Made-up Teen titans characters

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Name: Icy
Age: 18

Species:Underwater Princess

Special abilites/Gadgets: Ice+Water

NickName: Angel

Favorite Food: Meat/ Pizza

Hobby: Shopping with Starfire and talking with Cyborg

Background: She was born in Atlantis, along with her brother Blaze and sister Sandy.

Best Friend: Starfire

In love with: Cyborg.

NAME: Bellatrix Finch
Power: Can fly and bends air and weather
Nick Name: Swift Finch
Age: 15

posted by vfloerke
WOW!! Super neat character! And the bio is really interesting. OK, here's my character. Some of it is similar to ur character-like 10%

Name: Aphra
Code Name: The Angel of Darkness

Age: 14
Height: 4 ft, 4 in
Weight: 105 lb
Hair: long, shiny black
Eyes: intense jade-green (glows black when she loses temper and control of her powers)
Skin: Paler than Raven's (almost colorless)
Likes: reading, doing yoga to keep herself in control, Beast Boy, the color black, Japanese culture, dark pop music (especially Disturbia and Paparazzi), and Black Eyed Peas
Dislikes: Slade, Brushogun, Terra, her older sister Zelda, her shadowy past, and her bad reputation
Friends: the Teen titans, Aqualad, Mas and Menos, Kole, Wildebeest, Hot Spot, and Bumblebee

Weapon: her master bolt given to her by Zeus

Abilities: extreme martial arts, teleports, disappears in smoke by dissolving into smoke, controls the elements (fire, earth, water, wind), flies, controls electricity, and takes the form of a black phoenix

Born in Azarath, Aphra got separated at birth from Raven, her twin sister (she didn't find out about this until the episode "Birthmark"wink, and she was found and adopted by Batman and Robin as a baby. Up until the age of 5, she lived the happy life of a young hero. One day, while fighting a villian, a flood appeared separating Aphra from Batman and Robin. Since then, she lived on her own. Around 6 months later she found out about her powers. Though she practiced as often as she could, she didn't have full control. That's when she found out how yoga helped her to stay in control. She did yoga every day and went around the world fighting crime. However, she often lost control while fighting a villian, so everybody rejected her. When she was 7, she was being chased by gangsters in Tokyo, but was soon rescued by a kung fu master with the same powers (controlling the elements) as her. He and the other kung fu masters of Japan took her in, and throughout the years they taught her how to control her powers better plus extreme martial arts. Aphra was 9 when the Greek god, Zeus, gave her his master bolt, which she began to use for crime fighting. When she was 12, she left the kung fu masters hoping her life would be better. But she was wrong. Instead, Slade found her and convinced her to serve him. When he did, he had his mark dissolved into Aphra's shoulder allowing him to control her every move. 2 years later, Aphra began to hate Slade and tried to escape. When she couldn't, the Teen Titans helped her break free. Since then, she was a member of the team. But then, in the episode "Terra", she got jealous that everyone liked Terra and even took her anger out on the Titans without knowing it, but then was happy that Terra left. In "Titan Rising" when Terra became a Titan Aphra's jealously built up again, and in "Betrayal" when Terra won BB's heart, she couldn't take it anymore. She threw her communicator to the floor and left Titans Tower. She went back to Tokyo to live with the kung fu masters, and during "Aftershock 1" the headmaster listened to Aphra's love issues as a Teen Titan. After listening to his advice, Aphra decided to go back and reappeared in the end of "Aftershock 2". She remained a Titan forever and developed a romance with BB.

Personality: same as Raven's, tomboy, but also outgoing, funny, wild, loyal, and gets emotional when she loses control

Clothes: red T-shirt, baggy pants, and laced-up boots

Originally posted by vfloerke
posted by vfloerke
OK, I got another character.

Name: Zelda
Code Name: The Shadow

Age: 17
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 120 lb
Hair: long, blond
Eyes: intense, blazing blue (glows white when she uses her powers)
Skin: Orange
Likes: writing, playing sports, Beast Boy (at first but then gets a crush on Red X), the color white, Chinese culture, dance mix pop music (especially Please Don't Stop the Music and Just Dance), and Pink
Dislikes: the Teen Titans, her younger sister Aphra, and people that hate partying
Friends: The Hive Five, Red X, and Blackfire

Weapon: an icy blue sword that contains all her controlling powers

Abilities: extreme martial arts, teleports, disappears in smoke by dissolving into smoke, controls the elements' opposites (ice, destroying nature, lava, fog), flies, controls thunder, and takes the form of a bat

When Aphra and Raven got separated, Zelda was 3 and lived on her own. When she was 8, she found an ice blue sword that contained ice, nature destruction, lava, fog, and thunder. She found out she could control all those things plus dissolve into smoke, fly, turn into a bat, and teleport. When she was 13, she became good friends with Blackfire and tried to replace Aphra in the episode "Sisters". But when she and Blackfire were arrested, they broke out and went their separate ways. Blackfire took over Tamaran while Zelda took over Azarath in "Betrothed". After getting banished from Azarath, she switched between being a member of The Hive Five and being crime partners with Red X and Blue X (created by Aphra). Since Red X and Blue X were just friends, Zelda developed a romance with Red X. But then during "Trouble in Tokyo", she and Red X got separated from each other in a flood. Zelda was never heard from again.

Personality: same as Jinx's and Blackfire's

Clothes: gold bikini top, short hot pink shorts, white high-heeled boots

Name: Night Vally

Superhero I.D.: Dark Eater

Age: 19

Height: 6'6".

Weight: 250.

Power: time, shadows, Dark magic, and teleporting.

Likes: the dark, his friends, Raven, Dark Matter, and his home Decayorx.

Dislikes: his enemies.

Alliance: titans

Background: all his life he just drifted though the time line just to be alone but one day he stop in the time of 2008 and met up with jinx and her group. Shortly after he joined the HIVE and lived there until Cyborg A.K.A Stone. He knew what was going to happen so he befriended Stone telling him that he was planning to take down brother blood and that he needed help. The night that the titans attacked Cyborg talked them into letting him join the titans they agreed on one condition that Night tells them every thing that he knows about the HIVE and Brother Blood. To this day Raven dose not trust him but he developed some feelings he never felt before for Raven. Now he will try to prove his loyalty to the titans and try to get raven to trust him.

Personality: dark, quite, and a deep hatred of Malchlor

Clothes: black duster coat, black denim pants, no t-short, fingerless gloves, black biker boots, and a spiked belt

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