Five Elemental Beasts

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Scarlet Fox
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Story: Legends say that long ago an Evil Tyrant ruled over the land with Magic, Sorcery, and steel, destroying all who stood against him. But it is said along with this Legend that 5 Beasts arose and battled through the hordes to take down the tyrant. No one knows what happened in that Final Battle but the Evil Emperor was Defeated, the 5 Beasts vanished, and light was once again brought to the land. Now, the Legend awakens as centuries later after a long era of peace, a new Emperor takes the place of his father with evil intentions. Whispers of the 5 Beasts return echo through homes and Villages. The new Emperor calls out for his Army to retake the land as his ancestor once did and bring chaos to the land of light. The 5 beasts wake in their spiritual forms and erupt from their slumbers to find those with true hearts of light to become one with. However the New Emperor sees a possible repeat in history and has come to study a Forbidden tome of Dark Magic. Magic that tower over that of his predecessors. Can the 5 chosen accept their responsibility and do what must be done to save the land from this coming new Darkness? You are all of the same Village and it just so happenes that the village elders are the guardians of the Elements ever sence they sealed themselves generations ago. You all know eachother, except Ashtoya that is. Wether you are friends with each other or Rivals is yup to each of you.

Scarlet Fox
At the base of a large mountain rested the small Village of the Guardians. Or Better known as Guardian Village. Here the 5 elders of the village watch over the 5 elemental spirits that rest within the moutain before them. The villagers living in peace. Until today. The Elders gather in the Elemental Hut at the back of the Village.

Elder 1: The spirits have become restless. Do you feel them my Brothers and Sisters?

Elder 2: Yes. It seems they sense the unbalance approaching. Dark times are ahead.

Elder 3: Do you suppose they will wake to find worthy hosts?

Elder 4: Of course they will. Who ever is chosen will be very lucky in..

Elder 1: Lucky? Pray that it is not one of your grandchildren who is chosen. Or any of this Village. For he or she is chosen the only thing ahead of them is danger and death.

Elder 5: We can not think like that. Only those the spirits seem worthy will be chosen. I trust their judgement as you all should too.

Elder 1: sigh You are right. As you have been many times in the past. Who ever is chosen will have the support of the Elders. I know the Spirits will choose wisley.

Elder 2: what if the Spirits do not choose anyone from our village? Would that mean we are not fit to be their Guardians?

Elder 4: What if all five are chosen? Will the village be able to handle such a blow the families within?

Elder 1: Of course they will. Remember this. The Spirits are each strong. They easily defeated the Emperor Centuries ago and...

Elder 5: .. But... they were pure. they are now Spirits of energy more or less. They meld with their hosts giving them abilities. Not to mention we ourselves know next to nothing about how the powers of each Spirit works. the only one to know of that would be the spirits themselves.

Elder 1: You forget. While 4 of the 5 Elemental Beasts Set out on their own ways after the fight, one did indeed seal itself away. The Fire Fox will return in its purest form. It will be the one to track down those chosen and tell them of what is to become of them.

Elder 5: I hope you are right.

~The Elders continue to talk amungst themselves while those outside are oblivious to the actions. they have no clue that all 4 spirits will choose someone from the village. The Potential in Guardian Village is Grand. Only those who will be chosen have any feeling of darkness.~

~Meanwhile a young girl makes her way to the Villages entry way. She wore a red Kimono, Black Sandals, and a hat made of straw. Her bright red hair cast down her back, and her beautiful green eyes looking up at the mountain itself.~

Smitwick felt the call. All his life he new that he had a special calling. He had always dreamt of flight ,He feels the giant Eagle in his soul and feel the draw of the elders. So he makes his way to their Castle.

jalek moye
Yinepu stood on the outskirts of the village he was pratcing with his sword. All though they were at peace he was a born warrior; his body his mind and spirit were all like one. He loved to fight and had gotten in trouble plenty of times for starting fights in the village. He sighed as he looked up in the sky and longed for a reason to put his training to use and see if he was good as he thought.

Amazing Vrayo!!
Wroc crouched in a tree watching his mark. He had been paid to kill this man and make it look like an accident. He had been studying the target for about a week. He checked his weapons. Today was the day...the day he killed a man. "well, the master will simply have to forgive me, because this will not look like an accident," Wroc said then swooped down upon his mark.

Wei Phoenix
The holy emperor Kintaro known as a noble man yet a villainous fiend at the same time. Nothing angered him more than the laziness of warriors, especially those under his own command. There were those out there who did not acknowledge his holy blood as the rightful ruler of not just the land but the entire world. There were those who would start much smaller factions and armies outside of his rule and this angered him even more.

"This world does not know fear nor respect. They have been at peace for far too long and they believe that a life away from my rule is a safe and happy life. It has been a while since our lands have been in turmoil. The children live happily day to day. They know not how it feels to have their father gone off to war, they know not what it means to mourn the death of their parents, they know not what it means to truly fear war. The women know not what it means to mourn the death of their lovers nor their children. The elderly are content with the remainding years of their life and they believe that they are leaving this earth in the hands of capable humans. My halberds shall start a fire beneath all of them and they shall all know what true terror and war is. I, the holy emperor Kintaro have been a benevolent ruler for far too long. The laxness of my men and their families shall be put to the test when I run their pathetic lives of servitude through the ringer. I will test this world's mettle and I will become a hero of chaos."

=Muki was laying back under a tree in the South part of the village chewing on a peice of grass and his eyes on the sky. Day Dreaming about diffrent things from Adventure, to girls, to games. Not always in that order. He let out a light sigh and got to his feet grabbing hold of a large stick he found a fey days ago. He had trimmed the bark away and whittled the wood down some to remove the rotting spots. The stick was as long as he is tall and seemed to weigh a bit. But that didnt seem to bother him much. He was always a strong kid. He made his way to his house where he lived alone for most of his life. There he took a long leather strip and wrapped it around the base of the stick. After he did that he made his way out of his house to find three people in their ealry twentys waiting. the one who, Apparently, was the leader stepped up with a smirk and straight out punched Muki in his face. Muki spit out a bit of blood, looked at the guy with a determined stare and swung his fist only to be grabbed by the other two guys who pinned him against a wall while their leader started to slam his fist into Mukis gut. Muki had left the stick in the house so he didnt have anything to help in this situation. The leader laughed as he punched and said, "This is what you get you Idiot." Muki had no clue what he ment but people were always giving him a hard time. Maybe it was because he lived alone? Maybe it was because of the way he looked? Either way the day didnt seem complete unless someone picked a fight with him. Most of them he won but he was taken by surprise this time.=

Scarlet Fox
~The young girl continued to walk through the Village. A few of the younger boys staring at her as she passed by. She turned her head to witness a boy being beaten by two others. She narrowed her eyes and walked over. Ashtoya put a hand on the first guys shoulder. He looked at her and gave a disgusted look and swung the back of his hand at her. She smiled in a wicked way and dropped down under his hand before coming up with an elbow to his gut. the guys eyes widened and his jaw went slack before he fell over. the other two just stared at their boss before letting Muki go and grabbing thier boss, running off with words of revenge. Ashtoya looked to Muki, put her hands together and bowed before walking away.~

=Muki watched as the woman walked away after helping him. He brought a hand to the back of his orange colored hair and just scratched. After a moment he raised his other hand=

Thanks.... I guess...

=He then turned and made his way to the center of the Village.

jalek moye
Yinepu slid his sword into his sheathe as he breated in and out heavily to get his heart beat to slow. He wiped some sweat from his forehead and began to walk back into the main parts of the city.

Scarlet Fox
~Ashtoya had made it to the top of the mountain. The wind blew at her hat but she placed a hand on it to keep it on. In the center of the mountain at the very top was a large crater. Or rather a sealed top of a Volcano. She placed her hand upon the side and suddenly the mountqain started to rumble and the seal cracked.~ .... time to go. ~She turned and ran down the mountain with surprising speed. As soon as she was at the base of the mountain the seal shattered and the volcano erupted allowing Lava to flow towards he village.~

=Muki was sitting outside against the wall of his little shack when he felt the ground shake. He quickly got to his feet and looked around franticlly.=

What the hell?!

=His head turned when a man yelled out about the mountain exploding and when Muki looked up he saw the Lava flow down.=

The mountain has awakened? I got to tell the Elders!

=Muki pushed off the ground and ran to the Elders meeting place in the back of the Village at the base of the moutain. He burst through the door and yelled out to them.=

Elders! The mountain! It has Erupted! We have to evacuate the Village!!

Scarlet Fox
~The Elders looked up at the young boy who had run in, interupting their meeting. The 5 got to their old feet and made their way outside to look at the mountain.~

Elder 1: It seems the Seal has been broken. the four are now free.

Elder 3: Yes! Good! they are free! Perhaps now is a good time to... well... Flee?!

Elder 5: Calm yourself brother. We must evacuate the village first.

Elder 2: I agree. Each of us will go to our section of the village and announce the evacuation.

~All 5 Elders nodded and said "Agreed" at the same time then split away from one another to ralley the villagers and leave the village. There was not much time left.~

~Meanwhile Ashtoya watched as the Lava flowed down to the village.~.... I forgot about the guardians... Perhaps we should do something. ~Beside her floated 4 orbs of diffrent colors. One Green, One Yellow, one Blue, and one Brown. They fly around her and then soar down to the village~

Kamabe' was riding the wind because the day was particularly nice. The breeze beneath his feet let him glide like a leaf. He saw a woman being robbed below. Kumabe' quickly flashed down like lighting.

Kumabe: Leave...

Theif: Dont make me shoot.

The theif continued to mug the womam.

Kamabe' took a step towards the theif slowly gripping hid Hirinyaku.

THe thief quickly pulled out a gun and shot the woman.

Kumabe' quickly slain the man as soon as he heard the womans screams.

Kumabe(thinking): Its all my fault.

Kumabe heard a group of people run and quckly swept hiself on the wind.

jalek moye
Yinepu quickly turned around and felt the earth shake and a few people running around. At first he assumed it was a small earthquake but after awhile he realized it was a volcano when he saw ash in the sky. He run back to his hut and grabbed his stuff, he lived alone since his parents had died.

=Muki ran quickly to his home and burst through the door knocking it off the hinges. It didnt matter his house will be engulfed soon by the lava flow. He grabbed a few of his things, including his fathers sword. It was given to him by one of the elders when he turned 11. After he recieved it he made an alter for it and it has never left that spot until now. He tied the sword to his back and started to run out of his house to join those who were gatherign at the main gate.=

Wei Phoenix
(I don't want this to die.)

A messenger delivers the news to Kintaro of the disaster going on. Kintaro was no fool, he knew what this meant.

"Ha, so the heavens have acted before me? Very well then perhaps I should show them my true power and decimate that village with my own, that would be too much. I'll think this through a bit more."

Scarlet Fox
~The brown orb flew down and circled the mountain quickly, kicking up dirt. the Lava flowed down and into the ditch it made to redirect it from the village. The blue orb flew up into the sky and it suddenly began to rain. The Green orb flew down around the plants, trees, ect and they all literally got up and moved away to a safer location. The yellow orb slowly spun in a circle and a strong wind came to blow the smoke away. Ashtoya nodded as the village was saved.~ Good.... Now go. find suitable hosts. We have work to do. ~The four orbs flew off into each corner of the village. No one but Ashtoya could see the Orbs so what was about to happen to the chosen they would have NO IDEA what happened. The green one slammed into Mukis back knocking him down and seeping into his back. Yellow one flew to a kid named Jace and gently seeped into his chest. The brown one hit Yinepu in the back of the head. Basically felt like some kid threw a small rock at him. The blue Orb continued to fly around in search of a suitable Host. Ashtoya stepped through the village. She still wore her red Kimono and straw hat. She made her way to the Section of the village known as Fire Section. There were 5 sections each pertaining to the element they are under. Each elder was in his or her respective Sections tending to those they were in charge of and busy hurrying them out of the Village. the Elder of Fire stopped and looked at Ashtoya for a moment. She looked over the young girl, smiled lightly, then went about her duty. Ashtoya smiled back and watched as the villagers in that section made their way out.~

=Muki was already running so when he got hit he was launched forward and hit the side of a byuilding. He stayed p ressed against it for a moment before "peeling" off the wall and falling onto the ground.=

ow... What the hell was that?

=He got to his feet and held his head as he got a little vertigo. He then looked around to see if anyone tripped him, or some object that was thrown at him.=

..Geese.. in a crisis and people are playing jokes.

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