Sunnydale's Most Wanted.

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Hi, my name is Joshua, i'm a "Senior" member here at KMC forums although I haven't been active in quite some time. I wanted a place where I could most my stories and get some feedback. So far i've only gotten views on other websitea and I remembered posting stories here and getting replies and feedback often.

I like to write in my spare time and my stories consist of teenagers facing the challenges of highschool and growing up. A writer should write about what he knows, and this is what I know right now. My life isn't as dramatic, but I take concepts and ideas from alot of people and situations they've been in.



Here's my first installment in a series of short stories about a boy named Chase Adams. Chase is a junior in highschool with a past that only he and his parents know about in their new hometown of Sunnydale, California. Chase attends Sunnydale's Academy of Higher Learning. He used to attend Elkmore High in his former hometown of Elkmore, California, but after the conflict he faced there, his parents thought it would be best to get a change of scenery and try out the private school sector.

Right now he's been at Sunnydale Academy for about three weeks. New school, new town, and new people. He's a young man with a troubled and mysterious past, but he will soon find out that he's not the only one facing those issues in this highschool and this town.



Chase sat during lunch, concentrating on separating the salad from his chips in the taco bowl his school for was serving for lunch that day. He often sat by himself in the courtyard of his highschool in Sunnydale, California. His exclusive seating was a result of his recent move to Sunnydale from a small town further up north in California called Elkmore. Unlike your typical story, he didn't move because of some decision his parents made regarding their jobs or their finances. Their move was solely reflected on Chase's condition at his previous highschool, Elkmore High. But such storys will be saved for the appropriate time, because right now Chase is in the middle of the moment he waits for everyday.

Ever since Chase moved to Elkmore three weeks ago when school started, there have been few things that have made him smile and feel completely alive inside. In fact, he hasn't felt this way in a very long time. He left his old school in the middle of intense conflict and at the end of his sophmore year. It had been awhile since someone besides his parents actually made him smile. But every day at around this time, Porscha Williams would walk by his empty table on her way to her own more filling table, which included all of her friends. Everyday as she walked by he tried to speak to her, but for some reason, words could never seem to escape his mouth. He had spoken to her once in their American History class during the first week of school. She asked him the for the number of the page they where reading from. He was so nervous he actually told her the wrong page number which led her to get in trouble by their history teacher for not paying attention.

The funny thing was that she didn't seem to get upset over it. She just turned around and gave Chase a "thanks anyhow" smile. It was at that moment that Chase felt something different. Not only about her, but how he felt about her. He had been through so much with his ex-girlfriend the previous year that this girl, this Porscha Williams, was like a breath of fresh air.

Chase was normally not afraid to talk to girls. He had no problems talking to girls previously. But things where different now. He wasn't "thee Chase Adams" anymore, big man on campus. He wasn't in Elkmore any longer, and he had left distraught with life and with people. Pride no longer walked with him everywhere he went. This girl was amazing, and he didn't feel he deserved her. But that didn't stop him from liking her any less. Deep down he knew he didn't deserve her any less than any other guy she hung out with. The drama in his past wasn't entirely his fault, and what was, he consulted and learned from. The move was all about starting over with a clean slate. He paid his dues for his past actions, even though he did them in ignorance, not knowing the truth about what he was doing.

Chase sat there, lost in these thoughts, when something grabbed his attention. In fact, someone grabbed his attention. He looked up and across the courtyard could see a guy approaching Porscha. He didn't know the guy, but he had seen him around before. The mystery man was a senior and a varsity water polo and basketball player. The man walked toward her and without hesitation, gave her a big hug followed by a kiss that pierced Chase from across the courtyard. Both the guy and Porscha stood in each others arms, smiling at each other with a blissful gaze.

Chase's heart sank. His appetite vanished and his stamina weakened. He was so lost in his own thoughts of confusion and hurt that he almost didn't feel his phone vibrate in his pocket. He snuck it out to glance at the new text message. It was his old girlfriend Clara. The text read, you can run, but what you did will catch up with you. i'm not letting this go, not until you pay.

There you have it. Both tables drenched in exclusiveness. At Chase's sat himself and his past, and across the courtyard sat Porscha and her very friendly relationship with the handsome basketball player. But dont worry, in Sunnydale, no one is who they seem at first. Not even Porscha or her new boy toy. Be prepared, these are Sunnydales most wanted, and their lives are anything but simple.

If anyone would like me to continue this story some feedback would be appreciated.

Why would I want you to continue the story?

Now, that's not trying to be a dick, I just want to show you that there's no real draw for me in your story, yet. Why am I interested in it? Am I supposed to wodner about Chase's past, then I guess you should have hinted more. Am I supposed to wonder how things are not like they seem in Sunnydale? Well, I only have one sentence for that...why should I, as reader, atm, be interested to read more of this story?

Except for that it is not horrible...I just don't care for anyone in it as of now.

Criticism accepted and appreciated. I wanted to provide a brief introduction to Chase and a few characters that will be re-occuring. It was already pretty lengthy and I didnt feel the need to expand in this installment. I can understand that the characters may not have been very intriguing in this installment, but I will write another and see if I cannot sway you. I tried to write it several days ago, but felt it was getting a little too bubble-gum, teenagish. The next will open with a brief flashback that introduces some characters from Chase's previous life, which will lead up to what happened in his past and why it brought it him to where he's at now.

Thank you.


9 months earlier...

Chase was at a movie with his girlfriend Clara and his best friend Ian. It was Winter break and they had all been out of school for a week already. Ian sat watching the movie, pretending not to be bothered by Chase and Clara's make out session, which was going on right beside him.

It was a Friday night and they all decided they needed to get out and do something as opposed to staying home and sulking in the boredom that often comes with a break. None of them where particularly fond of the film they where watching, but the modern western was the only film that wasn't either made for children or sold out. The only film they had found even moderately appealing among the choices, but in Ians mind, at least he was trying to get his money's worth. Chase and Clara had barely looked at the screen since they had been seated.

Ian was alone because things between him and his object of affection where complicated. They knew they both had real feelings for each other, but she was already in a relationship. She said she couldnt just break things off with her boyfriend because of some spontaneous feelings they both had one night at a party. She had been with her boyfriend for months and Ian was a risk she wasn't willing to take right now.Ian, however, knew she was all he wanted and he told her he would be waiting for her when she was ready.

The movie ended and the group proceeded out of the movie theater and into the lobby.

"I need to visit the ladies room, i'll be just one minute", Clara said as she excused herself to the restroom. Chase was still on cloud nine from his experience in the theater, but Ian was still thinking about how he hated being alone.

Ian looked at Chase and said, "I'll be waiting outside, I need to call my mom and tell her i'll be home in a little while."

"Cool dude, i'll just wait in here for Clara"

"Aight", Ian replied as he exited the theater. The story about calling his mom was a lie, but he needed to send a text to the girl he couldn't stop thinking about and he couldn't concentrate around Chase. Plus Chase didn't know about the girl yet and Ian was trying to keep it low profile until anything official happened. Ian started typing a text.

I cant stop thinking about u. Idk how much longer I can take this. R we going 2 be 2gether or not?

He lingered around outside, anticipating the text. He needed answers and he needed them now. He received a response after a minute.

U know I have feelings 4 u. I want to be with you, and I promise, we will be 2gether soon. But u also know how delicate this situation we've found ourselves in is. But soon. I promise. Im just waiting 4 the right time.

He replied back.

Ok. I'll keep waiting. Ily. .

A few seconds later.


"Ready to go?" Chase asked as he walked up behind Ian. He stood arm in arm with Clara. Ian was slightly startled but mustered a, "yeah lets go."

Clara and Chase gave each other another kiss before they began the walk home with Ian.


Chase sat in his bedroom. He was at his desk looking at some old pictures and thinking about how things used to be before the night that changed his life. He thought of his old friends. He thought about Porscha. He thought about her friend that acted ever so friendly with her earlier on that day. He sat sulking. He looked at his hands and thought about all the wrong they had caused. He felt aged well beyond his years. Too much anguish for one sixteen year old boy to possibly handle. But thats exactly what he had to do. He had to handle it and try to start over. It wasnt going to be easy, and the text Clara sent him had proven that. He had caused her so much pain. Pain he never meant to cause anybody. He had been cleared from any wrong, but not in her eyes. She only recognized what he had done and nothing more. He had, by her own words, ruined her life.

The Big O
what is this supposed to be about? are you talking about the sunnydale from Buffy the Vampire Slayer? i thought that when you're writing a story, you're suppose to at least hint at what is the basis of the story. could you give out some more info or somthing? go read the fan fic story "Lucas" and see if can get any ideas as to what i mean from there.

and PS, my name's Joshua, too.

I wasn't aware Sunnydale was a town from Buffy. I've never even really seen that show. Sorry about that, but im also not. Anyways, what the story is about is in the prologue. It is a continuing story in the lives of these teenagers from Sunnydale and Elkmore High. I dont consider the story as something that would be a book. However, if it had to be compared to books it would be compared to a series and not a single work leading up to a single finale.

Futhermore, its also intended to be light reading. These characters are still just kids even though they will face alot of issues that are well beyond their years. Its not intended to be taken too seriously, and I would be dissapointed if everything seemed to logical or even practical. It is, after all, a work of fiction.

The story is about Chase. In the end everything else is secondary. The flashbacks are setting up to why Chase had to move and try to start a new life.

Again the criticism is accepted and appreciated. And I will check out that story that you referred me to.

i think its pretty awesome!

but you put a bunch of "wheres" instead of "weres"

do it again and i might kill you uhuh

Sorry, grammar has never been my strongpoint. And apparently now my content is even under scrutiny..haha.

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ahh just have a beer beer

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