Tales of Surune

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... so ive been gone for forever but i m back now and going full charge. I am going to open my world of Kael'dere Surune or Surune to this community. The stories will focus on the large continent of Infalanthe.

Playable Races:
- Infali: humans
- Fanthars: large oxen like humanoid race
- Aellons: tall statuesque avian humanoid race
- Druakkin: scaley dragon like humanoid race that vary in size and color
- Kentor: centaur race
- Open to any other races but i must approve them

Playable Classes:
- Fighter/Warrior
- Ranger
- Divan- Elementalists/ Witches
- Thief/Rogue
- Ninja/Samurai
- Bard
- Monk
- Other classes must be approved by me

The story will take place in the country of Alund. Once the world hub of science, art, culture, music and democracy it is now under forced imperial rule from Barilla. Alund was a constitutional monarchy headed by King Leyed Aroleth and the Alundian Senate but 14 years ago Barillan forces under Emperor Cemarus Orosuun invaded and conquered Alund. Leyed surrendered to Emperor Cemarus in the capital of Talmasas for the safety of the Alundian people. A few days after King Leyed's wife Diedre died during childbirth and from grief he himself succumbed and passed leaving his 8 year old daughter Princess Liana alone. Emperor Cemarus allowed Liana to live but under constant Imperial presence at her mother's sister's estate in the Alundian city of Ellisalde.

Now it is the year 1434 ABBN Barilla now has implemented forced occupation of most of the continent of Infalanthe and continues to push their empire outward. Rebel forces battle the hardened and large Barillan army while the prophet Gaelun has surfaced preaching the rise of a hero that will lead the people of Alund to freedom.

Please submit your character sheet and small bio that should look something like this....

Hair color/Eye color:
Small bio:

Anon E. Mous
Name: Xandir Grey-Scale
Race: Druakkin
Class: Thief
Age: 15
Hair color/Eye color: Black Eyes, Grey Scales, Small Ridge on Head
Height/Weight: Height: 4'5 Weight: 100 lb
Small bio: Xandir escaped from the orphanage he was raised in at the age of 10. Ever since he has stolen to stay alive. He is such a good thief because of his color and size. He heard about the resistance and started searching for them. Even thieves have morals, and he dosen't like killing people. He also hates the Empire for killing his parents shortly after he was born.
Equipment: Claws, smoke pellets, small dagger, and a "Magnet", a creation of his own design, he can put it on a small pole to pick up/steal metal items. Natural speed and agility.

Question: do druakkins have wings, or are they more lizard-like?

druakkins are more lizard being the descendants of a cursed dragons. most of the race are gluttoness, greedy and many are slavers, thieves and pirates. some are dimunitive while others are human size and their weights also vary. their colors often indicate some natural abilities they have. an example of this would be green druakkins can breathe underwater and are expert swimmers. red druakkin are highly resistant to heat and fire. blue druakkin can leap high distances. white are highly resistant to cold. black druakkin's claws and fangs carry a neurotoxin venom that causes temporary paralyzation. other druakkin colors are rare and are thought to be completely extinct. xandir's grey skin would grant him the ability to hide in shadows going almost completely invisible. and just so you know family ties are really not important to druakkin though your's may be the exception. female druakkin are just like their male counterparts and rarely mate for life.

Anon E. Mous
Cool about the grey skin, I just guessed a color that would sound good with '-Scales.

Too bad about no wings though, oh well, the grey ski thing makes up for it.

glad youre interested let your friends know about this story and see if they wanna join

I will roleplay many characters but here are two

Liana Eeryn Aroleth
race: human
sex: female
class: Aristocrat/Archer
age: 22
height/weight: 5'7''/125 lbs.
hair color/eye color: dirty blonde/green
small bio: Liana is the adopted daughter of King Leyed and Queen Diedre. Her birth mother was found raped and dying at the castle doors. while her life was saved her mother died shortly after giving birth. Queen Diedre fell in love with the little girl and her and Leyed took her as their own. Liana never fit into the lifestyle of being princess with all the procedures and seclusion. She was a free spirit and very much a tom boy but loved her parents very much and was beloved by the Alundian people. She was eight when the Barillans attacked and when Talmasas came under occupation from the imperials. Liana was left alone when her parents and her unborn brother all died and she was left alone against the Barillan oppressors. She was sent to live with her uncle Senator Balen and aunt Claudette Orless. Liana continued her father's fight and defied Barilla by secretly leading the rebel fight and securing many loyal Alundians. Imprisoned several times for her rebellious acts Emperor Cemarus has always released and kept her alive to show "goodwill" to the Alund people. Now at the age of 22 and very much her own woman Liana continues the fight more than ever though she is under constant watch from Barillan spies and soldiers that patrol her aunt and uncles estate.

Draegen Dasmere
race: human
sex: male
class: fighter
height/weight: 6'1''/186 lbs.
hair color/eye color: black/dark blue
small bio: Draegen was born in the small town of Dorvans in the north east small nation of Tasche. At the age of 6 his family's homestead was overrun by Barillan soldiers as they invaded Tasche with no warning. Draegen's family was slaughtered him and his little sister Danya were taken as prisoners as he watched his father and older brother Cedric impaled and his mother gutted. Seperated from his sister Draegen was brought north to the mountain capital of Barilla, the citadel city of Esgariond. There was placed in the imperial military school where was transformed from the son of a ox farmer to a killing machine. Draegen underwent the intense and violent brainwashing techniques of the Barillan coordinators and soon advanced in ranks among the other students. Now at the age of 23 he has attained the rank of Vanguard, the deadliest unit of the Barillan army (whose fighting techniques are akin to the spartans). Draegen has recently been sent to Alund to help quell the rebel forces that have recently gained strength
equipment: Vanguard armour (also akin to the spartan hoplite armor but dark purple), vanguard helm, black and gold cloak, darka (fine deadly shortsword), shortspear, vanguard shield (bearing the twin lion crest of Barilla)

Anon E. Mous
I don't have any friends... sad

At least on this forum.

Don't worry, this one seems interesting, people will sign up.

Anon E. Mous
Wait a minute...

did you get permission for this game?

no not yet i m just submitting my characters and storyline if they allow it.... so yeah this is a proposal if the administrators will give me permission.... maybe i should have reworded the original post but when i went back to correct it it wouldnt let me so yeah please give me permission? ...

Anon E. Mous
You have to get permission from Ush to post a thread at all.

well ill send him a message... but this is just a post of my ideas for my story... but yeah i ll send him a private msg with my story's idea

Anon E. Mous
You have to post it in the "IDEAS" thread.

One of the first threads in forum.

Anon E. Mous
the thread that says "READ THIS FIRST".

ok im a bit rusty ill post it there thanks bud

Anon E. Mous
Sure thing

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