Seal Team Six runs a gauntlet

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Tattoos N Scars
The new Navy Seal team six...consisting of the following:

1. Batman
2. Captain America(Rogers)
3. Deathstroke
4. Punisher
5. Daredevil
6. Snake Eyes(G.I. Joe)
7. Solid Snake
8. Storm Shadow
9. Bullseye
10. Black Panther

They all have their standard military issued weapons. They are killing machines employed by the U.S. Gov't..and none of them are exempt from killing their opponents...Batman included.

They have one day rest and prep in between each fight. State if the team will win each fight...and if they will suffer any casualties if they do win.

They run the following gauntlet

1. Eliminate three rogue Seal Teams(30 soldiers)
2. Infiltrate a terrorrist camp and kill all 300 of its soldiers
3. Infiltrate the White House without being detected and assassinate Lex Luthor
4. Kill two Elder Predators in a South American Jungle
5. Capture Wolverine and bring him to trial
6. Take out Cyclops, Gambit, and Shatterstar
7. Infiltrate Latveria and assassinate Dr. Doom

Stop at 1.

Originally posted by Spire
Stop at 1.

You are comparing top-tier team of comic book characters with no kill restrictions against a real-world special forces team, and saying that the spec-forces team would win!

Goodness, Batman by himself (without having to kill by the way) could take down the 3 SEAL teams you believe the ENTIRE team wouldn't be able to. Even Robin (Drake) has taken out special forces teams.

Now you have a team of Bruce, Rogers, T'challa, Murdock, Castle, Slade (goodness) ....and then to that you add fellas like Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes ....among others like that crazy B'Eye who snipes at people in adjacent buildings, through glass, with a toothpick!

Against 30 REAL WORLD special forces soldiers ....and expect them not to win?

The ratio of the team to the rogue forces would be 1 comic character for every 3 rogue SEALs.
1 to 3.
In a team where most members wouldn't need assistance to cut a swathe through the SEAL teams.

The only one that would be a challenge would be the last one ....Doom does tend to think of a lot of probables and take measures against them.

For most of the matches, the entire team would not be needed. They could probably split up, take care of the tasks at hand (with some like Logan needing more people than others ....e.g. Bruce has snuck up on Lex more than once, and without effort. Matt has also managed to get next to the KingPin through allegedly 'impregnable' defences).

Thus, they'd split up in divergent ratios, take care of the various tasks, and then meet up at the end to decide how to tackle the Latveria infiltration successfully.

Jack Daniels
I think only batman would be able to really get rid of doom once and for if you added superman he could crush doom into a hackey sack and keep it in the fortress for

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