Quincy's Tales From Subspace : Role Play

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Quincy gave permission for me to start it for him.

In this world, trophies fight.

They know nothing but fighting. Fighting is the sole reason for their existence.

Being turned back into a trophy, being unable to fight, is much like death.

Those are the rules of this world.


When someone...or something...breaks those rules, the world will pay a terrible price...

Dauragon awoke agian from his long nap. He thought to himself and sighed * it cant get any worse than this can it ? all plans failed ? im useless after all i worked my ass of for ? does anyone share the same desire to get back at those who wronged them !?!?* He punched a hole in the wall in anger. He got up and sighed. He walked around his ship that has been idle in the air for way to long. "if only ... i could...hmmm" He went to his computer and zoomed in on the city he was above at the moment. " this is a good as place to start as any"

Blaze looked out the window of her seven story apartment.Once again those street punks were cuasing havokin the city.This timesomepink mohawk looking guys werebeating up some kid."This crap has to stop"She rushed down to the alley only to find she was too late

Anon E. Mous
Master Chief woke up from a dream involving a hundred covenant soldiers. He, for the sake of routine, put on his armor and did his daily 1000 pushups and thought to himself: "if only there was some kind of war, I would be able to fight again. They should know that i am a Combat Super-Soldier, and all this waiting around is boring for me. Oh well, at least im not being shot at all the time anymore."


Hitosu Moriko
X woke up from his pod in labrotory and notices the many warning signs in the H.Q

X: Grrrrr more Mavericks

Scarlet Fox
The sound of a rattling chain was all that was heard in house. A grunt now and then with the chain sounds after and a thud in between. Red Leather swaying back and forth with dust falling from the ceiling where the chain strained. Fists pounded the red leather hard over and over until the leather broke and sand spewed onto the hardwoof floor. Tifa stepped back, sweating. Her work outs always ended the same. Behind her on the floor was two other punching bags one red like the one on the ceiling now and the other black. Great...

jalek moye
Dante walked ouside of his shop and stretched as he let out a yawn. he looked out at the streets and heard footsteps he shook his head as a demon with dlades for arms jumped out behind him. It let out a shreiking sound and thrust it's blades at him. Dante kicked his leg back into the demons chest making him and the swords fall backwards before the thrust finished. He pulled out one of his handguns and shot the demon in the forhead killing it. "Come on now, I thought we would atleast have a little fun before you kicked the bucket."

In a dark room, the only light made visible came from a small display screen. The screen flickered, as white noise made its way through the connecting speakers.

In the dark, an ominous figure sat at a large table, his gloved hand rested beneath his chin. The time was almost upon us. These worlds...these pathetic realities. Soon his plans would all be complete. And ultimate power would be his.

On the arm of his throne, the figure pressed a small button on a datapad, that beeped quickly in response.

"Sooon...." he said.


Suddenly, in all the surrounding worlds, the air fragments, and cracks, only slightly. As small robotic creatures began pouring out from beyond the dimensions.

(You see these creatures, and they attack you)

Hitosu Moriko
X went to the Cyber City and saw a giant Dragon Maverick X pilled out his megabuster and charged a shot at the maverick shooting a whole in his chest causing the maverick to explode

X put an earpiece on his helmet connector and contacted H.Q

X: Was that all there was

H.Q: Yes you may return to H.Q

X Telported and left the city

Anon E. Mous
Now this is more like it!

*Fighting Robots for several minutes, starting to get worn down*

Damn, their everywhere!

(into intercom)"Mayday! Mayday! This is the Master Chief! I need backup immeadiatly!" Why isn't it working!

*Jumps into escape ship*

I'll just have to outrun them

*Flys away, hopefully to temporary safety...*

Scarlet Fox
Tifa turned as robots burst through her apartment wall. What the?! Only three were there but she saw more out in the street. ~Great~ she thought to herself. she pulled her simple leather gloves tighter over her hands and ran at them just as the three ran at her. (( http://www.entertonement.com/clips/81045/Fighting-Theme-Song )) Tifa slammed her fist against one of the robots and knocked it back. She turned and kicked the other one with a round house and using her other foot kicked off it to fly at the third Robot. She raised her fist high up in the air and slammed it down. She continued to pummle the Robots until they were all into peices. She took a step back and brushed at her hands. That takes care of that! (( http://www.entertonement.com/clips/81126/Victory-Fanfare-Variation ))

Hitosu Moriko
X then noticed more robots coming to him

X: Theres still more coming

H.Q: We can't sense these robots with our radar X you have to do something

X: Roger

X's armor turned green while robots surround him

X: Double Cyclone

Two Space Cycloes appeared and Vaccumed the robots into the space cyclone and destroyed them

X: I can't Sense Where the robots are so i have to look around

jalek moye
Dante noticed a bunch of small robots began to form in the streets and walk towards him. He raised an eyebrow ad titlted his head "well this is a first, but hey come on guys cuz boy do i have a show for you." He laughed lightly as he walked back into his shop, the creatures began to run into the shop chasing him as he looked over at his wall. "hmm, now what to use........no...naw...ahh here it is" he reached over and pulled out what looked like a blue demonic guitar. He spun around swining it at one of the robots cuasing it to fold out into a sythce and slice through it. It slid back and he quickly began to play it, as he did streams of lighting infused bats fired out of it in whatever direction he pointed it. He was playing what would sound like a metal song as he jumped around and placed the guiatr behind his head and to his side to fry the robots all around him. Only a few remained and he smiled "guess it's time for the finale" he slid into the center of them on his kness and began to stay there as he played the guitar at a much faster pace creating a whilrwind of bats that flew around and began to rip the robots apart. He continued to play into they were all gone and strummed the guitar one last time, before throwing his arms into the air "YEAH!.....Hmm guess my show was really to die for" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oskw8aGIFk0&feature=related ) He then picked it up and it turned itself itno a glowing orb before being absorbed into his body "well I guess i'll take you along to, sicne i have the other useful ones" He walked out of his shop appearing to only have his braod sword rebellion and his two hand guns "Ebony & Ivory" on him.

Anon E. Mous
*Master Chief has flown to one of the UNSC's emergency weapon bunkers*

My pistol wasn't enough to take out all those robots, but with an assault rifle, some grenades, and a couple emergency SMGs, i'll make short work of them

*Flying back to the base, he found the building empty...

Where are they? *faint rattling from behind him* There they are! Taste frags robots!

*With the robots gone, he could sit and think about them*
they seemed to appear out of nowhere, i have to find out whats happening

Blaze turned around as several robots stood looking at her."Must be Mr.X and his crime lords."She ran toward one.Once she was close enough to it she threw herself into the air which cuased an back flip followed by an telekinetic/energy slide.

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