Dino Crisis Survive Alive Sign Up Thread

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a state of emergency has been declared ! As genetically modified dinosaurs have broken out of the holding labs, these dinosaurs am causing major rampage as they am seeking out their main food source which is now us you as a team must protect the civillians against these hungry vicious carnivours and survive alive.

Choose a character, Arm yourself with weapons and gadgets and items that will help you on your mission and work sufficiently with your comrades GOOD LUCK.


you character is pretty much anything goes really, As its up to you how your character progresses and interacts with the others and basically survive, with
WEAPONS- you can have 3 max to start with then as the game progresses you can find them round various locations or find them in at abandoned weapons stores.
ITEMS -you can choose whatever items you want but to start off with, have about 5 items.
GADGETS- 2 max to start with then you can find them around various locations the same.

the main rule of the game SURVIVE BY ALL MEANS

character sheet
bio: (optional)

character sheet
status/Rank:weapon specialist/engineer
Weight: 125
Appearance:short red hair,green eyes
Personality:sharp. fiesty, good social skills
weapons:electric taser gun, tranquillizer gun
Gadgets: i think of them later
Items:cell phone, map,
skills:martial arts, athletic and fast runner
Armour:gun vest
motivation:to rescue the people and kill them dinos
bio: (optional)

I post the sheet later when i get back home

jalek moye
i'll think about how i want my char. so it will be a bit

Lol took you long enough to make the thread im just thinking of a character

Name: Zack Strobbe
Age: 22
status/Rank: Infantry Unit
Height: 6' 9"
Weight: 109 ibs
Appearance: Sandy Brown Hair , Blue Eyes
Personality: Skeptical , When In Danger Is A Bad Ass
weapons: Assault Rifle , Pistol , Tazer Gun
Gadgets: None
Items: Radio
skills: Swimming , Climbing , Fast Reloading
Armour: Infantry Light Vest
motivation: Hoping To Get Back To His Family Alive
bio: (optional)
other: None

jalek moye
Name: Marek
Age: 27
status/Rank: not sure yet
Height: 6'
Weight: 180 lbs
Appearance: http://media.teamxbox.com/dailyposts/turok_cover.jpg
Personality: kind and very selfless
weapons: assualt rifle, pistol, and combat knife
Gadgets: none
Items: a few simple medical supplies
skills: skilled hunter, extensive survivual training
Armour: light combat armor
motivation: helping as many as he can

Both approved

Wei Phoenix
Did I sign up for this?

i think so

Wei Phoenix
Originally posted by BADGALcharlie26
i think so

If you are lying then all of KMC will rue the day you lied to me. Ask around, I'm thug diggity Ug...whatever that means.

WTF scroll back then in the idea thread a few pages back but you don't wanna be in then don't

Wei Phoenix
Originally posted by BADGALcharlie26
WTF scroll back then in the idea thread a few pages back but you don't wanna be in then don't

DC was one of my favorite games during the PS1 and Dreamcast. I'm down whether or not I initially signed up or not. Wait don't tell you me you took my last post seriously? It reeks humor and idiocy on my part. Seriously though I apologize if you took any offense to that for it was not my intentions. If I didn't want to be in it then I wouldn't have posted in here like I do every rp I don't wish to be apart of.



Name: Danny Hanson
Age: 25
status/Rank: Army Engineer
Height: 6'2
Weight: 140
Appearance:short black hair,brown eyes
Personality:calm,controlled detemined
weapons:Assult Rifle, Combat knife
Gadgets: none yet
Items: medical kit, phone, small pen knife
skills: martial arts, had survival training and is used to dangerous situations
Armour: light armour
motivation: to stop the number of casualties
bio: (optional)

Approved and wei its cool cause we friends lol

Wei Phoenix
Name: Milliardo Maximillion
Age: 21
status/Rank: Medic
Height: 6'3
Weight: 210
Appearance: http://imstars.aufeminin.com/stars/fan/benicio-del-toro/benicio-del-toro-20040910-9559.jpg
Personality: Mute, kind, shy.
weapons: Handgun and a knife.
Gadgets: Syringes that contain a shot of adrenaline boost.
Items: Advanced medical items
skills: Advanced medic, quick to sew up a wound. If you're down he makes sure you're not out.
Armour: Basic
motivation: To keep the brave fighters from dying.
bio: (optional) Not much is known about him since he doesn't talk, some believe he is mute while others believe he just chooses not to talk. He has not one mean bone in his body and chooses to communicate through actions and smiles.

approved cool

Im going to make the thread for the RPG later today

Name: Rebecca Newman
Age: 27
status/Rank: not sure
Height: 5.7
Weight: 130
Appearance: long brown hair. brown eyes, slim and toned
Personality: fiesty,can be impulsive but is good in survival situations
weapons: pistol,combat knife ,assault rifle
Gadgets: smoke bombs
Items: medkit, phone, rucksack with food, lighter and cigs
skills: can think even under great pressure, can run fast
Armour: light armour
motivation: to help her teammates and support them while also protecting the innocent people.
bio: (optional)

Yar ur approved

good good

Lol ur offline already and here i am talking to myself lalalalalala

Ok the rp is back open. anyone interested in joining can just post a sheet and join in just act like you have been there all along

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