Hey Guys, NEED HELP!!

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Hey Guys, new here.

Been a lurker for quite some time, and decided to register since I am a member of other boards also! This is a great site for information and good read, as is the others.

My local comic book store is holding a 1.00$ comic book sale, and there are thousands and thousands of comics to choose from..60% made up of Superman. (Huge Superman Fan.)

I've been asking around and wanting to know what you guys suggest to look for. Whether it be your personal favorite comics, or your favorite story, a Superman Comic all fans should have, or just a good read.

Can you guys give me some input on what to look for from your experience? It would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Endless Mike
I would try "Whatever happened to the Man of Tomorrow" if they have it and you don't have it yet

Most of these you can get in TPB form:

Superman: Infinite Crisis
Superman: The Journey
Superman: Up up and away.

Those three are quite recent, and are very well written imo. they also show a superman who's not the vanilla, stereotypically seen as being a boring invincible god.

Superman Annual #11 1985
"For the Man Who Has Everything" by Alan Moore
Awesome story.

Awesome. Thanks for the suggestions guys, much appreciated!

red son
whatever happened to the man of tommorow

What did you get?

Originally posted by tsscls
What did you get?

Well, I made the list up of what people have suggested and the comics I intended for were:

"Superman: Whatever happened to the man of tomorrow?"
Superman Confidential #1-5 + 11
Action Comics Annual 10 and 11
Superman # 21 (1988)
Superman # 22
Superman # 444
Superman #775: What's so wrong with Truth,Justice, and the American Way?"
Superman #61: First experience with Kryptonite
Superman #6: First Jimmy Olsen
Action Comics #23
Action Comics # 29: First Lois Lane
Superman #233: Krpytonite Nevermore
and Superman annual #11 ('85)

Superman Whatever Happenend to the Man of Tomorrow: was actually out of stock and that was one I really wanted.

They had Superman confidential but only had 1,2,5,6,7,8,9,10,12,13,14 so I held off on that since 1-5 weren't there + 11.

..and pretty much the rest of the list they didn't have and the only one I landed from that list was #775 which they say is one of the best single issues.

The Supes I ended up getting were:

Action Comics #847 in 2007: Superman is trapped in the Phantom Zone and Pa tells the Story to Martha about when Superman saved another form of life by throwing a bomb in a Super-nove sun-eater.

Superman #674 May '08 Speeding Bullet

Superman #138 of 1998: Dominus. I thought Dominus was cool so I snagged it off the shelve.

Last Laugh Joker: Doomsday Rex Dec. '01

Superman Vs The Original Flash just for run.

and Superman: The wedding Album in '96 when he marries Lois just for fun.

My major purchase was the whole arc of "For Tomorrow" Superman 204-215 (Excellent Art)

plan on finding more in the near future.

well i would go for the 1st 6 issue's of man o steel by Bryne and dgiordano if you don't have them already or the issue form superman done by jim lee (think the numbers were around 200 up to 207 but don't quote me on it)
if you have some gaps take a look at my store may have some in there link should be below.

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