Respect Tomba

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Respect Tomba, the pink haired jungle boy that took on reality warping pigs, twice. Remember the PlayStation games.


Tomba's first adventure.

Tomba started this adventure in The Village of All Beginings. Along his way he met a number of interesting characters. These are just a few.

The Old Men of Time

The 100 Year Old Man
- The first one Tomba met. He told Tomba the story of the Evil Pigs and how he could find his Grandpa's Bracelet.

The 1,000 Year Old Man
- Tomba rescued him from the prison of the Haunted Mansion. This old timer told Tomba about the 10,000 Year Old Man and didn't really do much else.

The 10,000 Year Old Man (Grouch)
- This guy made Tomba collect his 10 bath beads before doing anything useful and being a little nicer. Then he sent Tomba to find the 1 Million Year Old Man in the Underground Maze.

The 1,000,000 Year Old Man
- He told Tomba the whole story of the Evil Pigs, and was there when Tomba opened that last Evil Pig's door.

Charles the Monkey
- A monkey who wore striped pants and carried an umbrella. Tomba helped him out a few times and Charles taught Tomba how to do the Animal Dash, Swim, and even gave Tomba his Funky Parasol.

- A puppy that Tomba rescued in the Dwaf Forest and nursed back to health. Baron grew into a large dog who carried Tomba on his back as he flew. Yes, that's right. Baron was a flying dog.

And of course there are numerous other nameless characters that Tomba became friends with on his first adventure.

Tomba used a number of cool weapons and items on his first journey.


- A spiked metal ball at the end of a long rope. Tomba carried this with him from the start of the game.

- A sharp metal point at the end of a rope. Tomba could stick this into ceilings, treasure chests, and even a few enemies to swing from them.

- A combination of the Grapple and Blackjack. Mizuno made this for Tomba when he returned her Dusty Mirror.

- Tomba picked up three different boomerangs made of Wood, Stone, and Iron.

- Tomba picked up three different Jewels that granted him special powers. The Red jewel gave him a fiery aura that damaged enemies when he touched them. The Blue jewel swirled bubbles of water around his body, acting in the same way as the red jewel. The Green jewel gave him a second jump.

Other Items

Pig Bags
- Tomba had to collect a Pig Bag for each Evil Pig in order to defeat them. The Pig Bags were colored Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple, Navy and the final Evil Pig Bag was Black. I might actually be wrong on some of those colors, so please correct me if I am.

- Tomba picked up different colored pants that let him run faster. From his Green pants, he found Purple, White, and Red

Lunch Boxes
- Tomba ate these to restore his health.

Charity Wings
- Magical feathers that allowed Tomba to fly back to any place he had previously visited. These became useless once you had Baron.

- Each Old Man of Time carried a Key for one of the kinds of Treasure Chests that Tomba could find anywhere on the continent.


TOMBA!2: The Evil Swine Return


Neo Darkhalen
Game was amazing

Rather than bug the Administrators, I'm gonna just post all the Tomba2 stuff here. Meh, I took a bit longer than I should have, no biggie.

If you guys have anything you want me to add to the first game though, let me know. I'll probably bug someone at some point anyway, just so I can make the thread look pretty.

TOMBA!2: The Evil Swine Return

Tomba's second adventure. This time around he isn't looking for his Grandpa's Bracelet. He's out to save his childhood friend/girlfriend, Tabby who was kidnapped by the Evil Pigs.

Tomba's picked up an annoying little helper that lives in his hair, Zippo. Zippo likes to take credit for what Tomba does, and sometimes even pretends to be Tomba.

The adventure starts when Tomba is pulled ashore by a Fisherman who is obviously fishing. Zippo smells something burning and flies off to investigate. Zippo finds that a house is on fire, with an old man standing in front of it flailing his arms wildly (which is probably feeding the flames).

Eventually, the house fire gets put out, and the old man, Kainen, tells Tomba where he can go to get on his way.

Tomba meets a big cast of characters in this game too. Thankfully though, there are more of them with names.


- This guy follows you throughout the game. Well, he doesn't literally follow you, but you run into him a lot, uh, not literally run into him, but you get the idea. Over the course of the game, he becomes a very powerful sorceror, banishing a large ghost with a wave of his hand and breaking the chains on a door with a tap of his staff. In an event only accessible if you have a Tomba! saved game on the same memory card, it is stated that Kainen is far older than any of the Old Men of Time. Yeah, that makes him over 1,000,000 years old.

- No, that's not part of Kainen's paragraph, that's this guy's name. He's the inventor of the Starting Beach and he uses the windmill in his windmill shed to carve a starcase leading out of his windmill into the mining town. Then he goes and brags to the head fisherman about it.

- The foreman of the Coal Mining Town. This guy wears Iron Chains for suspenders on his pants. If that's not manly, I don't know what is. He's also the only guy that tried to punch his way through a really big rock.

- The Kujara Ranch's inventor. He uses Kujara birds in his work too much. He uses two of them to power the gondola to the upper part of the ranch, and uses the static electricity of 5 Kujara to blow up a rock that blocks the path to the Donglin Forest.

The Pig Tribe
- These elderly men(Pigs?) live in a pavilion above the Circus Town. They are stated to have always looked like pigs, and are very intelligent.

- The "Cute" Witch from the first game. This time she lives in a house with a laughing door in the Donglin Forest.

- The monkey is back, this time he's way more worthless. You save him from being locked in a clump of mud, starvation, an itchy scalp, and...a pile of leaves. How the hell do you get stuck in a pile of leaves? Ah well, at least he still gives you some good items.

- Baron is back too. He's still fully grown, but he's trapped as a statue in the Donglin Forest. You need to pour a bucket of Holy Water on him to save him.

The locations in Tomba2 are not the same as the first game. In fact, Tomba is now on an entirely different continent. Here are the places Tomba visits in Tomba2.

Starting Beach
- A normal beach, it has not been cursed by the Evil Pigs.

The Coal Mining Town
- The Place where Tabby Lives. It is here that Tomba gets his first Evil Pig Bag. It has been cursed by the Evil Flame Pig. It is also home to what I think is one of the hardest minigames in Tomba2, the Cart Riding game.

The Kujara Ranch
- Cursed by the Evil Ice Pig, Tomba picks up a second Evil Pig Bag in this snowy ranch.

The Donglin Forest
- This dark, ghost infested forest was cursed by the Evil Ghost Pig

The Circus Town
- A town cursed by the Evil Earth Pig. Everyone in the town has been transformed into pigs, so you need the Pig Suit to communicate with them. I wish I could wear a sombrero and speak Spanish. That'd be handy.

The Water Temple
- Yeah, this is a temple for water. Three mermaids live here, along with a gigantic fish, and a couple of other dudes.

On to the Items of Tomba2


- The trusty Blackjack. It's still a spiked ball on a rope.

- This one is made of wood, and theres only two other boomerangs. So that's kind of good for originality.

Ice Boomerang
- A boomerang made of Ice. Neat.

- Not like a metal hammer you'd use for nails. This is just a big, wooden hammer that Tomba swings with two hands. It's my favorite weapon.

Fire Hammer
- A Hammer of Fire. Cool. You use it to melt blocks of ice and big Ice Pigs on the Kujara Ranch. It's kind of handy I guess. This is given to you by Santa Claus.

- The same kind of Grapple from the first game.

Doka Pin
- A combination of the Grapple and Blackjack. Essentially the Grappljack from the first game, but with a new name and a new look. You find this in the Tower of Wisdom.

Glacier Boomerang
- Forget what I said about the originality on Boomerangs. This is just a bigger Ice Boomerang.

Torch Hammer
- The Hammers did it too. This is a huge version of the Fire Hammer.

Pig Ball
- Effective only against pig enemies, the Pig Ball turns a Pig enemy into a tiny version of itsself, called a Tiny Pig. The games only projectile weapon, and you get an unlimited number, it's fun to use.

That's it for weapons, onto other items.


- Tomba can upgrade his pants in this game too. But now there's the Normal Pants (Green), Fast Pants (Blue), and Turbo Pants (Red).

Bird Cloths
- Cloths that allow Tomba to glide for a short period of time. They are essentially useless after the Flying Squirrel Cloths, but they still look cool.

Flying Squirrel Cloths
- Cloths modeled after the Flying Squirrel. They allow Tomba to glide for as long as he can, and are for keeping him warm in the cold snow of the Kujara Ranch.

Pig Suit
- A Pig Suit. It lets Tomba talk to the Pig Tribe and other citizens of the Circus Town when they are turend into Pigs. It later gets upgraded to the Swimming Pig Suit, which obviously lets you Swim.

Evil Pig Robes
- Robes from the Evil Pigs. Wearing them allows you to use that Evil Pig's Magic.

Other Items

Food Stuff
- Tomba2 really expands on making food restore your health. In this game, Tomba can make all kinds of sandwiches that will do a number of things. They can cure a laugh state, crying state, take oil off your skin, make you visible, or just restore health.

Pots of Life
- These items are for increasing your health. Charles gives you an item that doubles your possible hitpoints.

- Keys for opening treasure chests. There are Red, Blue, Green, and White Keys for treasure chests.

In addition to all of those, Charity wings, lunch boxes, buckets, and the special mushrooms all make a return.

How did I know Moo would be responsible for this? laughing


The Tomba games were made of such ridiculous win, I am glad to see others played them.

I should get those games off Ebay. mmm

I hear they get really expensive on eBay now. They're supposed to be really rare.

I'm going to go to a huge mall on Thursday that will have about eight different game stores in it. Three of those have incredibly huge bargain bins. Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky and score some copies for a couple of bucks.

By the way guys, I'm pretty sure that the Final Evil Pig in Tomba2 is more uber than Kain. BT's Kain.

He was the Evil Pig of Time was he not? And was like an uber time and reality warper?

I don't think they ever gave him an element. But, he did stop time, even removing color from the world. If memory serves he created the other Evil Pigs and he's turned people to stone.

But the real kicker is that his staff copies weapons, which I believe is what Kain would get all of his powers from.

He actually froze time on the entire planet if I recall correctly.

Yup. He also stated that they never really die.

Also, to beat an Evil Pig you have to have the Pig Bag. To find the Pig Bag you need to be on the place they cursed. So far, the last Evil Pig never cursed anything. In the first game, his bag just appeared to Tomba after he beat all the others. In the second game, Kainen gave it to you. I'm not sure if he said where he got it.

Evil Pigs teleport very fast. None of them have ever taken damage, only been knocked dizzy. And hitting them with a weapon simply throws them into a teleport.

These guys are so uber. XD I love it.

And they're sexy pigs too.

Hahaha, I feel special now. My girlfriend has a copy of Tomba 2 at her place. big grin

Shutter Shack
I used to play 2 in the ps1...loved that game. exhanged it for WWF tho. this was at least 11 years ago lol

Originally posted by Shutter Shack
I used to play 2 in the ps1...loved that game. exhanged it for WWF tho. this was at least 11 years ago lol

You fail. no expression

I found my copy of Tomba2 earlier today. I got a quick playthrough out of it.

In all honest, it is amazing that the disc even read. It's got a crack in it, been scratched beyond belief, and there's three areas where it looks like somebody spilled some liquid on it.

I was 7 years old, my idea of taking care of the disc was "Make sure you don't get your fingers on the black side."

Shutter Shack
Originally posted by XanatosForever
You fail. no expression
Well, I was a big WWF fan back then. Also, I didn't have a memory card to save my Tomba 2 files, so I always ended up reaching this...idk...can't describe the stage other than you started from going left to right, and it was either white or blue in the back. Idk kinda seemed like a bathroom-like environment. This was sooooooo long ago lol.

Originally posted by Shutter Shack
Well, I was a big WWF fan back then. Also, I didn't have a memory card to save my Tomba 2 files, so I always ended up reaching this...idk...can't describe the stage other than you started from going left to right, and it was either white or blue in the back. Idk kinda seemed like a bathroom-like environment. This was sooooooo long ago lol.

Sounds like the Kujara Ranch or the Water Temple.

Shutter Shack
It was more temply yeah.

Ah,I always played the second one as a kid,one of the many great platformers on the PlayStation along with Crash,Rayman,Klonoa and many others,shame that I lost my copy though. Respect Tomba and his badass pink hair! smokin'

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