Megaman's canine companion, Rush

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Snafu the Great
Megaman gets a respect thread, yet Rush doesn't get one. For shame.

Making his debut in Megaman 3, Rush has always been a fan favorite. That and using the Coil and Jet functions makes grabbing those out-of-reach 1-ups and Energy Pellets a lot easier.

Rush's Background

Rush is Mega Man's faithful robotic dog. Created by Dr. Light to assist Mega Man in his travels, he debuted in Mega Man 3. Initially, Rush was able to transform into a coil, a hoverboard, and a submarine. In Mega Man 6, he was upgraded and gained the ability to fuse with Mega Man to form the Power and Jet Suits. In Mega Man 7, his jet and coil abilities returned, but he now had Rush Search, a detection mode. Also, both of his suit transformations combined into one: the Super Adapter. In Mega Man 8, he has more abilities than ever, including a transformation into a motorcycle and healing abilities.

In the MegaMan Battle Network series, Rush appears as an enemy virus in the first two games (named "Mole" in the English MegaMan Battle Network 2) and as a Navi Customizer program in later games that appear once per battle in multiplayer NetBattles. In the anime MegaMan NT Warrior, he is a program that has the ability to produce holes that can make him go to the real world.

If anyone played Megaman 9, seeing Rush flying around with Roll on his back once Megaman gets the Jet ability is very funny.

Rush deserves our respect for standing by his master through thick and thin.

Snafu the Great

Yoshi Paradise
Rush was a pretty cool dog. Then again, most fictional robotic dogs are cool.

Let's be clear; Rush is the slickest transforming canine around. I loved that you could use his search function in MM7 and MM8 to dig up energy items, although occasionally, he might dig up a crab or get squirted in the face by a geyser!

And... some Rush love:

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