Closed/Moved/Question/Non Comic Threads

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I've had to move and close several threads the past few days. These threads weren't made by new posters but people who have been on KMC a long time.

If you have a thread that's not exactly a vs thread or contains characters which aren't really from comic books but from comic strips, cartoons, anime, manga, Star Wars, Star Trek, video games, movies, etc. then contact a mod to get the okay.

I know the Comic Vs Forum has more traffic than other forums and there is a gray area regarding characters but most of you have been here long enough to know what threads will be closed.

We have no problem leaving a thread open with a heads up and if there's a genuine purpose for the thread. Just let a mod know in advance. Otherwise, the threads will be closed or moved. This is nothing new on KMC.

Originally posted by Digi
Rules for the matches themselves:

Keep them comic related.

- If there is another forum for discussing the characters, they are banned. This includes game characters, anime/manga, and Star Wars.

- Beyond that, if a character has a comic and doesn't belong in one of the other forums, they will be allowed. The "primarily viewed in a comic medium" rule is being abolished, in an attempt to open things up more without allowing so much that we get rampant problems. If they don't have a comic at all, they aren't allowed, but MANY characters have at least short series and such, so this should allow for some flexibility.

- A character bio should be provided for the character, especially when there are multiple versions of the character.

- Moderators reserve the right to close threads or not allow characters based on their personal disgression. These rules act as guidelines, but exceptions will occur and are necessary if we wish to maintain order and consistency.

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