Episode 15: Tresspass

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Episode 15: Tresspass
Reaction: Negative
Season 1 Record: 6-(8)

Summary: Pure crap. Pure and unbridled crap. I actually found the Dooku Captured! episodes more tolerable than this one.

Pros: Snow is cool.


The Talz' voices! What happened to the cool kazzooiness from the Gendy series. Now they just grumble. This is the sort of flagrant disregard for established stories in this series that I hate.

The GAR. So, they jedi have no control over their troops? That's goddman ridiculous. What a confusing pile of osik.

The Chairman. What an ass. I know that was the point, but god....rub it in our faces.

The Clones, not only did I find the uniforms crappy, but where were the tactics? They just charged their speeders at the enemy as fast as they can and get clubbed to death? What idiocy. I am really starting to detest the way clones are treated in this series.

Animation. I thought it was crap. You cant depict wind blowing fur in a wooden animation. I just found it distracting.

this episode was "meh".

wasn't too horrible, but not special either.

in other words: it was boring. extremely boring.

It was extremely boring, and not because there was exposition...I actually found the battles to be more boring, simnply because I wasn't invested in the plight of the Alterrans or the Talz. I spent more time wondiner how a bunch of monkeys took over a clone base...and who funded THAT on an ice bucket.

Oh! I forgot. My last (massive) con is the Chairmans death. He survives a spear attack just to ***** and moan some more before keeling over suddenly and dying. This still mystifies me.

If there had been ample spurts of blood all over the place it would've made more sense. It seemed to be implied that he bled out.

but... there wasn't blood!
it just didn't make any sense.

maybe they should've included a plausible backstory before heading into the no-goal-no-story plot...

this was the last episode I saw... I have all others just sitting on my comp waiting for me to watch them...

I did like this episode, though the wind blowing on wood fur was a bit odd, I like it... at least it wasn't stiff...

the Talz were a bit lame though... and they definetely shouldn't be... and the Chairman/President... what an ass... I couldn't stand him, even when he's dying he still won't shut up

but I did like this episode, I wouldn't go as far as to say Dooku Captured was better... that and the following one (which I don't want to remember by name) were completely terrible...

good to see you're back at doing your reviews Ordo!


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