World War Z: An oral history of the zombie war

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Really good account of what would happen if the dead were to rise! Fantastic read

anyone checked it out?

i read the authors other book "The Zombie Survival Guide" and loved it
im really thinking about buying this one next time i get some movey

Red Nemesis
I thought the book was fantastic.

I just got the book today as a birthday gift and just started it about 30 minutes ago, so far it's great. Very excited about reading the rest.

Great book. It has some of the creepiest scenes I've ever read before.

I'm very interested to see how they are going to pull the movie off.


New zombie survival fan here.

Both World War Z and Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks are brilliant. They will be making a movie based on WWZ soon I believe.

Heres the concept art for the film:

I've also got them both as audiobooks, also very nice voice acting. Even includes legends like Mark Hamill!

This site has a pretty cool yet unfinished (so far 7 episodes) set of audio (pretty much audiobooks) podcasts, that you can also download to listen. Be sure to check it out if you're a hardcore zombie fan.

I know this is specifically the 'WWZ' thread, but if anyone knows of similiar good works, please tell me!

I don't think there are any other works like this. The Zombie genre is overall very underused, but I could recommend taking a look at the Walking Dead comic.

Funny thing, everytime I hear something about North Korea in the news my mind races back to what happened to North korea in WWZ, entire population simply vanished, imagining millions of Zombies trapped underground.


I think we almost made a graphic adaptation out of that novel smile

That ACDC Chick
i bought this a couple of months ago but havent been able to finish reading it for some reason
i think i just got sidetracked by getting back into book club and reading other things plus writing

its awesome though i like the beginning where the people recount their first encounters with the zombies

I'm reading Zombie Survival Guide at the moment, then I have World War Z to move onto. smile

Great to read all the positive reviews. "World War Z" is one of the many books on my long "must read" list. Here's hoping to get to it before the movie comes out...

I like it, along with Pride, Prejudice and Zombies, this is the only book I own. It's neat, I'm not much of a book person at all, but I'm trying to finish this one.

I got "Pride, Prejudice & Zombies" too. Just shows that about anything can be good by simply adding zombies! laughing out loud

That ACDC Chick
did anyone read The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks?

Fantastic book, Brooks took his inspiration from post-WW2 reports and interviews and ran with it within the zombie aspect. It's very insightful and layered, and most of all very realistic. Brooks did a lot of research on many levels and it shows.
A clever must-read for the horror fanatics


the ninjak
Originally posted by That ACDC Chick
did anyone read The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks?

Yeah loved it. Very clever way of immersing zombies into history.

Was that simply an illustrated version of the zombie tales and sightings from The Zombie Survival Guide book itself?

Originally posted by Mindset

I finally got around to reading this - and its fantastic. I would recommend this to others here. Its NOT your typical Zombie Survival genre, it also has large elements of espionage, military, terrorism etc. In short, its pretty awesome.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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