Third World Immigration Turns London into Middle East Battleground

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Wow...just wow...You're using the BNP as a source to start threads? I suggest you do a little bit more research on them before doing that again.

Regardless...I'm sure the people on this forum from London will disagree with the dire assessment. It's no different from any other petty rioting whether it be football, G8 summit, World trade demos, anti-war demos.

It's certainly no worse than the rioting that has been going on constantly in France and Greece for years for varying reasons which only sporadically break into western English speaking media.

It's a little different than your average soccer game there brother. After all, there is a war going on at the moment between the Arabs and the Israelites that could just be the breaking point for all out war across the boards.

You've been watching too much ESPN or something. Why not turn on CNN for awhile?

It's not your average soccer fans who had a little too much to drink and want to throw punches at eachother. It's extreme anger and hatred against a country and it's flag. And it has everything to do with whats going on over in Gaza at the moment.

One spark is all it takes, next thing you know, London could turn into a mini Iraq. Those people aren't playing around. If there numbers get huge, and enough extremists get into the bunch, you've got a serious situation on your hands.

Thank God this hasn't happened in America yet. Americans would be all over it. And wouldn't stand for it for a second. Especially after 9-11.

So take your "wows" and go make a "wow"-sandwich. Or how bout trying to invest them in the "wow"-market to see if you can get a return on them? Or cash them in at the "wow" casino for some "wow" chips so you can try your hand at some "wow"-jack?

I'm just tellin it like it is here.

I'm British so i think i know a little bit more about what's going on in this country than you do.

Clearly you saying it's not like football violence shows what little you know about that subject. Take the Rangers and Celtic rivalry in Glasgow. It's built, not on football, but on 350 years of Sectarian hatred similar to that of the Sunni and Shi'ites in Iraq. It is another manifestation of that hatred akin to the IRA/loyalist paramilitary groups which, through the 1970's and 80's caused the deaths of over 5000 people.

As for these particular demostrations...there was 150,000 people of which a large portion weren't even Arabs. There were also marches in Paris, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Norway, Greece, Sweden, Malasyia, Thailand, South Korea and India as well as other countries.

Anyway...It was only a small minority in the crowd that were the instigators of the violence and most of the problems were actually caused by police mismanagement of the situation.

You've still not addressed the fact that you've used the British National Party as a source...You did realise the "N" in BNP didn't stand for "News" didn't you?

Anyway let me enlighten you. The British National Party are an extreme right wing political party primarily based in the north of England where they have managed to get a foothold on local councils by exploiting the fears of local white working class communities. They have effectively instigated racial riots in Oldham and Burnley by fueling racial hatred with their rhetoric that immigrants are stealing white people's jobs and raping white women.

The party itself was born from the ashes of the National Front which formed in the 1960's and was personified by white supremacist skinheads.

There politics are the removal of all immigrants of colour from the UK and the isolationism of the UK from global politics.

If there was one set of riots i think you should've picked up on it would have been the ones in the wake of the "muhammed bomb turban" cartoons that were world wide and caused the deaths of over 300 opposed to a relatively small anti-war protest that was ruined by a few idiots throwing stones at the Israeli embassy and trying to break into it.


Captain REX
How about a "Wow, stop making threads by copy-pasting information." That's a good "Wow," I think.

Meanwhile, the UN has been pretty useless for awhile.

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