Luke's Lack of Faith!

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In the swamp scene in Empire Strikes Back Luke under the watchful eye of Master Yoda attempts to raise his ship out of the murky waters!

Lifting it a mere inches before it sank back down even deeper than before Luke quits without so much as a second try!

If that were you wouldn't you have been at that all night giving the fact that you at least lifted a decently sized ship just a little bit?

HEY... if I am just a few inches away from a world record bench press let alone getting a heavy ship out of muddy waters then I'm driving Yoda crazy with my all nighter second... third... fourth and 100th try!

LUKE: "One more time YODA! I can do this!"

YODA: "LUKE! Sleepy I am getting over here!"

LUKE: "Just one more time! READY? GO!"

(Ship rises a little and then sinks even further down!)

LUKE: "@#%&!"

YODA: "JEDI cuss not they do! Cuss only Sith do!"

LUKE: "Sorry! One more time! I can do this!"

YODA: "Never mind Luke! Do this myself I will! Crazy you are driving me!"

LUKE: "CRAZY! Isn't that Darkside talk!"

YODA: "SMARTASS you are! As is the father so is the son!"


Luke thought it was impossible
Meaning he was a quitter. Dam quitter
Good thing Yoda straightened him out

Perhaps if Obi Wan kept ghosting in during the training it could have went a whole lot smoother!

OBI WAN: "Come on Luke! That's not heads up football son! Get back in there and raise that ship up!"

LUKE: "FOOTBALL... huh? You know Yoda has been on my case since I got here! What gives?"

OBI WAN: "Your dad rolled up in the temple and cost Yoda his high paying gig on Coruscant! Now he lives here on the down low in a swamp! He has not been very fond of the Skywalker name ever since!"

LUKE: "So he is upset with me for what my father did years ago?"

OBI WAN: "For over 8 centuries Yoda never had a significant other or female companionship and then your daddy hooks up with the hottest queen/senator in the galaxy and fathers you and your sis... er... ahem!"

LUKE: "Your sis...?"

OBI WAN: "Never mind! Just do what he says! I'm out of here!"

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