Eternity vs Galactus(Full Power)

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My vote is for Eternity hands down.


Wei Phoenix
Aren't they supposed to be equal when he is at FP?

I have heard that but I don't see how. Here I am going to list the Marvel Abstracts imo


Eternity Infinity Oblivion

Death, Lord Chaos, Master Order, & Vishanti

Galactus, Celestials, Inbetweener, Chronos Love, Hate & Ego

We've never seen FP Galactus, ever.

No way to judge. By statements he's = Eternity.

But at the same time, the alternate Galactus in Black Celestial arc was consuming the universe, and as such consuming Eternity/Infinity.
And it's been stated before that 616 Galactus is the first and most powerful Galactus.

But meh, can't really judge as we've never seen Galactus at FP.

I think we have seen Galactus at full power aka Well Feed Galactus that him at his most powerful imo.

Look at the Infinity Gauntlet it was Living Tribunal The IG wearer and Eternity in council while beings like Galactus the Celestials etc etc were altogether.

Most of the times, Marvel has jobbed out these characters

Well I mean on scale what have the Celestials done to beings of their power level?


Celestials are enigmas

IMO, that's how it should be

But how do you define their power level if they do not display it. I mean don't get me wrong I like the Celestials alot and from what I seen and read of them vs Earth Gods they seem vastly powerful I would like to see them battle people in their power range.

I've read everything with them smile

Have Kubik's statement, saw a fraction of Arishem's power, Exitar had the power to exterminate the entire Watcher race, according to Tiamut...they cannot be destroyed...Tiamut = Fulcrum...whoever he is

Celestials don't go around picking fights

Galactus at full power wins this. He eats Eternity via Black Celestial saga stuff.

Originally posted by guy222
Celestials don't go around picking fights

Yes they do. They just like to pick on people who can't fight back. stick out tongue

stick out tongue

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