Mon-El new Superman?

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Mon-El as the new Superman?

Well Mon-el will be taking the role as the new Superman how will he do?

He is not going to become superman but taking his protecting role...... he has been isolated for years in the PZ so he might not be well adjusted for the task.

How do you guys thinks he will handle things in Superman's absence?

jalek moye
where did superman go

Originally posted by jalek moye
where did superman go

During the arc with Geoff John's Braniac which led into the story of "New Krypton" Superman defeated Brainiac who had all kinds of worlds in his little piggy banks of different galaxies, universes, worlds, etc. So happens that Kandor was one of those worlds, and Superman ended up breaking the seal of Braniacs bottles that stored Kandor, releasing 100,000 Kryptonians on Earth.

Well, Superman loved the fact of his own people were free, and that he had a chance to be apart of them while giving them a second chance at Earth and they lived happily ever after.

Things didn't go that way. Kryptonians, led by Alura, started forming their own pact of not trusting the humans and soon disaster followed, leaving Superman with a predicament. Kryptonians got fed up with everything and moved their "New Krypton" to outer space, but on the other side of the sun, to as say, Earth.

Superman, to keep the peace and let everything play out, decided to leave Earth and be apart of his home planet of New Krpyton, who he is apart of the military guild constructed by General Zod.

Before Superman left Earth, he freed Mon-EL from the PZ and came up with a cure, atleast for the time being. While Superman is keeping things under control in New Krypton, Mon-EL is taking Supes' spot in the Superman Title, but look for '010 to be a huge breakout for all of this.

If you want to follow Superman, he is in a new series called "World of New Krypton" which is one issue in and it will follow Superman on New Krypton all year. I'm anxious to see what will happen with everything and how he will eventually make his way back to Earth where Mon-EL is holding down the fort.

Mon-El won't be the new Superman. Superman is Superman because of who he is, what choices, and what his past. Mon-El is only taking Superman's role for about 12 issues(till new krypton ends)

jalek moye
Mon el isn't gonna call himself superman, is he? sick

Mon-El = thumb down. I hope someone slices his throat with a pencil. thumb up

Mon El will be a better Superman than Clark could ever be.

Originally posted by jalek moye
Mon el isn't gonna call himself superman, is he? sick No he won't be

I gave up comics for the news today regarding Mon-El....

...seriously...WTF is wrong with DC these days?

Why not just call it "Superman: Battle for the Cape"? or some other recycle idea of horse shit....

Originally posted by WhoopeeDee
...seriously...WTF is wrong with DC these days?
lots of changes

Endless Mike
That reminds me, was it ever mentioned what happened to Brainiac's other environments he had miniaturized and the people in them?

It hasn't been revealed yet, but they were brought up in new krypton 1.

i read the issue, it was all right

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