Mandalorian connections

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Darth Heinous
Right before Boba Fett killed Jodo Kast, he ripped off Kast's helmet to see who he was. "Let's see who you are." Boba didn't reconize his face and got very angry. "You're NO ONE! Not Dala! Not Shysha! No one! You didn't earn this armor!" Obviously, Jodo was NOT a "true" Mandalorian Warrior. But, who are Dala and Shysha? Are they other Mandalorian Warriors? Relatives of Boba? Perhaps Boba knew them in the clone wars? Or perhaps Jango Fett or Ambu Fett knew them? I don't think Dala was the same person as Admiral Dala from the Jedi Academy Trilogy, Darksaber, and Planet Of Twilight. Only Boba knows. Perhaps we'll find out in a future EU novel or comic.

Admiral Kettch
That's Admiral Dalla, so I doubt it's her.

Jedi Mercenary
Eh, say that again Kettch??

The 'others' to whom Fett is referring dates back to the old 'Marvel' comic book series. During the year between ESB and ROTJ, Leia and the others were searching the galaxy for Boba Fett and Han Solo, they came across a lead which had them going to a planet where an individual had been sighted who looked like Fett, but in fact turned out to be Fenn Shysha, who came from the same unit of supercommando's that Fett had served with during the Clone Wars. In the centre spread there were three of them pictured in slight variations on Fett's armour, with Slave One pictured in the background. I was surprised to see this referance as most of the Marvel stuff is largely ignored these days.

Darth V
Actually it's Daala ;-)

Tifa Lockhart Strife
Then who is this Dala Mandalorian? Obviously he/she is not Admiral Daala. What is the Mandalorian Dala's full name?

Tobbi Dala I believe was the name you're looking for. I my self don't know a hell of a lot on this topic but I did stumble across that online big grin

ARC Trooper 117
Like Coreworld said above, Tobbi Dala and Fenn Shysha were characters created by Marvel Comics to help give Boba Fett a little history, (and also a little history of what Luke and them did during the time between ESB and RotJ). Basically in the comics, Luke, Leia, Chewie and the Droids go from planet to planet searching out the Bounty Hunters who took up the bounty on Han's head, trying to figure out where Boba took Han.

Tobbi Dala was a Mandalorian Super Commando, an older one, and he was killed during some sort of conflict on Mandalore. At one point in the comics, he returns there. There he sees Fenn Shysha, an old "friend" and fellow Super Commando. They mourned the death of Dala, and Shysha mocked Boba Fett, saying things to him like: "I'm not afraid of my face! This bloody armor doesn't own ME!" Not long afterwards, Luke and the others arrived, and Fenn Shysha tried to put the moves on Leia.

Eventually, this tidbit of Marvel/Star Wars EU History was mostly thrown out the trash, though ideals and parts of the story survived. I have no doubt the author that wrote the comic had probably gotten the monthly Marvel/Star Wars comic when he was a kid.

Oh, and btw, who is Ambu? confused

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