SAW: Miroku's Death

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Nemesis X
Miroku wakes up in a pitch black room. Lights suddenly come on but they're dim. Across the room there are two women shaped maneqquins and a table in the middle with a device Miroku is not familair with (it's a taperecorder). He picks it up and pushes down one of the buttons.

A voice is now heard in the device saying "Hello Miroku, do you want to play a game? You have the craving to massage womens rears and tonight, this may be your last. You just have to rub the backside on one of the mannequinns but there's one little problem, one of them is rigged with an explosive charge that will detonate when touched. You must be careful which one to rub or you won't live to see your friends." The device stops.

Miroku walks up to the maneqquins and tries to decide which one to touch but is having difficulty doing that because he doesn't want to blow up. "I knew this addiction of mine would bring the end of me." says Miroku. With no other options, Miroku rubs the one on the right. He now turns pale and freezes. Nothing seems to be happening. While praising not touching the wrong one, it begins to make a ticking. "Oh sh--" an explosion erupts out of the manneqquin he touched. Body parts begin flying. Arms, legs, the torso, and the head. The monk has fallen.

A camera in the corner zooms in on Miroku's face. In the surveillance room, a woman chuckles. "That oughta teach you, you lecherous monk."
Out from the shadows rises Sango. A door opens up behind her. In comes the infamous Jigsaw. "You have done well my student" says Jigsaw "Now what will you do?"

Sango thinks in her head for a minute and answers "I think I'll go back to my friends now."

Jigsaw asks "Won't they wonder what happened to Miroku?"

Sango answers "Trust me, I don't think they'll even care if he's gone."

LOL! This was hilarious! laughing

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.