Marvel Aliens vs Apokolips

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An open portal from the Marvel Universe leads into Apokolips. Can the ff. Alien Races manage to conquer Apokolips? Darkseid doesn't have the ALE.

1) Annihilation Wave
2) Kree with the Inhumans
3) Shi'ar with the Imperial Guard
4) The Phalanx lead by Ultron and with the Kree Empire fully Assimilated (as with Annihilation: Conquest).

...All four of them conquer Apokolips.

#1 probably does it the easiest, though.


All of them together or each separately?

Annihilation Wave clears it.
Kree&Inhumans... Ok, they clear it. Chorus Sentries FTW.
Shi'ar will lose, though. ))) Not until they deploy Hecatomb, at least.
Ultron possibly can solo. And with all the big guns on his side, he most certainly wins.
Oh, and Drax rips DS's heart out. )))))

They do it, together or separatly.

Symmetric Chaos
Has Apokolpis ever faced an invasion consisting of more than a couple people? I mean, odds are they'd have no idea how to defend against any of those groups.

Considering the VASTLY higher technology, the fact that without boomtubes, the people attacking are gnats, and of course, the sheer power of Apokolips and the fact that it has an infinite army........

They all die. Combined......might just be enough, but even then Darkseid and company probably have a way to pull it out.

Sym: New Genesis, and the entire GLC tried to invade. They both failed. And what makes you think the mickey mouse tech these guys have is going to stand up to the really scary parts of Apokolips? Like morrow-cubes, terror broadcasters, brimstone, state sized battleships, etc?

Surprise surprise.

The portal works like a boom tube, transporting them at the same size as the people on the other side of course. :/

Still a huge tech edge. They have to find a way to get through the planet's shields. Not to mention Darkseid himself.

Apokolips will be destroy

annihlation wave wud probably destroy apokalips itself.

inhumans alone are a decent enough threat, put the kree empire behind it and ronan etc, and you have a cumberstomp

shiar with the imperial guard cud possibly lose, because the shiar are a reletively small empire, but still, the odds are against apokalips

the phalanx with ultron cud probably destroy the 4th world.

together, dc universe goes down.

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