Rapture Sign Up

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Welcome to Rapture, the Undersea city of your dreams.

Plasmid(s): You may have two
Extra Details:

Name: Jake Book
Occupation: Arc Welder for repairing what is possible
Weapon(s): Revolver, wrench
Plasmid(s): Incinerate!, Electro ball
Age: 26
Skills: Hacking
Location: Back of Book's fishery
Extra Details: Has a family back in the Artemis apartment.

Scarlet Fox
Name: Lily Anderson
Occupation: Doctor
Weapons: Modified Revolver
Plasmids: Decoy, Incinerate
Age: 27
Skills: Medicine
Location: Medical Center
Extra Details: Single

((I guess that works.))

The big EH
can we have our own weapons? or do they have to be game weapons?
Name: Ender
Occupation: Shady Business Inc.
Weapons: railway rifle, surgical chainsaw
Plasmids: telekenisis, electrobolt (may be subject to change, hard choice)
Age: 25
Skills: very good at everything i'm awesome stick out tongue, hacking, sneak'in, anything with tech, and building things
Location: a bar
Extra Details: looks like this, ecept brown hair, wear a bussiness hat and the suit is black

Nah, I just like the Revolver. Just make sure it's a gun that would be a good idea to bring to an undersea city. So no RPG's haha

The big EH
awesome i love railway rifles or things like it

Name: Thomas Gunn
Occupation: Diver/Deep Sea Construction
Weapon(s): Being a Peaceful City,He only has a Spear gun for Sharks and other dangerous Sea creatures for protection while working. A Katana he uses for Martial arts purposes
Plasmid(s): Telekinesis/enrage
Age: 35
Skills: Diver, Underwater welder/mechanic/engineer
Location: Sector Pelican Bay
Extra Details: Thomas is a single father of 2 a 9yo Girl, McKenzie and, a 12yo Boy Taylor. Wife died 5 years ago of Hydrocephalus. Thomas is a peaceful man,which is why he moved to the undersea city. He is paranoid of death because he does not want to leave is children parent-less so he works out daily and eats only organic foods. He has an interest in Samurai History and Practices Shinsengumi Bushido (The way of the sword.)

Name: Anton Girdeux
Occupation: Hitman for hire, Works as a bouncer
Weapon(s): 45. Glock , M-16 with ACOG scope.( Flamethrower. Rare use )
Plasmid(s): Fire
Age: 27
Skills: Good with weapons. Is creative with anything fire related.
Location: A bar
Extra Details: Anton is a French assasin. Hired byvery powerful people mostly , he is known for his good work , and skill with getting away with illegal jobs. He always has a mask on unless he is in a public place like a store. He keeps his face covered when he can. His major conserns are never to kill women or children EVER

Mando' Ade
shotgun, billy club
fast, strong, and with a distaste for crime
police plaza

Cool if I join?

Name: Del Franc


Occupation: Dropout. Working at a bar/Dive

Weapon(s): Keeps a Small Jack knife in his sock at all times. Has an old Beretta pistol holstered on his back under his jacket, as to avoid suspicion. Has a suitcase that belonged to his father with several working and broken handguns. Can handle him self in hand to hand combat if need be. Keeps a pair of brass knuckles in his coat pocket.

Plasmid(s): Hypnotize Big Daddy. Winter Blast

Age: 19

Skills: Thinks on his toes. Quick. Not stronger but a lot of stamina. Not a bad shot with a gun. Crafty, almost like a pick pocket or thief.

Location: Nearby fishery. Live in the cellar of the Bar I work at.

Extra Details: 6ft Little pale. Short brown hair. Hazel green eyes. usually wears an overcoat/jacket. regular pants. tennis shoes. Tee-shirt. Black leather gloves. Was sent to Rapture on a separate voyage from his family. Complications ensued on his families journey down and they did not make it. He had to get odd jobs to make enough money to support him self so he knows rapture quite well. He subjected him self to tests when he was younger to make a little extra. After horrible incident he injured his hands ( They look like they have been burned severely) Thats why he chooses to wear gloves. He has been on his own for awhile, Currently works in a dive/bar, boss lets him live in the basement/cellar.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.