maybe... XD
Allies: None yet

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