ITALIAN speaking members! I need help!!!

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Here's the thing. Im currently learning italian at university but I suck at it. And my teacher told me she wont let me pass the exam unless i translate some sentences. So if you know italian i'd REALLY appreciate it if you help me out. PLEASE!! sad

I need to translate the following 15 sentences into italian. Please guys, if you can translate as many of them as possible! PLEASE!!!

1) The idea to create the state was born in 19th century.
2) With the development of political extremism
3) in the book called "international security" there was the following:...
4) All over the world people were asked to move to...
5) The first villages were created in 1990.
6) Britain had a great influence over...
7) It provided all kind of help. Political, economical and military.
8) They did it so their number would be bigger than the number of farmers.
9) It had an opportunity to do so.
10) It is the day the city was found.
11) There were several fights over the territory.
12) The peace decloration was signed in 1995..
13) There was made an attack on the airport.
14) There were made several attempts for a peaceful resolutiion, but they all were unsuccessful.
15) Peace is still an option if russia accepts the demands of...

could try google translate


Rogue Jedi

maybe you should pay attention in uni, so that you wouldn't suck then you wouldn't have to ask

Haha, that reminds me of this Italian joke on Family Guy where this guy cuts in a line full of Italians and all the Italians freak out.

Hehehe, Italians.

This isn't the place to plead for help on homework. Besides, if you know nothing, you're not going to be able to outsource all your work from the class. Eventually there will be an in-class test or something and you'll be screwed.

So consider this closing an act of kindness. Go study.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.