Imperial Stormtroopers or Rebel Alliance Troopers.

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I was studying the Star Wars films lately and I have found some strange things between what people say and what is actually shown.

People usually say that the Imperial Stormtrooper is basically a under trained, aim deficient , poorly armored trooper class...and I also here that people say the opposite about Rebel Troops.

I find this...strange since when the Imperial Stormtroopers boarded the Tantive IV that the Imperial Stormtroopers wiped out the Rebel Troops...Also I see that the Imperials won the Land Battle on Hoth and yes I know this isent in the movies but its close to its timeline.

The Rebel Commando Bria Theran was killed by Imperial Stormtroopers trying to take the Death Star Plans away and send them to Leia.

If the Rebel Troops were so much greater than the Stormtroopers or Imperial Army they would have Won Hoth , Bria Theran would have lived and the Rebel Troops on the Tantive IV would have held longer and killed more.

Its also good to know that the Rebel Soldiers also were horrible aims and had sucky protection and dident do much was only the Rebel Commando Squads that Held out against the Imps on Endor and also they had Han Solo and Leia Organa. which as we Know Leia is Force Sensative and Han has Exceptional Skill with Fighting the Imperials.

Also this isent in the movies but its part of the Movie Lore. The Imps drove the Rebels off of Yavin using their ground forces.

So here is what I ask you.

Are the Imperial Stormtroopers as bad as we make them sound like? Do they really have such a Bad Aim? or are they actually the Feared Troopers that the Imperials make them out to be that they just caught up against a group of Rebels (Han , Leia , Chewie , Luke , Lando) that were just lucky and had the Force on their Side?

Also in Defense of the Imperial Stromtrooper Endor was a botch to begin with...even if they are primitive how can you fight an entire planet worth of Furry Wookie Lookin Furballs? and we dont even see how the Rebel Commandos were in Endor...we dont know if they had high casualties or not.

You tell me. I just state the Facts.

in lego star wars the stormtroopers are stupid as hell laughing out loud

General G
Ep. 5 gives me the most recent memory of their lack of aiming skill. When Boba was leaving with the frozen Solo, and eventually the Imperials start chasing and fighting Leia, Chewie, and the gang, there were many parts where the troopers had ridiculously clear shots at them when they were running in a STRAIGHT LINE, and not one shot hit them. Sometimes, they weren't even moving.

Another moment is in the video game, The Force Unleashed, at the end, during the light side ending, they are all running to their a straight line, with about a million storm troopers shooting at them. Not one single shot even grazes them.

Imperials have numbers, not skills.

It's due to the Empire running out of Jango clones and just recruiting planet militia and other soldiers who didn't have the same skill. The stormtroopers in the films are PIS, the books bring to light how well trained they were, but theres also a quote floating around saying how easily the standard issue blaster rifle lost it's calibration quickly and how it was cheaper to replace than maintain.

bane's heart
i'll take the stormtrooper as described in novels

Well, stormtroopers were actually supposed to be very good marksmen, cant remember wher i read that..... but you cant kill off Chewie, Leia, 3PO, R2, and Leia, and Lando, in episode 5, they have to be in episode 6, duh. And you cant kill of Bail, Mon Mothma, and Garm when the canon is they didnt die till later, and geez man, that game cant kill them if they are in games before that that happened later. =-p

Darth Storm
in the visual dictionary, it talks higly about their equptment and skillz. Mabye its the bulk of dere armore?

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