If you were a Batman villian...?

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who would you be?
comics, movies, tv series etc etc

if you could choose to be a villian from the Batman universe, who would you choose?

yns can guess mine roll eyes (sarcastic)

Ultimate Wil
I think you can look at my avatar and sig, and know. Most of my friends say I can play The Joker with ease.


well, all the batman villians are polar opposites of some of bruce wayne's qualities.

the penguin - uses his money to become a corrupt politician, while bruce uses his money to keep up the batman disguise and for good.

the joker - found out life was unfair, therefore nothing can ever be fair, therefore he must be an agent of chaos. bruce found out life was unfair, and so decided that he would be an agent to make life as fair as he good for as many people as he could

two-face - was considered a hero, "the white knight," yet was persuaded to become a part of the "chaos" thing because of an unjustice.

riddler - uses his intellectual capacity to set up sadistic situations.
bruce uses his intellectual capacity to set up new ways to help gotham.

of course there are more, but i'd definitely love to give the riddler a try. there's always that bit in conscience, right before you make a decision, where you're like... "oyeah how great would it be to like, totally turn this around and make it all evil.

so yes, riddler. i've definitely got some of his personality. i like to be acknowledged for things i do, and the riddler is all about that. i also like to impress people by knowing random facts so people that i'm talking to are "oh my god, how did you know that?!'
which is completely narcissistic - which, again, is riddler territory.

but not the skin-tight spandex neon green suit with the question marks, and no five inch straight up neon red hair, please. big grin

Azrael, first in this costume..


then in this costume..


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