Alex Jones Was On Coast To Coast Last Night

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Not sure if anyone was listening to it, but Alex Jones spilled the beans about our government, the New World Order, Obama, etc. last night along with politicians who have taken up a similar cause.

Why is this significant? Because coast to coast is the number 2 radio station in the country. And millions of Americans tuned in. MILLIONS.

Also...they replayed the broadcast today.

For all those millions who heard what he had to say, it's up to them now to make their final decisions on what they choose to believe and what they are going to do about it.

By the way I did listen, and the show was awesome!

State Sovereignty

Alternative media activist Alex Jones spoke about the issue of state sovereignty-- over 20 states have passed or proposed resolutions to maintain the 10th Amendment which asserts states' rights not expressly delegated to the federal government. Specifically, he said the US govt. had become intrusive to individual states in their policies on such issues as medical marijuana, home schooling, and gun control. Appearing during the latter half of the show, author Jerome Corsi said we were witnessing the beginning of a new movement sweeping the country with states fed up with the federal level of fiscal irresponsibility.

Joining the show in brief segments were Representatives Matt Shea, Jim Guest, Dan Itse, & Charles Key who described sovereignty efforts in their home states. Shea of Washington state, said they were sending a message, telling the Feds to back off. Jim Guest of Missouri cited the Real I.D. act as being particularly problematic.

Jones suggested the union was already gone and that America has been sold out to foreign banks. States have the right to dissolve the federal government in order to reconstitute it, he added. Both Corsi and Jones pointed toward a non-democratic globalist effort they believe is stealthily moving ahead with its plan for a world government/economy.

Alex Jones sent two pages of additional resources for this program: States' Rights & Sovereignty and Martial Law.

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Thanks, Ill take a look at this info.

Mr Parker
yeah thanks for the information.

Originally posted by NuclearWinter
Why is this significant? Because coast to coast is the number 2 radio station in the country. And millions of Americans tuned in. MILLIONS.

Chances are that a great number of these millions are the ones who faithfully tune into the Jerry Springer show.

By the way, both of Alex Jone's websites are:


Be Prepared for battle.

This Alex Jones rant is awesome & funny


Bat Dude

Alex Jones won't give you the truth... You faithfully follow this Alex Jones character and listen to everything he says for 100% truth, yet you condemn those who do the same thing, only with the government...

You're both in the wrong. Neither will give you the truth...

because no one who will say anything really know the truth.

The truth is what you make it to be.

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